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  1. To dismiss Vick as just "a running qb" when discussing atlethisism is not right. He was the fastest player at his position AND in the NFL during his prime. I dont recall ever seeing a player with his acceleration and change of direction abilities. You can discount his abilities as a QB and his decision making in life, but never ever can you win an argument that Vick was not a freak athlete.
  2. It all starts up front. If you want to run the ball, you need the big guys to create some lanes. If you want to pass the ball, you need them to keep you upright in the pocket. This week, we’re going to pay special attention to those lineman who make good football possible. Yes, it’s offensive line rankings time after four weeks of the NFL season. See where your team comes. Editor’s note: Each team’s 2014 ranking is noted in parenthesis. 32. Detroit Lions (14th) Pass blocking rank: 32nd Run blocking rank: 27th Penalties rank: 27th Stud: While others around have floundered, the versatile Manuel
  3. https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2015/10/07/ranking-all-32-nfl-offensive-lines-entering-week-5/
  4. good post. from your observations, what would you say has "disaapointed" or "worried" you? Where do we need to improve/potentially add people?
  5. ahh, thanks man. The pics were the best, it would be great, if the original thread could be restored and added to the thread hall of fame. If you click the link, you will notice, that the thread was originally placed in the hall of fame, where you will find other great threads from years ago. One other thread from way back is the one posted by a panthers fan titled "the rumours of Jenkins demise has been exaggerated", which is an absolute blast of a thread.
  6. that would be great, but I cannot remember the exact thread name. Morten and Old would definately be in the thread title...
  7. I came across a video I uploadet to Youtube about 9 years ago, where our message board recieved national Danish recognition because of a thread that was posted here. I went to the thread hall of fame to read the thread because it should certainly be there, but it appears it is not - probably because the boards have gone through some makeovers over the course of the years and not all content from way back is available today. Anyways, I thought some of you might get a kick out of watching the video, so here it is: I am sure some of the more experienced posters can remember the thread. It was
  8. ill take a stab at it: 1. tevin coleman 2. jerius norwood 3. tj duckett 4. jett tudck (anagram) 5. the burner
  9. well, maybe it is because lowery has a ton of tape already and everyone knows his ceiling. different with ricardo.
  10. why this post. why not just read it and leave it if you dont like it. your post contributes absolute nothing.
  11. 12. Washington Redskins (5th) Pass Blocking Ranking: 9th, Run Blocking Ranking: 21st, Penalties Ranking: 13th Stud: Even playing banged up Trent Williams still looks like a class act. Dud: Former 2012 sixth-round pick Tom Compton had his chance to shine and failed to take it. It would be a mild surprise to see him back with the team. Breakdown: A lot of changing parts with Korey Lichtensteiger making a good switch to center and Chris Chester having one of his good years (which likely means a bad one is around the corner). There are still a few question marks out there and you get the feel this
  12. I was wondering, if anyone could dig up PFF stats for Chris Chester going back a few years? It would be interesting to see how his stats looked playing in Shannahans scheme compared to a power scheme. Can anyone help with this.
  13. please dont take this in a troll kinda way, i love my team. but since everyone is so high on our coach and how he will bring the best out of everyone, ill take the other side for a change. quinn seems to be a real modern players coach in a genuine way, meaning it is not an act. it is the way he is. i am just getting a little nervous with all the emphasis on connecting and getting close with the players. while i agree that it is extremely important to generate a strong team spirit/bond it will not make you competitive on its own. you need to be a brilliant with your x and o's as well as being a
  14. i agree that our uniforms could be alot sharper. steelers being first, though, is a joke.
  15. telling the cheerleaders he is extremely fired up to meet them, and that he cant wait to connect with all of them
  16. no one will. if they bust, it will be on TD. if they shine, it will be on Pioli, Quinn. such is the agenda.
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