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  1. We had the inside track on two priority UDFAs.......Javian Hawkins played for our line coach at Louisville and Caleb Huntley was from Locust Grove, may even be the son of ex Falcon Richard Huntley.....same size build and number!
  2. How do you go 17-0 into the half and loose 31-27? Thats the kinda thing that makes you say Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........
  3. It was six sacks against two guys who had last than six NFL starts between em!
  4. Dontari Poe: Shown door in Dallas 14 hrs ago The Cowboys released Poe on Wednesday, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports. Poe started every game for the Cowboys this season and recorded eight tackles in the process. However, the Cowboys were apparently looking for a trade partner this week and after an unsuccessful search, they cut Poe loose. Poe can sign with another team immediately, and he could add depth at defensive tackle for a contender.
  5. It certainly seems like everyone is talking about how Gurley should not have scored.....How about the defense should not have collapsed with one minute to go?!!!!!!!
  6. That's the thing.....How can you put it on Gurley when kneeling would be the thing if you really wanted to run clock. They scored.....which means they wanted to score. Sure, they scored too quick but score they did then converted for two points! They did what they were supposed to do............THEN........ They Defense implodes and everybody is all over Gurley. If I were Gurley, I would be mad as **** too!!!!!!! Did my job....now you put the loss on me because the defense was way too sorry to stop the Lions for ONE MINUTE! ONE MINUTE! Too frustrating to measure but to put any of that on Gurley is just folly at best. This one is on Raheem for that stupid PREVENT Defense that only prevented a win!
  7. THis is pathetic! Gurley Did his job. The Defense did not do theirs! Period! How is everybody on the Gurley Pile on and NOBODY talking about the Crappy D! Since when is an offensive player responsible for allowing a team to come back! Toxic Culture! Toxic Environment! Blow It All Up!
  8. Can't say anything about thelocker room....I was nowhere close to it but I can say this.....Quinn definitely lost ME with: EMBRACE THE SUCK!
  9. Initial thoughts.......This is a trade right out of left field........but I could actually see this happen because it's Vegas! With all the teams looking for WR help.....I could see Vegas winning a bidding war with San Francisco or Tennessee if we put him on the block.
  10. CBS on trades that should be made: 1. Raiders trade for Falcons WR Julio Jones Raiders get: WR Julio Jones Falcons get: 2021 first-round draft pick, 2022 fourth-round pick The Raiders have been shopping for No. 1 WR types since Mike Mayock arrived, from Antonio Brown to present-day prospects like Henry Ruggs. Jones is a clear step above them all, in that he's everything Mayock and Jon Gruden wanted in AB -- a bona fide, nearly un-coverable play-maker -- minus the off-field antics. What Derek Carr has right now is working, but now that Las Vegas is very much alive in the AFC West race, the time is now to pounce. Manipulating the cap would be well worth his killer size and instincts. And why on Earth would the Falcons do this, you ask? Because while Rich McKay may have claimed Atlanta isn't about to auction its assets, it's fairly obvious Jones, at 31 with an injury history, is not going to be elite -- or even present -- when the Falcons are ready to compete again. You don't think they'd like to offload the $61.5 million he's owed through 2023, especially with Calvin Ridley emerging so strongly? Throw in the fact he'd be going to the AFC and netting them two premium picks, and it's a logical deal.
  11. I think I see where you are going with this.........and I agree.
  12. OK.......here is the deal. Please bear with me. Against Minnesota,we threw 40 passes (completing 30) but more importantly, we RAN the ball 37 times! My frielnd argued that our Run game (averaging less than 3 YPC he said) was ineffective. I beg to differ. WE CONTROLLED THE CLOCK 2 TO ONE! We held the ball 40 MINUTES to their 20! For that reason alone, and with all the game management gaffes we have had,...understand: OFFENSE CONTROLLED THIS GAME! Well done Mr. Koetter! https://nflcdns.nfl.com/liveupdate/gamecenter/58251/MIN_Gamebook.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2uo-eYq0BcDSrGegQv-1KD4rhz4bgyvzT3gf9sRfGcBkIf0t_LfuZF9yg
  13. Todays Starting Defense: Fowler Davidson Jarrett Harris Terrell Walker DeBo Foye Sheffield Allen Neal https://nflcdns.nfl.com/liveupdate/gamecenter/58251/MIN_Gamebook.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0DEUCz83uvWqjNmowfs28mmkrqzVDOHNTZt2hMt4GVEm4LXiRiuaIvyMc
  14. Arthur Blank.........for making the tough call to give Ra the job when the defense had been abysmal. Well done.
  15. Decrease the Zone responsiblity and Increase the Production! Things are looking up for Defense in Atlanta! Thanks Ra!
  16. Thank you Raheem.......you have officially proven that Quinn is a/an _____________________________. Fill in the blank!
  17. I agree wih the need for a disciplenarian. Unfortunately, that may not be in ABs DNA as he surrounds himself with yes men. Thats why Rex Ryan never got the job. This organization does not believe in positive friction
  18. Titans should make trade offers to Falcons, Bengals and Giants right now by Will Lomas23 hours ago Follow @jlomas72 Falcons trade proposal This is the big one. I want to ask you a question before I talk about this: Who is the Atlanta Falcons WR1 heading into this offseason? You might be quick to say Julio Jones but take a step back. Look at how Jones and Calvin Ridley have compared the last two seasons: Julio Jones: 114 receptions, 1,607 yards, 14.1 yards per reception, 6 TDs Calvin Ridley: 92 receptions, 1,351 yards, 14.7 yards per reception, 11 TDs Julio is getting more volume, but Ridley has been more efficient when targetted and he has been nearly twice as productive scoring touchdowns. I’m not saying that Julio isn’t good, but we all need to see what is going on in Atlanta right now. The Falcons are facing an opportunity to get a new head coach and GM after cleaning the house. Jones is scheduled to make 13% of the cap next year and have a $23 million cap hit at 32 years old. He has missed more time in the last 21 games than he did in the 90 games before that. The building blocks of that offense for the next three years are most likely going to be Matt Ryan, Calvin Ridley, and Jake Matthews who are still going to be in their prime. If you are a GM or HC, you have to come into this situation knowing that you have two or three years to perform or show improvement. Atlanta is going to $23 million over the cap next season and this is an easy fix for that problem and it immediately takes a major decision off of the plate of the next GM. And yes, you do lose Julio Jones and that is going to hurt, but Falcons fans, owners, and coaches need to look to Julio’s classmate A.J. Green and see how things are going there before they die on this hill. Now that we know why the Falcons would trade him, let’s talk about why the Titans would want him. It is no secret that A.J. Brown is a huge fan of Julio Jones and he has been going back to his days in high school watching Julio Jones at Alabama. If there is any receiver in the NFL who Brown would defer his alpha status to, it is Jones. Jones has been banged up, but there is no doubt that he is productive between the 20s, and over the last two years he has the 4th most yards in the NFL behind Michael Thomas, DeAndre Hopkins, and Amari Cooper. Pretty good company. Having A.J. Brown and Julio Jones under contract for through 2023 and 2024 respectively, give the Titans the breathing room to focus purely on defense in this next draft because the only starters they are projected to lose in free agency are Jonnu Smith and Corey Davis (and they would tag Smith before letting him walk). It also helps that Jones had his only two All-Pro seasons in 2015 and 2016 when Kyle Shanahan was the OC and the Falcons were using a similar offense to what the Titans run now. The fit makes sense, the short and long-term needs are there, and the only question the Titans should have is, “how much would it cost?” Can the Falcons stomach cutting his contract in half for a 1st round pick that helps get them under the cap in 2021 and helps add talent to a roster that is still really good? And can the Titans stomach trading for that contract and losing a first-round pick? Is Jon Robinson willing to make a massive move like that if it helps the team now and long term?
  19. So we are looking at something like this? Terrell Fowler Davidson Jarrett McKinley Sheffield Olouakon Debo Neal Allen Hawkins
  20. Gurley could also be a casualty of any rebuild....no matter how I would hate to see that.
  21. NFL rumors: 5 most-likely Matt Ryan trade scenarios By Vincent Frank - October 13, 2020 Matt Ryan to the San Francisco 49ers Let’s look at the most obvious Ryan trade scenarios. Ryan, 35, enjoyed his best season under Shanahan when the now-49ers head coach was the Falcons’ offensive coordinator back in 2016. That season saw Ryan complete 70% of his passes for nearly 5,000 yards with 38 touchdowns and seven interceptions en route to leading Atlanta to the Super Bowl and earning the NFL MVP award. From an on-field perspective, this fit makes too much sense. There’s also a $137.5 million elephant in the locker room in Santa Clara. Despite leading the 49ers to a shocking Super Bowl appearance last season, it’s not yet known whether Jimmy Garoppolo is the long-term answer. He struggled in said Super Bowl this past February and has not looked great in limited action this year. San Francisco can get out from under Garoppolo’s contract this coming offseason, either via trade or release, saving north of $24 million against the cap. That’s where Matt Ryan comes into play. Matt Ryan to the New England Patriots We previously focused on Ryan to the Patriots trade scenarios. Cam Newton was playing at a high level for Bill Belichick and Co. before coming down with COVID-19. In no way does this mean he’s the long-term heir-apparent to Tom Brady with the Patriots. Newton likens his experience in New England on a one-year deal as a business trip. He’s likely going to be looking at other options in free agency come March. This is where Ryan trade rumors to the Pats should heat up after the 2020 NFL campaign comes to a close. At 68 years old, Belichick is the second-oldest head coach in the league. His team remains in win-now mode. Doling out a first-round pick and change in a trade for a quarterback who has a lot of good football left in him makes sense. Expect these rumors to increase in size depending on the Falcons’ coaching situation. Matt Ryan to the Chicago Bears Rumors persisted leading up to Week 1 that the Bears would start former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles over first-round bust Mitchell Trubisky. In shocking fashion, that did not come to fruition. Trubisky started to open the campaign, only to be replaced by Foles in Week 3. What does this all mean? Chicago is in quarterback purgatory despite boasting a 4-1 record on the 2020 NFL season.There’s no telling whether head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace will be members of the Bears’ organization following the NFL season. Both remain very much on the hot seat. What we do know is that Jay Cutler has been the Bears’ best quarterback since their glory days of the 1980’s. Whoever is making the decisions in Chicago will look long and hard at a potential Ryan trade. Matt Ryan to the Indianapolis Colts Dec 29, 2019; Tampa, Florida, USA; Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) calls a play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the first quarter at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports Indianapolis seems to have a roster capable of competing for a Super Bowl appearance. However, the team’s quarterback situation has let it down since Andrew Luck’s shocking retirement ahead of the 2019 NFL season. The Colts attempted to rectify that by signing borderline future Hall of Famer Philip Rivers back in March. Through five games, the 38-year-old Rivers has accounted for four touchdowns compared to five interceptions. He seems to be done. Rumors linking Ryan to the Colts in a trade could pick up steam once the 2020 season draws to a conclusion. Remember, Rivers signed a mere one-year, $25 million deal with Indy during the spring. At this point, there’s little reason to believe that Chris Ballard and Co. will want to extend that marriage. Matt Ryan to the Dallas Cowboys Dallas has recently been linked to another high-profile signal caller in rumors following the season-ending injury to Dak Prescott. For good reason. The Cowboys and their current franchise quarterback were in the midst of protracted contract negotiations that went nowhere during the spring. Prescott is now set to become a free agent once March comes calling. As for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, it’s not a secret that he likes to make those splashy moves. Sending Atlanta a first-round pick and change for Matt Ryan in a trade would qualify as that. It would also fix the Cowboys’ issues under center for the foreseeable future should the Prescott marriage take a dramatic turn following his injury. These rumors will become commonplace should Atlanta actually put Ryan on the trade block.
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