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  1. Just curious .... have any of you heard of Crossfit? Anyone practice it? If so, what do you think of the "Filthy Fifty"?
  2. Tea or coffee would be the best approach pre-workout. Any time release supplements (in pill format) should be taken after the workout when your metabolism is started up.
  3. So I actually decided to join Lifetime Fitness (it was in proximity to my route between work and home). Love the place so far, and it seems to have everything I could ask for (especially a lap pool and spinning class). The weight area is not terribly crowded either in the morning. Thanks for the suggestion Saturday!
  4. Have a question for some of you runners out there? Any of you ever had plantar fasciitis? How have you managed it? Ice/stretching? Or is it something I am just going to have to wait out?
  5. Stay hydrated when swimming. A lot of swimmers lose sight of it because they don't feel like they're losing water (sweating). Also, like someone else said, additional potassium intake will help too.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. The reason I ask is I'll be working in Dunwoody in a few weeks (currently working in Alpharetta -- I go to Fitness 19 for now), and I've been in a diligent routine of going to the gym around lunchtime. I've heard great things about Lifetime Fitness, but that's somewhat of a haul during the lunch hour, and I'd prefer to stick to that routine (too crowded before/after work). To summarize, I'm basically looking for something near the new office. Thanks again for the suggestion though.
  7. Anyone have a gym around the Perimeter Area they would recommend, preferrably not called LA Fitness or Concourse Athletic Club?