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  1. Teams lose players due to contracts disputes or not paying enough of what that players wants. This happens all the time. That's fine, players and teams move on from there. Where I have problems with is when he played for Dallas and came back here in the dome show boating, all that stuff he did, was unnecessary. Like the quote something he said... I built this house or this dome etc.
  2. Personally neon Deion should not be a Falcons anything. The way he disrespected the Falcons when he left here I never understand why he's even being mentioned.
  3. Enjoyed the analysis there but I wish he also did some on Terrell
  4. The easy answer is Lawrence. The difficult question is how do you get that #1 pick realistically. Yes injuries ... but it would have to be so unimaginable so that we'll finish with #1 pick. Whoever gets the #1 pick will NOT trade out.
  5. in case any of the players don't work out this year. Also next year Carpenter and Brown contracts are up and we'll need another G all over again. Might as well..... but we didn't draft him anyway
  6. Tyler Biadasz is a great value pick
  7. I know this may sound insane but Tyler Biadasz. He was projected #1 center by some and should not last beyond 2nd round. He can fill in at G and C should others don't work out. And we need a G next year when Carpenter and Brown are gone. If nothing else Tyler Biadasz is a great value pick.
  8. On some mock draft he was the #1 or #1 center. I'd say we pick him up to play G in case noe of the other options work out. Next year Carpenter and Brown will be gone anyway and so is Mack.
  9. Tyler Biadasz, C/OG - Wisconsin
  10. I wanted Swift but I know no way in h**** that we were going to get him
  11. I hope you're wrong cause I like him too and would prefer for us to pick him up in the 3rd. With our 2ndI think we desperately need a DT or a stout DE (Epenasa?)
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