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  1. Anybody see Pittsburg signed him on a 1 yr deal? Not sure what the numbers were/are, but secretly was hoping to maybe take a flier out on him in our new scheme with Pees. Know he can't stay healthy but a beast when is. Pitt defense usually decent every year anyway!!
  2. Anyone else concerned a bit regarding our DL? I was/am still hoping to get a proven vet cheap on a 1 yR deal to help bolster the DL. I trust in the moves the new staff is putting together and guess it's we have been on the wrong end of crappy D for a while now (QUINNED). Fingers Crossed.
  3. Read an article a few days ago about this guy. Seems he played basketball for a small school VCU prior to the NFL. He played for the Colts, but depth chart had him behind Trey Burton and Jack Doyle. Article implied he was a great blocker, young and physical and could possibly be had for a cheap deal. Know the Colts played in in spurts. Anybody know anything about this guy as a possible target to pair with Hurst? Sounds like a AS kind of guy to help develop like Smith and Delaney Walker.
  4. Any chance Dan Quinn recruits Raheem for his defensive staff in Dallas? If of course, Raheem does not snag one of these opening HCing jobs. Likehood??
  5. Anybody else a few days ago see where he has taken himself out of the Carolina running for GM? Wonder if it's because of the Panties but if I am mistaken, he has done this before as well. Sure seems like he is not getting much attention.
  6. That is exactly right. I cannot fathom, nothing against Brown, but how the heck does he get an interview before Dobbs? Definitely concerning. Wonder how it is that we as fans can see it clearly and the FO cannot. SMH he the Panties snag him, at least they are doing their due homework with bringing him in.
  7. Now that's the guy I would love for us to bring in. A under the radar business focused guy.
  8. This reminds me of the old adage, "one mans trash is another persons treasure". I don't know if this applies to Takk, but Vic maybe of use if his heart is in it.
  9. Guys, Truth be told, any chance the Jets blow up their organization? If so, I would love to have Greg Williams. He seems to always have his defenses in attack mode.
  10. Anybody catch the NFL Now highlights with Aaron Rodgers and Devante Adams when they both said that when it's 3rd and 6, they ask Devante what route he wants to run to pick up the required yards based on what the defense is trying to do to him???? What??? Rodgers says he changes things as required based on the same thing. SMDH!!!
  11. Dang, resigned back with the Eagles. 1yr@1.3 mil. Wanted him to help bolster the DL. Wasn't there talk of that one time?
  12. Dang, I wanted to bolster our DL. 1yr deal @ 1.3 mil, maybe up to 2.
  13. Look, Anybody else annoyed at how the media already has the Saints and Bucs battling for the NFC South already? Granted, TB12 is considered by many as the GOAT, but he has been running rough shot over the AFC East for years. Now playing in the NFC, let alone the NFC south is going to be tough. Given his age, who knows, still the SUCS far as I am concerned. Yes, they will be better, but not like the media has them already. Time will tell how all the draft pick and FA's play out. Hope after 1 Jun, we maybe get 1 more DL person to add to the mix. Mainly, I am worried about DK, our OC. I hope that same stale Offense we had last year was just first year jitters. One can only hope as we certainly have more weapons/OL help I do like the concentration on Defense, just not sure about the last DE. I know for only a 7th rounder, but maybe they see something coachable. Come on DQ/TD, your jobs are on the line here.
  14. I must admit that we or some of us on this board had the same thoughts about our head coaching status, but I am jealous and envious that of all franchises, Cleveland Browns pulled the trigger and hired Stefanski AND looking at bringing in whom I wanted as well, Dobbs for an interview for GM. SMH!!!! Like I said, what's done is done! Thoughts!!!!!
  15. Guess the foot isn't healing properly.
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