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  1. We got smothered covered topped...and ultimately chunked!
  2. Always Open and very little teeth! What an embarassing display of human futility!
  3. Why??????? Really? You are either naive or Raheem Morris posting under an assumed name! THe defense was the worst I have ever seen.....AS pointed out on ESPN...Wilson never had to throw into a tight window at ANY point today....the scheme is so flawed that the recievers were THAT wide open!
  4. THIS teamhas a defensive problem....... OL played well enough to win......blitz p/u still an issue for our backs Defense? THe Scheme has been flawed since Quinn arrived.....Linebackers anchor great defenses.....for some reason we try tosurvive with only one or twoon the field.....DBS too small to cover the TES and too slowto cover the Tyler Locketts of the world....Trufant was not the problem....Coaching apparently may be....
  5. WE CAN'T WIN WITH DAN QUINN! Deploying only one or two linebackers is at the heart of all our defensive shortcomings! It isn't fundamentally sound!
  6. Ole Mexico still around and still saying the 4-2-5 is TRASH!
  7. Eddie Meyers........Navy Man but boy could he run!
  8. Hargreaves is a **** good corner......get him out of Tampa and into the ATL and you will see a shutdown corner!
  9. Getting Ishmael off the field is apparently a good thing! Guy has had coverage issues for some time. Heavy Rotation on the D line and Mr Mariner outsnapped Alan Baily....all in all....kudos to change!
  10. Falcons snap counts from a triumphant win over the Saints It was Foye Oluokun’s time to shine, and he did. By Dave Choate Nov 12, 2019, 10:00am EST Photo by Roy K. Miller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images One of the things that will likely haunt me about this season long after it’s over is how slowly the Falcons came to some necessary realizations. It took weeks (and we don’t know how many weeks, given that Dan Quinn hasn’t made it clear how involved Jeff Ulbrich has been and when he started being involved) for Quinn to take playcalling duti
  11. Buccaneers cut former first-round pick Vernon Hargreaves after corner admits to lack of hustle Drafted 11th overall in 2016, Hargreaves played just one full season with Tampa Bay As fi
  12. The Falcons continue to make puzzling moves, or in this case, non-moves. By Matthew Chambers@FalcoholicMatt Oct 30, 2019, 10:32am EDT Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports Many expected the Atlanta Falcons to be big sellers ahead of the NFL’s trade deadline. After all, the team already moved Mohamed Sanu. Sanu’s trade worked for everyone involved: The Falcons were guaranteed to cut him in the offseason for cap purposes, Sanu heads to a playoff team, and Atlanta gets an extra second-round selection. With some other big veterans like
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