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  1. I just wish I could see what this offense be like with Pitts and Jones on the field together.
  2. OK I don't see this posted already and it's been like 1 hour ago. Traded to Titans for 2nd round. Please remove this thread if it's already been posted. https://www.ajc.com/sports/atlanta-falcons/report-falcons-trade-julio-jones/DWWBLNTNDBCS7MJFGT4VZGYSVM/
  3. Do we have enough beef to play the DL in a 3-4? we would need a big a** NT
  4. "there are lots of ways to get under the cap" ? We've re-structured contracts on just about everybody except Grady. How else can we get under the cap to keep Julio?
  5. The Patriots didn't have to move up to draft Jones. They got exactly what they wanted at 15th.
  6. Interesting how we didn't see Pitts in the top 5
  7. Seriously if we draft a QB and can't play him this year, I'd like to see what our offense would look like with Julio and Pitss together on the same field.
  8. uummm no. 49ers gave up way more than that to move up from 12th. We should get more to drop all the way back to 21
  9. Pitts unless somebody offer them a boat load of draft picks or somehow Wilson is available at #4.
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