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  1. Going back in time we've been pretty spoiled with great kickers in the ATL. I remember Norm Johnson, Mort, Jay Feely. I've got a picture of Feely with my son and I.
  2. Great blocks or with the ball in his hands? Because I'm only talking about his lead blocker skills.
  3. Yeah I wasn't expecting a whole lot of production from catching the ball but I thought he would have blocked better. With that said I do like Graham the kid from Yale as a pass catcher. I don't know why but he reminds me of Finneran a little bit. Even though he was a WR.
  4. Your right, they came into the season loaded up with all the lineman and brought in Stoker at TE as if we were going to be a smash mouth team but the system and lead blocker told a different story.
  5. I agree with you he is better than Ortiz but he just seems to miss to many blocks IMO. I'm just hoping we can draft a true lead blocker which he doesn't seem to be. DiMarco was a good one here but with the system the Falcons run I'd like to see someone like Ovie Mughelli or Bob sister Christian. Been so long ago with Bob I don't truly remember if he was that devastating lead blocker or just a fan favorite lol.
  6. Just so we are clear, I'm not just saying this after today's game. I've been trying to watch this position all season and it's the same every game.
  7. I'm not talking about his carries or even catches. I'm talking about being a lead blocker. I don't look for him to get touches because that isn't his role here with this system we're running. I'm just saying watch him when he is supposed to block someone. He is either missing the block entirely or blocking a player that would never touch our RB while the guy he should have blocked is dragging down our RB.
  8. I've focused on our fullback on most running plays and he rarely hits his man or even gets in his way enough to stop him from making a play on our ball carrier. If there is a good fullback to be had later in this draft the Falcons need to draft him. I think a good lead blocker might be the difference to give us a decent running game at least. Just my thoughts anyway.
  9. I didn't feel bad for the defense when he played the bears or the bucs or any other team that had a great D back then and just terrorized him the whole game because he couldn't run first. They laid out the blue print to stopping and run first QB. Also throw out there the Ravens D. Vick was useless against those teams. I loved watching him play but was very frustrated watching him get sacked every other play against them.
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