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  1. I am not upset about that at all……..I am upset that a player under contract refused to show up for a mandatory practice.
  2. Mods merged the thread with earlier one.
  3. He's already been seen on the West Coast during the Offseason. We know they go overboard on the money after the QB contract last year. What can we pillage from the 49ers for Julio? I would love to see Ruben Foster in Atlanta and they could tout Julio as the new Jerry Rice..... Throw in a Number One Draft Pick or two and we good!
  4. Around $9 million I think. Gotta check but am sure its around there.
  5. not at all…..but the man has a signed contract. He made a committment to play under the terms of his deal and took a lot of front loaded money. No body outside Flowery Branch right now knows what he wants…….BUT...…..he is holding out after taking frontloaded money. He is witholding his services from the team that contracted him by using blakmail and extortion tactics on the Falcons organization. I am simply calling him out for it! No way he should take advantage of the Falcons or in particular Arthur Blank, ESPECIALLY after the down season that he had with multiple drops. It is ethically morally and patently WRONG for him to crap on the Organization that supported him and made Julio Jones a household name. It is selfish and disgusting and in my opinión tantamount to showing his backside to the organization that helped make him the player that he became!
  6. That is another wrong assumption….you can CUT an injured player but you are still on the hook for the money according to the CBA with the players unión. Julios money is safe if he gets hurt on the field.
  7. I don't see it that way amigo......Julio GOT his money….frontloaded on the deal he signed. I am more worried about the mans committment and charácter.....especially after the drops from last year…...If he is gonna turn into a DIVA.....I dont want him. Cut bait and catch another fish…..
  8. I know what Arthur Blank Said. I Know what Julio Said. None of that matters until Julio gets into camp. The Julio deleting all the Falcons stuff from social media. The holdout. Where there is smoke….there is often fire. Hypothetically Speaking……...Trading Julio would free up some serious cap space. Jerry Jones and Dallas have a huge need at WR. I am thinking we could trade Julio to Dallas for a Ricky Williams type return or more then grab a guy like OBJ. I am interested…...what do you think Dallas would give up for Julio?
  9. Not at all. And you are assuming that to be a fact when it is not. Feel free to click the link and educate yourself instead of believing what the media or the talking heads want you to believe.
  10. The National Football League* is committed to complying with federal, state, and local law and regulation that applies to the operation of its business in the United States and other countries. It is the NFL’s policy to comply fully with all applicable anti-discrimination laws, wage and hour laws, and other statutes regulating the employer-employee relationship and the workplace environment. In addition, the NFL deals with labor organizations such as the NFL Players Association and NFL Referees Association. Here is the link to NFL Compliance if interested. https://secure.ethicspoint.com/domain/media/en/gui/19375/NFLCompliancePlan.pdf Cached Similar
  11. You are wrong or misinformred Amigo. Labor Laws are applied universally across all industries. Federal Law is Federal Law! Thats why profesional athletes get paternity leave and connot be terminated when injured on the job without honoring the labor contract and any future medical concerns.
  12. That my friend is an OPINION. There is a players unión that supposedly helps negotiate for their unión members. Contracts are LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENTS! That my friend is a FACT!
  13. So he signed a contract under these terms...if he has no more guaranteed money left thats on him and his representatives. He signed the contract. Now he doesn't show up for work. That will get you fired and sued for breach most places.
  14. He got his guaranteed money up front in the form of his signing bonus.
  15. He knew those risks when he signed his current contract and he signed said contract committing to play and show up for work in accordance to the terms of that contract. Julio is NOT justified to hold out and this is wrong!