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  1. Should have seen the lengths they went to to preserve Brady's legacy in the superbowl last year. It was like somebody went into the locker room at half time and told them that they weren't supposed to win!
  2. Not me. I thought we had a top FIVE offense for years to come....alas it was not to be. BUT...I am really loving the defense. We are one linebacker away from dominance in my opinión.
  3. No.I have not forgotten and I have responded to PMF in many threads. Kyle was a different situation. He had an NFL Pedigree coming in but if you are going out on a limb for a guy with no experience, he better be good. WE were all told that the offense WOULD NOT CHANGE and while PMF and others continue to say it hasn't I beg to differ and I am angry because we are in danger of pissing away our window of opportunity. Maybe I am whiny a bit but I am hopping mad about being lied to and everybody making excuses and defending a guy who in my opinión never should have been hired in the first place!
  4. Many of my Friends in New Orleans are saying the same. They are tired of his shennanigans.
  5. I think the defense can play with anybody when motivated to do so. Its the other side that worries me.
  6. I couldn't agree more but some of the brainiacs here just won't see it. Its about situational and fundamental football and we are not focusing enough on offense to beat quality NFL Defensive Fronts. It all starts with protections and making the players, particularly the QB, comfortable in an offensive scheme. I see no rythum or flow to this offense. Strangly enough, the Offense worked best when we rode Coleman during Freeman's absence which tells me there is something to be said about continuity.
  7. YOU ALL ARE MISSING THE POINT. We had one of the MOST PROLIFIC OFFENSES IN NFL HISTORY and gave the keys to guy with NO NFL experience and were told nothing would change. WE GOT SOLD DOWN THE RIVER so Quinn could hire the man and the results have been far less tan stellar. And you wonder why we blame Sark? HE IS RESPONSABLE FOR THE WHOLE OFFENSE! GOOD BAD OR INDIFFERNT AND THE RESULTS HAVE BEEN MOSTLY BAD! Here is the challenge PMF.....Tell me one player who has PROGRESSED instead of REGRESSED under Sark?
  8. I remember that too. I remember watching Ryan throw the ball downfield into the trash can to practice those throws too.
  9. I aint feeling it. Go to the thread man He ain't sayin read my lips no new taxes.....He is speaking the truth....then ran what was called....throwing the INT. Julio goes ballistic and after that we started calling better plays? Coincidence?
  10. Hope he was working on his resume.
  11. Who says Sark was still calling the plays then after what had háppened earlier?
  12. Sark has lost this team. That was evident in the Matt Ryan WTF what are we doing meme posted in another thread as well as Julios outburst last night. When the players have NO confidence in what they are doing....they cannot perform and it all goes back to the OC!
  13. They were giving Beasley his snaps and letting Ishmeal have some run at LB. 12 Snaps on D one on teams.
  14. SARK MUST GO! Not later. Not after the season....but RIGHT NOW!