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  1. Another reason to cough up some dough to keep Tevin Coleman. Seriously, Coleman was the starter before Freeman got it going.
  2. Finally got it with 10 seconds left in the first half. Pre-season or gotta wonder
  3. Have we got a first down on offense yet?
  4. None!! too darn broke!
  5. Here comes the next hold out LOL
  6. I don't see how we can be behind DAL.
  7. And a better secondary to boot!
  8. One call does not make a season
  9. How did the Rams get in front of us when we beat them in the playoff in their own house?
  10. I was expecting to see mr. Ridley being mentioned but I guess this is a good sign then.
  11. While I think that Matthews is a decent LT, his price tag is rising way above his production. And to be salary cap responsible you can't have too many high price tag players on the team. So draft a young good LT to take advantage of the rookie salary. I think a 1st round pick can do just as well as what Matthews has given us.
  12. I read that Dolphins and Cowboys are also interested in him
  13. Yea ....but you forgot we have Sark....