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  1. Anybody catch the NFL Now highlights with Aaron Rodgers and Devante Adams when they both said that when it's 3rd and 6, they ask Devante what route he wants to run to pick up the required yards based on what the defense is trying to do to him???? What??? Rodgers says he changes things as required based on the same thing. SMDH!!!
  2. Dang, resigned back with the Eagles. 1yr@1.3 mil. Wanted him to help bolster the DL. Wasn't there talk of that one time?
  3. Dang, I wanted to bolster our DL. 1yr deal @ 1.3 mil, maybe up to 2.
  4. Look, Anybody else annoyed at how the media already has the Saints and Bucs battling for the NFC South already? Granted, TB12 is considered by many as the GOAT, but he has been running rough shot over the AFC East for years. Now playing in the NFC, let alone the NFC south is going to be tough. Given his age, who knows, still the SUCS far as I am concerned. Yes, they will be better, but not like the media has them already. Time will tell how all the draft pick and FA's play out. Hope after 1 Jun, we maybe get 1 more DL person to add to the mix. Mainly, I am worri
  5. I must admit that we or some of us on this board had the same thoughts about our head coaching status, but I am jealous and envious that of all franchises, Cleveland Browns pulled the trigger and hired Stefanski AND looking at bringing in whom I wanted as well, Dobbs for an interview for GM. SMH!!!! Like I said, what's done is done! Thoughts!!!!!
  6. Guess the foot isn't healing properly.
  7. Prayers to you and your family. I agree with your wife, you got this. Stay strong and by her side. Peace!!
  8. I know I know, but last night, I was watching him and Harrison talk about various football topics and I think he is a really smart guy. Been around for a while and knows football. Not sure of what Coordinators he would command, but they, I am sure would have to be someone who he trusts.
  9. I totally agree with the hits and misses. Question --- what kills me about this is we are going into week 7, and your analysis is spot on and those of others prior to know. How is it that you/we can see 'ALL' the issues and maybe ways to remedy or at least try and stop the bleeding, but DQ and staff refuse to see a thing and continue to put the same product, week end out on the field hoping for different results? It's time for action, not talk about it and do Nothing!! SMDH
  10. Look Dude, For me -- Quinn is a nice guy, but nice guys finish last. While this is till a business, it still should be treated as such. How are so many other teams doing it and we are not. Quinn and the x=scheme is just not cutting it. Quinn is his own worse enemy with his stubbornness. He is unwilling to change or try different things. Here it is week 7 and we are still fixing tackling issues, secondary blown coverages --- have you seen the separation these guys paly? What kind of scheme is that or that coaches that? Get in somebody's face, bench so
  11. I am not obsessed with KS, my post regarding this topic was only about the preparations it takes to win, attention to detail, and in-game adjustments, actually preparing for your opponents --- all similar to what we once had --- now, not so much. SMDH
  12. Anybody actually stay up long enough to watch the Browns/49ers game the other night? Something that stood out to me was they had on field interviews after the game with Jimmy G and their TE Kittle. Announcer asked them how it was having Kyle as a coach and heard he was a real sticker for details. Bothe of their responses to that was the Kyle was very very detailed oriented and that he simplified things to where you got what you were suppose to be doing, and that he was always looking for ways/different ways to attack a defense and the vulnerabilities. Even said
  13. Discipline!! Yes I have to totally agree, where is it. The turnovers and mistakes are fixable, but discipline falls squarely on Quinn. This is nothing new, same old mistakes, costly year after year. You would think they would learn -- to me it's the message Quinn is putting out. TOOO soft for my liking. Here's to hoping for a different result while doing the same old silly mistakes. SMDH
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