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  1. TBH after the pre-season I thought he was a wasted pick... I'm glad he proved me wrong.
  2. This is shaping up to be a year ... not the way I had hoped. Neal, Jones and now LeVitre... sigh The injuries bug is catching up with us.. we may not be so fortunate as years past.
  3. I agree..I was about to post this as well. I think it was just the way he fell while tacking him. Newton was a runner and he was pretty low.
  4. The OL didn't look that good early though... then some good runs broke out and we were OK
  5. I even saw a boot leg right call .... and it got us almost a 1st down.
  6. Can somebody expalin/show an example of what Kurt Warner is talking about?
  7. Yeah I'm a bit surprised as well, as Bryant kicked well last game. So what gives?
  8. Another reason to cough up some dough to keep Tevin Coleman. Seriously, Coleman was the starter before Freeman got it going.
  9. Finally got it with 10 seconds left in the first half. Pre-season or gotta wonder
  10. Have we got a first down on offense yet?
  11. None!! too darn broke!
  12. Here comes the next hold out LOL
  13. I don't see how we can be behind DAL.
  14. And a better secondary to boot!