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  1. We had the inside track on two priority UDFAs.......Javian Hawkins played for our line coach at Louisville and Caleb Huntley was from Locust Grove, may even be the son of ex Falcon Richard Huntley.....same size build and number!
  2. How do you go 17-0 into the half and loose 31-27? Thats the kinda thing that makes you say Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........
  3. It was six sacks against two guys who had last than six NFL starts between em!
  4. Dontari Poe: Shown door in Dallas 14 hrs ago The Cowboys released Poe on Wednesday, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports. Poe started every game for the Cowboys this season and recorded eight tackles in the process. However, the Cowboys were apparently looking for a trade partner this week and after an unsuccessful search, they cut Poe loose. Poe can sign with another team immediately, and he could add depth at defensive tackle for a contender.
  5. It certainly seems like everyone is talking about how Gurley should not have scored.....How about the defense should not have collapsed with one minute to go?!!!!!!!
  6. That's the thing.....How can you put it on Gurley when kneeling would be the thing if you really wanted to run clock. They scored.....which means they wanted to score. Sure, they scored too quick but score they did then converted for two points! They did what they were supposed to do............THEN........ They Defense implodes and everybody is all over Gurley. If I were Gurley, I would be mad as **** too!!!!!!! Did my job....now you put the loss on me because the defense was way too sorry to stop the Lions for ONE MINUTE! ONE MINUTE! Too frustrating to mea
  7. THis is pathetic! Gurley Did his job. The Defense did not do theirs! Period! How is everybody on the Gurley Pile on and NOBODY talking about the Crappy D! Since when is an offensive player responsible for allowing a team to come back! Toxic Culture! Toxic Environment! Blow It All Up!
  8. Can't say anything about thelocker room....I was nowhere close to it but I can say this.....Quinn definitely lost ME with: EMBRACE THE SUCK!
  9. Initial thoughts.......This is a trade right out of left field........but I could actually see this happen because it's Vegas! With all the teams looking for WR help.....I could see Vegas winning a bidding war with San Francisco or Tennessee if we put him on the block.
  10. CBS on trades that should be made: 1. Raiders trade for Falcons WR Julio Jones Raiders get: WR Julio Jones Falcons get: 2021 first-round draft pick, 2022 fourth-round pick The Raiders have been shopping for No. 1 WR types since Mike Mayock arrived, from Antonio Brown to present-day prospects like Henry Ruggs. Jones is a clear step above them all, in that he's everything Mayock and Jon Gruden wanted in AB -- a bona fide, nearly un-coverable play-maker -- minus the off-field antics. What Derek Carr has right now is working, but now that Las Vegas is v
  11. I think I see where you are going with this.........and I agree.
  12. OK.......here is the deal. Please bear with me. Against Minnesota,we threw 40 passes (completing 30) but more importantly, we RAN the ball 37 times! My frielnd argued that our Run game (averaging less than 3 YPC he said) was ineffective. I beg to differ. WE CONTROLLED THE CLOCK 2 TO ONE! We held the ball 40 MINUTES to their 20! For that reason alone, and with all the game management gaffes we have had,...understand: OFFENSE CONTROLLED THIS GAME! Well done Mr. Koetter! https://nflcdns.nfl.com/liveupdate/gamecenter/58251/MIN_Gamebook.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2uo-eYq0BcDSrGegQv-1KD4rh
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