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  1. Funny +1
  2. Great Post Amigo......It starts up top. I for one REFUSE to EMBRACE the SUCK!
  3. been under the weather....case of Bird Flu Brought on by watching Falcons Football!
  4. The scheme was nonsensical from the beginning of the game. Dan Quinn’s decision to rely on rushing 3—which is a departure from his usual defensive philosophy of trying to get pressure with 4—and dropping 8 players into coverage was a poor one against a Texans team with plenty of firepower and a porous offensive line. Houston had been allowing almost 5 sacks a game though the first four weeks, and Atlanta managed zero on Sunday. Sadly, it appears that Quinn’s instincts for fixing the defense are all wrong, and that’s why we saw one of the Falcons’ worst defensive performances of the 21st century in Week 5. HARSH AND SPOT ON! WE CANT WIN WITH THE NOT SO MIGHTY QUINN!
  5. Compare the Coaching Staffs and you will understand...........its not the rosters so much as the removal of all the veteran coaches!
  6. The draft choice beat him out for a job...shaquille barret I think.
  7. Agree...but we must play THREE LB and please jettison that 5-2-4 travesty!
  9. 43 Kendall Sheffield could be stealing reps from Isaiah Oliver, Damontae Kazee, or both soon enough. By Dave Choate Oct 7, 2019, 4:16pm EDT Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images Even Dan Quinn might have a breaking point. After watching his defense pile up the poor performances, especially a brutal 50 burger at the hands of the Texans, it appears he may be ready to make some personnel changes. Okay, maybe just one, and maybe it’s one that is almost comical in light of his refusal to sub out a clearly ailing and ineffective Robert Alford in 2018 in a lost season, but it still counts. It appears that Dan Quinn is ready...to get Kendall Sheffield some more playing time. But again, Sheffield is the one specific example. The Falcons benched Isaiah Oliver at the end of the game in favor of Sheffield, a size and speed guy who has been turning in some quality performances on special teams and has clearly caught Quinn’s eye at cornerback in his limited snaps. With Damontae Kazee potentially banged up and Oliver struggling on a weekly basis, it appears Sheffield will step into a larger role sooner than anticipated. I am legitimately excited to see what he can do. My frustration is that this is the kind of move you make when you’re trying to save your season, and this season already feels beyond saving. The fact that Sheffield’s playing time is going to come at the expense, potentially, of two young cornerbacks who need the time on the field is also aggravating. The Falcons flatly refused to get Isaiah Oliver starter’s snaps in 2018, even when the season was out of reach and Alford was struggling with what we later learned was an injury, and that lack of development time certainly feels relevant to the problems with quick processing that he’s had to this point. There is, however, no point in pretending that Oliver has played well to this point, or shown the kind of flashes of brilliant promise that would justify giving him 99% of the snaps going forward. All will be well if Sheffield steps in and performs well, helping to stabilize this secondary and showing promise for the future for this Falcons team. You just hope that he’s not the only guy who will get a shot with this defense falling apart.
  10. “We knew they were a pretty basic defense that wasn’t going to do too much,” Coutee said. “They were going to keep running the same thing over and over. Once we kind of found out their kinks they had, we just started capitalizing on our opportunities.” REPETATIVE THEME: NO INNOVATION.......NO ADJUSTMENTS..........NO WAY WE WIN WITH QUINN!
  11. Well played
  12. Certainly not me.........I saw this coming:
  13. And interesting to note that anyone whoever challenged his defensive philorophy ( Read Richard Smith, MM, or Bryan Cox) all got the boot!
  14. Couldn't agree more..........I do not like McCarthy but he may be just the elixir that this team needs
  15. At some point since the Super Bowl, the Falcons have employed the league’s highest-paid quarterback, running back and wide receiver. And yet: Carolina and New Orleans have won twice as many games this season with their No. 2 quarterbacks as the Falcons have with their No. 1. Other teams figure stuff out. The Falcons … well, they’re not so good at figurin’. TRUTH!
  16. Schultz: Falcons’ problems go deeper than anybody could’ve imagined By Jeff Schultz 58m ago 29 It’s not just bad when a team loses. It’s bad when nobody knows why. Or how to fix it. Or where to go from here. Or when so many around town apparently have stopped paying attention, unless the Falcons’ game Sunday just happened to coincide with Bring An Empty Seat With You Day. It’s bad when players repeat the same empty clichés because after three faceplants in four weeks they still can’t offer any insight. It’s bad when the head coach is asked about another slow start and responds, “I wish I had a real clear answer for that.” It’s bad when even high-level members of the organization who are accustomed to dissecting problems are giving you blank stares to the question “What’s wrong?” The Falcons are 1-3 at the quarter-turn of the season. But the problems only start there. When it’s a different problem every week … when two of the losses have come to teams (Indianapolis and Tennessee) that are 2-4 in non-Falcons... https://theathletic.com/1251683/?fbclid=IwAR1dAvXcnQq4r6Txh68-6_0hnxOiqS5iqZovLW-YlWof9ej04oANhtzWbDs
  17. Said it as early as 2017....but Ole Mexico got flamed! Flames on you now.........More flames that when Sherman Burned Atlanta!
  18. Did I not say this some time ago and got unmercifully flamed for it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like Ole Mexico was pretty **** spot on!
  20. Embrace the SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It all went downhill from that moment!
  21. Signing off on this........
  22. NFL Week 3 insider notes: Something's wrong with Falcons by Jason La Canfora @JasonLaCanfora Something is up with the Atlanta Falcons. For the second time in three weeks they basically failed to show up for the first half of a football game. Their quarterback, he of the $90-plus million in guarantees, keeps turning the ball over. They have 223 yards rushing as a team through three weeks. Their defense cannot get a stop when they need one. With the coaching staff entering the season under fire, needing to bounce back from a lost 2018 that was attributed to injuries more than anything else, well, it's fair to call September uninspiring at best thus far. Atlanta's defense has been run over in the ground game far too often, they have seemed like the less physical football team too often and they are starting slow to a season once again. Yes, they had two pristine second-half drives to make a game of it in Indianapolis Sunday, but that was only after Matt Ryan threw his sixth pick of the season and the Colts marched up and down the field and led, 20-3, at halftime. The Falcons couldn't come all the way back, cutting things to three at one point, and the Colts could have scored again late but chose to run out the clock – yet again, with the Falcons needing a stop, none came. Here's what the Colts offense did to them in the first half on four possessions: Nine plays for 39 yards and a field goal. Seven plays for 93 yards and a touchdown. Fifteen plays for 94 yards and a field goal. Ten plays for 41 yards and a touchdown. Yeah, two drives over 90 yards in the first half alone. Jacoby Brissett completed his first 16 passes and barely had to break a sweat doing it. Julio Jones' frustration boiled over at times. And, as I posited several times this offseason, expecting a Dirk Koetter/Matt Ryan reunion to be transformational was folly. We will never see this offense look like it did in the second season Kyle Shanahan called plays there … and it might be quite some time before the Falcons get back to the Super Bowl after blowing it to the Pats in 2017. They are 17-18 since losing that heartbreaking game, they're on their third offensive coordinator and head coach Dan Quinn already took over the defense. There isn't much more shuffling to do. The cosmetic stuff has already happened. At some point owner Arthur Blank's patience will run out, and if these uneven performances continue then that day is coming in early 2020, at the latest. I'd suggest a quick turnaround, because the second half of the season looks like a chore. From Week 7-14 the Falcons face the Rams, Seahawks, then after a bye, play divisional games five weeks in a row, including twice with the Saints and Panthers.
  23. I agree....Quinn has no clue and no way to overcome his own ego! Whats an in game adjustment? Just spot em a half and we'll get em later!