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  1. Has he gotten that much better? cuz Beasley tore him apart when he was in Denver
  2. He originally was the starter then got hurt...and Freeman took over from there
  3. Well so far we cut 3 players whose salaries add up ... honestly just enough to sign JJ and Jarret.
  4. And I don't think we have to mortgage the farm. We're so close ... so we should be in much better shape than what the Aints will be going through
  5. The Aints have also been doing this the last few years. Mortgage their future for now. But I think there's a sweet spot somewhere that you won't be too handcuffed down the road.
  6. Yea after Matt is gone ... imagine it takes a high draft pick, that is if you didn't mortgage the farm to trade up for a top 10 pick, to get a decent QB. And then you still have to spend a few more years for him to develop. Not to mention that you need to be able to find a stud WR like Julio!! All of those things have to line up and that takes a lot of luck too. soooo....just do it!!!!
  7. Looks like a good play to me ... LOL
  8. Now if Kansas City would win tonight ...
  9. It will be an OT or RT at #14. To get a RT in free agency is too expensive if one's available. And interior OL at #14 is too high for TD's drafting preference.
  10. Per McClure: "Also waiting to talk to guys now in playoffs" So who are these potential OC candidates?
  11. This pretty much mean Kubiak is not on board...b/c otherwise they've would have gone ahead and announce it instead of waiting until Saturday to go through the interview with Koetter
  12. Unfortunately this is the NFL and it stands for Nor For Long if you keep playing like that
  13. Who will be the next OC or who we really want?
  14. If we didn't win a super bowl while Koetter was here... then why is he coming back?