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    rudy got a reaction from gkgrimes in FOX News doing what they do best...   
    Personally neon Deion should not be a Falcons anything. The way he disrespected the Falcons when he left here I never understand why he's even being mentioned.
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    rudy reacted to NOVAFalconFan in FOX News doing what they do best...   
    +1. Deion had more talent, but Roddy had way, way more Falcons.
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    rudy reacted to ya_boi_j in FOX News doing what they do best...   
    Personally, I’d replace Deion with Roddy. That’s just me though 
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    rudy reacted to k-train in Falcons interested in Vinny Curry   
    My one & only mock draft in 2012 had us taking Curry in the 2nd round:

    Me begging TD to trade for Curry in 2014:

    Me still begging TD to trade for Curry in 2015:

    Better late than never???
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    rudy got a reaction from FalconsIn2012 in Murf Baldwin: How do we truly know Okudah is better than Terrell?   
    Enjoyed the analysis there but I wish he also did some on Terrell
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    rudy reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Falcons Given NFL’s Toughest Schedule.   
    I know SOS means jack crap right now, but clearly God hates us
    2020 NFL strength of schedule: Colts have the easiest ride, while Falcons face tough tests
    Without further ado, here are the strength of schedule rankings for the 2020 NFL season, according to the combined win total over-unders for each team's opponents. 
    (In the chart below O/U is that team's win total over-under for the 2020 season and SOS is their strength of schedule based on opponent over-unders. For reference, the Colts have the easiest schedule and the Falcons have the most difficult schedule.)
    Rank Team O/U SOS 1 IND 8.5 0.480 2 TEN 8.5 0.488 T-3 BAL 11.5 0.494 T-3 CHI 8.5 0.494 T-3 CLE 8.5 0.494 T-3 LAC 7.5 0.494 7 DET 6.5 0.498 T-8 KC 11.5 0.500 T-8 PIT 9 0.500 10 DAL 9.5 0.502 T-11 MIA 6 0.504 T-11 SEA 9.5 0.504 T-11 TB 9.5 0.504 14 MIN 9 0.506 15 SF 10.5 0.508 T-16 ARI 6.5 0.510 T-16 GB 9 0.510 T-16 HOU 8 0.510 T-16 JAX 4.5 0.510 T-20 NE 9 0.514 T-20 PHI 9.5 0.514 T-22 BUF 9 0.516 T-22 CIN 5 0.516 T-22 NO 10.5 0.516 T-22 WAS 5.5 0.516 26 LAR 8.5 0.518 27 LV 7.5 0.521 T-28 CAR 5.5 0.523 T-28 DEN 7.5 0.523 30 NYJ 6.5 0.527 31 NYG 6.5 0.531 32 ATL 7.5 0.535 The two easiest schedules in the league belong to a pair of teams in the AFC South, by virtue of their playing in the worst division in the NFL (the AFC South has a projected combined winning percentage of just 0.461) and playing against the second-worst NFC division (the NFC North has a projected combined winning percentage of 0.516, ahead of only the NFC East). 
    At the other end of the spectrum, the Falcons play in the NFL's toughest division (the NFC South has a projected combined winning percentage of 0.547) and play against the best AFC division (the AFC West has a projected combined winning percentage of 0.531); and unlike the Panthers, who get to play against Washington and Arizona by virtue of having finished in fourth place last season, the Falcons have to play the Cowboys and Seahawks after coming in second a year ago. 
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    rudy reacted to Goober Pyle in Prayers Requested   
    Hey guys!
    I debated with myself to even start this thread. Y'all know me as Goober here on the boards and a few know me in real life. I'm not one to usually share much of what's going on in my personal life...even with those I know off the boards. And the Lord knows the everyone has SOMETHING going on that affects them or their loved ones each day. With that said, even though I don't know many of you on here, I still feel like this is an online home away from home....almost like the bar in "Cheers". I come here many times during each day, checking for new threads and replies in current ones that I follow. To sum up....I feel welcome here. 
    My family got some bad news a few weeks ago that I didn't share with anyone. My wife has breast cancer. She found a lump in her left breast on a Sunday night and scheduled an appointment with her OB/GYN the very next day. After ultrasounds, 3D mammograms, and a biopsy, we got the news we dreaded. It wasn't completely unexpected as her mother is a breast cancer survivor, but it was still a bit of a shock. My wife is only 46 and we've been together for for 29 years...married for 24. She is without a doubt my very best friend and my soul mate. 
    Now, with that said, it's not all bleak. We caught this very early and we're told that it's the most treatable kind of breast cancer. She goes this Friday to have the port installed and chemo treatments start next week. She will have a total of 6 treatments that take place every 3 weeks. Once the chemo ends, she will have surgery. 
    Through all this, she has been an absolute rock. She refuses to get down and has said repeatedly that a positive attitude is a must. She will beat this.
    I'm coming to you guys asking for prayers for her and our family. If you don't pray, please send out some good thoughts and vibes our way.  
    I'll still be here. Goob's not going anywhere. 
    Much love to you all and thanks for being here.....
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    rudy reacted to octoslash in Takk Deleted All Social Media   
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  He'll be back on by 9 tonight. 
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    rudy reacted to BlazerSlayer in Takk Deleted All Social Media   
    I'm gonna guess his agent told him to.
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    rudy reacted to NWFALCON in Tremendous Off Season   
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    rudy got a reaction from Knight of God in Dimitroff on Hennessy   
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    rudy got a reaction from Tim Mazetti in G-Dawg: Falcons Day#3 draftboard   
    in case any of the players don't work out this year. Also next year Carpenter and Brown contracts are up and we'll need another G all over again. 
    Might as well..... but we didn't draft him anyway
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    rudy reacted to marvinthemartian in 4th Round Thoughts?   
    I would be ok with that. Don’t think we do it but wouldn’t be mad if we did
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    rudy reacted to ATLSlobberKnockers in Dimitroff on Hennessy   
    Hope for a week 1 LG start.  
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    rudy reacted to marvinthemartian in 4th Round Thoughts?   
    Most people thought him and Weaver would both be long gone by now
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    rudy got a reaction from PokerSteve in 4th Round Thoughts?   
    Tyler Biadasz, C/OG - Wisconsin
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    rudy got a reaction from Since1990 in 4th Round Thoughts?   
    Tyler Biadasz, C/OG - Wisconsin
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    rudy reacted to MD-FalconFan13 in Very happy with the Henessey pick   
    Hennessy is gonna need to get a lot stronger to play Guard. He's strictly a center in my opinion 
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    rudy reacted to Mr.11 in Marlon Davidson in 2nd   
    This just made my day LMAO
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    rudy got a reaction from GATXBOI in Predict the Falcons Pick at 47   
    I hope you're wrong cause I like him too and would prefer for us to pick him up in the 3rd. With our 2ndI think we desperately need a DT or a stout DE (Epenasa?)
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    rudy reacted to autigerfan in Predict the Falcons Pick at 47   
    I would love Hennessy with our third but I have a feeling he's going round 2 due to the lack of of interior offensive line talent this year.
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    rudy got a reaction from HASHBROWN3 in Falcons are Potentially Looking to Trade Up   
    Blacklock, Gallimore
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    rudy reacted to Snafu in Draft Day 2: MBGM best available talent for the Falcons   
    1. Winfield Jr
    2. Delpit
    3. Blacklock
    4. Baun
    5. Uche
    6.  Chinn
    7. Madabuike
    8. Swift
    9. Gallimore
    10. Taylor
    11. Shenault
    In that order
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