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  1. Do it!! We didn't give up a 5th for Bennett so do it for Kendricks... the Super Bowl is in our house this year and Matt and Julio are not getting any younger. The window is NOW!!
  2. Some will whine that we didn't sign him... he garnered $14 Mil so he must be good ... we will see ....
  3. what was disappointing was that why did we not offer a 5th for Bennett.
  4. It must be a Sark's specific needs for his offense.
  5. That means he's not coming here because we don't have much to spend.... and it's almost 4PM
  6. Whatever happened with Keith Smith?
  7. I saw somewhere ASJ is not in the was first rumor but no longer..
  8. Sorry but based on the cap space we have..... unless we trade for someone
  9. Not sure if I've seen this but just in case .... Green bay is also interested in signing him.
  10. That's a lot to get done through the draft...especially if you want them to be starter...good starters since we're in a super bowl run.
  11. Is there any movements on Keith Smith and the Falcons?
  12. I saw the same that we're not interested was in a post about the Seahawks I think...
  13. Can we afford him? I mean his remaining contract looks like the same amount as Poe's.... maybe a bit less.
  14. Or TD could be using the beat writer to spread rumors knowing how sharp our beat writer is and that he would stomp on this inside info in a heart beat
  15. I like this but I don't know how realistic it is to do so because Jarrett is going into contract year...not sure if we can pay both