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  1. Well this is not for profit. It's just a banner design that turns into a decal for personal use. I don't think this would be illegal though I would think that technically you need to ask the NFL for permission to use the logo. But then I see a few items with Falcons logo selling everywhere and I'm sure they're not NFL licensed. NFL licensed items are just prohibitive more expensive.
  2. Thanks AgapeElement. The dimension of the board is 2' X 4'
  3. Yes I have...there are a couple on there. But the ones I have here ... I think look better but they are NFL licensed so you can't buy the decals. Besides I've seen some members on here that can really do some great designs so I thought I' asked.
  4. Here's another example. I wish this one says "Atlanta Falcons" instead of "Matt Ryan" but nevertheless it looks good.
  5. My fellow Falcons fans, I need some help creating a couple Falcons JPEG pics for my corn hole boards. Can someone who's creative and artistic help me create some awesome designs? From times to times I've seen some really nice Falcons JPEG posted around in this forum and was hoping someone may want to help. I will use these JPEGs to have decals made to put on my boards. Here are a couple of examples that I really like. Thanks in advance to anyone who may want to take a crack at doing this
  6. I think that TD is probably looking at OL that are going to be released close to season opener...that's when you may find some good players that are border line making their teams but not quite
  7. You think Saubert is faster than Hooper? He can definitely catch the ball. All the videos of him that I've seen, he can run route and catch but I don't know about speed though.
  8. Great video that was a lot of work. I wish our TE have a bit more speed to run away from defenders.
  9. Do we know for sure which pre-season game the new stadium will be ready? I'd like to get tickets
  10. This due can catch. If you watch him, he catches with his hands away from the body then pulls it in. A lot of others catch the ball with their body. He doesn't.
  11. How long until the season start again? LOL ... I can't wait!!!
  12. Bucs at 9? hmmm They'll be good but I don't know about 9
  13. Man it brought tears to my eyes when I read about his story.
  14. I know it... I didn't know any of this either until I started reading about him.... Just makes you really want to pull for him