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  1. Agree with dirtybirds about Walter Football. I've been playing around with this draft simulator a lot too. Less weird drops than the other sites I've played around with. https://www.nflmockdraftdatabase.com/mock-draft-simulator
  2. Unfortunately, that's not actually Kendall Sheffield.
  3. Jarvis cracks me up and Andy is just all around good. I wish they'd take over the morning show and if Fricke and Hugh have to be on the air together, then make them the midday or preferably the night show that I don't ever listen to. I 100% agree that Fricke's talents lie outside of sportstalk radio. It won't happen, but I imagine some really funny stories would be told if Randy and Hugh got paired up together. IMO, the best things that have come out of the current morning show is when Hugh starts saying more than he intended about old Eagles drama.
  4. I always enjoyed the midday show and I don't buy the reasons that I've seen for the firings. I liked John Michaels a lot more than Rick, but listened to their show almost every day while going out to get lunch. If they wanted to shake something up, it should've been the morning show because there is NO chemistry there. It's like neither of them ever want to talk about whatever the other one is saying. I'd like to see what happens if Hugh got paired up with someone else because he seems bored and disinterested and I really don't blame him.
  5. We'd have someone to yell at all the coaches when we don't run the ball in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl?
  6. I didn't even see Beerman make it onto the field! When are we gonna cut that chump? /s
  7. I've been quietly lurking in the shadows for 13 years and that was my favorite day here. The day Peerless Price said "I hate yall" is a close second though.
  8. I haven't been this excited about a draft class since '08.
  9. This will be my reaction if we trade up from 8. https://youtu.be/TNLPGCCUfnY?t=15
  10. They haven't done much to look efficient or organized lately, so it wouldn't surprise me.
  11. I said the same thing in regards to the start of free agency. It would be a **** move to wait and take away draft picks when you could have decided the punishment months ago.
  12. I want us to trade back and somehow come away with Cleveland's first round pick for next year. I see them ending up with a top 5 pick in next year's draft.
  13. I lost my Dad to pancreatic cancer in 2011. I wouldn't wish that sickness on my worst enemy. Gritz, this makes you a great son, not a traitor. I was able to tell my Dad that we came back to beat the Panthers in December of 2011 and that's the last time that I ever saw him smile. IF YOU'RE READING THIS, THANK YOU RODDY WHITE AND MATT BRYANT!!! Even in that horribly awful moment, in a hospice house, we found happiness in football, together. To both of you, it will get worse before it gets better, but I promise you, it will get better with time. Do everything in your power to be there for your mothers. They will need your strength, but they probably won't ask for it.
  14. I'm glad you used purple, but some of the responses would have been incredible.
  15. The greed here is unbelievable. It's really dirty business to disregard past loyalty just because a new stadium is being built. If you have had season tickets for 10+ years, the PSL needs to be waived or at least drastically reduced. Every franchise prints money, so they don't need to pull unethical tactics like PSLs to remain profitable. "We thank you so much for already spending a small fortune on a historically disappointing franchise, but **** you and give us another $45,000 per seat or get your broke *** out of here. You are no longer needed."
  16. This is easy to settle. The left side is equally as worthless as the right. That goes for politics and news channels.
  17. When I saw that Fox got fired, I immediately thought they were promoting Gase. I'm with you though, I'm just not giving anybody much credit for being the offensive coordinator of an offense run by Peyton Manning.
  18. I had a lot of respect for Nolan, but that is just clown-car shite right there. He was a **** good defensive coordinator and talent evaluator, what the **** happened when he got here?
  19. I've never accepted mediocrity, it's just the best that I've ever been given by this team. Doesn't mean I accept it. So far, I've been told that if I stop going to games to make a point because the team is terrible, then I'm a bad fan. And now, If I go to games and support the team when the team is bad, I'm a bad fan because I accept mediocrity. Whatever shall I do? He could have said the local media accepts mediocrity because that's absolutely true.
  20. Mike Bobo? Somebody's gonna have to die if the Falcons hire Mike Bobo. Are there people out there that honestly think he's good at his job?
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