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  1. My bad... I think I need to get out of this house I'm beginning to see things LOL
  2. I would love to have Swift but not after we got Gurley. Yes I think we still need a RB but not with our 1st round.
  3. Yea I saw the same thing... I can tell the wing goes straight down with current's logo's color scheme. The current logo the wing would be flushed back giving impression that the bird is in flight
  4. I like to think that is true. But they cancelled the Olympics instead of postponing it a couple months just about the same time frame that the NFL will start. Let's do hope that the next 3-4 weeks will indeed bring a miracle so that we all can get back to our normal life.
  5. I'd predict that the there'll be a run at the RB position early to mid 2nd round. so it depends we may be able to get a good one in the 2nd.
  6. And if Gurley stays next year I doubt that he'll be cheap.
  7. That's also another point. It's been said that you have to manage his load. Yes we can probably sub him with with the existing RB that's on the roster but I'd rather have a feature RB. Then what will we do next year? if Gurley does well this year he's not going to be cheap next year. And we'll have to draft another RB anyway. so why not this year.
  8. Yes I'm locked down inside my home watching TV re-runs and start a new post. But a most relevant question it is Even after signing Gurley do we still draft a RB? It has been said by many (Baldinger, T Davis etc.) that his knee is not the same and he has lost that step, burst like it was back in 2017, '18. I'm a proponent of drafting a feature back this year since it's a good year for RB, not a great year but a good value year. Imagine if Gurley goes down in the middle of a good year for us. Who will step in to continue to the playoff run? now that we're in that window and Matt is getting older. You may argue anyone can go down with an injury. Yes, that is true but Gurley, given his history, is more likely. But now with Gurley signing we'll focus more on the defense which is a sound approach. I hope we can still get an impact RB in the early round.
  9. Not if Kinlaw is still on the board
  10. OK will you make a video of you throwing out the tv? LOL This is not a strong year for edge rusher. After Chase Young...huge drop off. Chaisson may be only one worth drafting mid to late first round. So yea theres a slim chance Chaisson may be there at #16
  11. He probably could be had at #16 or a bit later
  12. Best CB available at #16 unless there was a run at this position prior
  13. It's already ruined the Olympics!!