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  1. Nope. I know it was Shanahan in the Superbowl. And Sark.......Oh dont get me started again.....but he clearly wasn't good enough or smart enough to get that far
  2. I like Ty as a swing tackle.... maybe even as a LT if Matthews leaves Atlanta. He has gotten better and is relatively cheap.
  3. Excellent Post Amigo. I am concerned about their lack of activity and even more concerned that they do not appear to be concerned about it!
  4. Good Post Amigo. Wish we could have done more because I think Ryan is an awesome QB! The window may well close on Matt Ryan without winning the Big One. This is by no means a knock on Ryan. I love the guy but Sarkisian and some really stupid coaching decsions against New England may have cost Matt his chance at Superbowl Greatness. Sad really, because he is absolutely one of my favorite players.
  5. Thats a FACT Jack! No doubt about it. This Team has never won the Big One no matter how much "talent" we had on the field. You guys flame him like you have flamed me but the FACT is, we got no rings and until we do, the jury is still out on Atlanta. DQ talked about FINISHING last year. Might as well have been talking about FISHING letting the Pats back in that game. This year it was all about BROTHERHOOD. Talk is cheap in the Salary Cap Era....Been kickin brothers to the curb because they got no money. Why do they got no money? Because they are gonna pay The Great White Hype Beacoup Bucks in his age 32 Season despite: NEVER winning Atlanta a Superbowl! I am all for paying winners but we haven't been consistant winners with this group and I see the OPs point of view and respect it. Player Acquisition was on TD and his record is spotty! For all the credit he wants for the Julio trade, he also has to own Peter Konz and Peria Jerry. But it isn't just about drafting. Its also about Contracts. Trufant's contract may not be the only albatros. I think Devonte "Turnstile" Freeman's contract was a mistake. Anybody remember the numbers on Tyson Jackson? I do. $25 Million! (This also is a FACT!) Sean Weatherspoon? Why did we bring him back anyway? I thought we had enough cheerleaders last year! Some of you guys get emotional and I guess I do too but Blind Loyalty is still Blind and I think the OP brings valid points so Flame me too! Call me a troll! But you cannot argue with the main FACT herein: TD and his player group and alleged Salary cap acumen have: NEVER won Atlanta a Superbowl! Thats a FACT I am certainly NOT proud of! I love the Atlanta Falcons. They are the Team I have followed for almost 30 years now but still no Superbowl.
  6. SOLUTION: We cannot be hamstrung with an enormous contract that isn't paying off on the field. This organization for years has over paid average/above average talent, we've failed to make the really tough decisions many times over, and letting a good player walk for the sake of the rest of teams future. I absolutely agree with this statement and I was ready to run Dimitroff many times during his tenure. He is very hit and miss but I am not sure who we can find to replace him as I am not sold on Pioli either. The issue is the Cap. Maybe the Falcons should make a run at John Coppolella. I hear he is a master at finding ways around the cap!
  7. Then I guess we better find someone else.
  8. Fish Bait......
  9. We are broke because we have broken the bank to lock up our own. Matt Ryan will be a repeat of this trend. Julio is awesome but very very expensive. Trufant was paid based on potential....never a good thing. Freemen may be the worst back in the NFL among the starters when it comes to blitz pick up. Bobby Taylor at least had the nuts to bench him when he whiffed. Hasn't had a position coach since Taylor left IMO so he is just breathing air and collecting money. Coleman is the more complete back. Hope we dont lose him because we paid a man who was far from being Free. I Continue to Think a Huge Cap Committment to Ryan will be a mistake because he is only as good as the team around him and we will struggle to put a competitive team around him with our cap situation. Look what Indy got for the Number Three Pick. Can we just trade Matt Ryan for all those picks already?!
  10. Been saying we need another backer for a while now and I would love this move!
  11. I hate taking cheap shots but this is too funny not to bump!
  12. Thanks amigo. Been on the road this week.
  13. I always liked ASJ. Depends on the contract though. Not worth getting into a bidding war when there are several options on the market.
  14. I could not agree more. Matt is great but not so great so as to handicap the franchise. We have other bad contracts too (Trufant and Free).
  15. Thats the best you can do...... Tyrod in spite of your disrespect landed a starting gig making much less than Ryan. We just let Poe walk to a division Rival! You give it a rest! We could trade Ryan for a Kings Ransom while restocking through the bounty of draft picks we could acquire. Whats your plan Kiwi? Pay Ryan big bucks while Fusco continues the tradition of turnstile blocking at RG?