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  1. Thank you all. You would not believe the shear amount of research, investigation, examination, scrutinizing, analysis, and inquiry I made into synonyms of the word research.
  2. A comprehensive analysis of the 2013 Atlanta Falcons. Offense Matt Ryan: He will throw all of the touchdowns that will be thrown this year, except for trick plays where someone else will throw them. His nickname is Matty Ice. Steven Jackson: He will pound the rock this year with speed and/or power and/or both. Joplo Bartu: He does not play offense, and probably shouldn't be mentioned here. Julio Jones: You don’t pronounce the “J” in his first name, but you do in his last name. That’s sort of weird. Roddy White: He will catch balls this year. He was on my fantasy team two years ago. Tony Gonzal
  3. Here is the breakdown of the trade: The Falcons traded the 30th the 92nd and 198th picks to St. Louis 30th = 620 pts 92nd = 132 pts 198th = 12.2 pts Total = 764.2 St. Louis traded the 22nd and a 7th rounder from next year to the Falcons 22nd = 780 7th round = 14.2 - 2 Total = 794.2 - 782 16 - 30 point difference in favor of the Falcons The Niners traded the 31st and the 74th pick to the Cowboys 31st = 600 pts 74th = 220 pts Total = 820 pts The Cowboys traded the 18th pick to the Niners 18th = 900 pts 80 pt difference in favor of the Niners The niners got better value. The Cowboys gave up too m
  4. I am a graduate of NC State and a big fan. No one I know thinks Russell Wilson is a joke. He was a great player for State in both football and baseball and we were disheartened when he left to pursue a baseball career. For those of you who don't know the full story. Russell wanted to go play Single A baseball and see if he could move up. If he could not, he wanted to come back to State and compete for the starting QB job. The back-up QB, Mike Glennon (A blue chipper and perhaps one of the top QB's in this years draft) wanted to leave and go somewhere he could start for sure. If coach O'Brian h
  5. Yea, I don't think it's everything, but it could be a part of it. Maybe not, but I have a feeling we may see some things in Philladelphia in two weeks that we have not seen before. .
  6. Yea, there are two ways to do this in football. One way is to play with a limited part of your playbook so that you don't tip your hand to coaches of teams that you play down your schedule. Just the plays you need to win. The other way is to show them everything you've got in the playbook so that said coaches must spend (waste) time all week preparing their team for everything. The former might work better for us because we have a new OC that is running a new/hybrid offense. Teams don't have years of footage to go to. I assume this could be contributing to our struggles. But it's mainly a phil
  7. Some of you guys talk about Wade like we didn't have a front row seat to his scheme for years
  8. I kind of hope we keep something like this because it plays to one of Matt's strengths, but I don't think it is a necessity to win. What do you guys think?
  9. Actually 4 playoff appearances in a row. The last time we went with Mora, we lost to the Eagles and they went to the SB. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. So I am on the Atlanta Falcon's Message Board, creating an argument for the support of this team, but I am the Troll. Simply amazing.
  11. Neither do I classify the opinions of most posts here as being by the fans. But this is just a semantics game. A fan, the fans. Some people like attention. We just have more of those guys.
  12. Tom Brady & Bill Belichick are what is wrong with the Patriots!!! You might think so if you visit the Patriots Message Board. Here, the fans insult the owner and coach: http://www.patriots.com/fan-zone/messageboards.html?plckForumPage=ForumDiscussion&plckDiscussionId=Cat%3aa6f0a6e2-2aff-4d0b-834d-18fcff1f5ba8Forum%3a8707eb9e-85f1-4506-9cc5-297abe18b3eaDiscussion%3a153b66aa-d908-4e32-bee9-2de8ff29518e And here, the quarterback gets his turn: http://www.patriots.com/fan-zone/messageboards.html?plckForumPage=ForumDiscussion&plckDiscussionId=Cat%3aa6f0a6e2-2aff-4d0b-834d-18fcff1f5ba8Fo
  13. Wow, That's a ton of work. Impressive, but your metric fails in the percentages. Over the same number of years, If I have 50 picks and draft 10 great players, I am only half as good as a GM that has 20 pics and drafts 8 good players. That does not make sense. Over the same amount of time, I have 10 good players. Some other GM has 8, but he is twice as good as me? Some GMs' strategy may be to get more picks in lower rounds and built a core group of solid (but not "impact") players to build depth while other may trade up and get one "impact" guy. Some teams revel in grabbing lots of players in a
  14. I used to have a lot more posts. I don't know what happened to them . I haven't posted in a while. Maybe you loose them over time or something. Maybe it was when the board switched platforms. I cant keep up. But I visit regularly for news and notes. I like the Power Rankings. I don't know why. They don't mean anything, but I thought I would post them anyway.
  15. ESPN Power Rankings Didn't see it.
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