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  1. The trenches!! The trenches I tell ya!!!
  2. 28-10 Browns.................
  3. Let it all out man... it's OK .... LOL
  4. WOW!! Just WOW... nuff said
  5. I think cutting Freeman will leave a lot of dead money on the it may not be a feasible move
  6. I rather sign Coleman and trade Freeman. We have Ito Smith who can do a decent job to replace Freeman. But of course I doubt anybody would want to pony up big dollars for Freeman.
  7. Yea Arch on 92.9 was saying the same thing about how Sanu was being held. He also thought some of the screen penalties against us was token calls as well.
  8. Yea you'll call him out again LOL
  9. I agree but I do think we just may... by the slimmest margin make the play off then get sent home.
  10. And also earlier today DQ was saying: "but we really feel that this team that we have and where we are at and how we can go and attack from here, we’ve got the right men in the building to do that" I wonder how much of this is a rallying call to fire up his team even knowing that there players available out there that can help this team...or have we given up on this season already?
  11. With the deadline approaching tomorrow (Tuesday 10/30) 4 PM, any good rumors that has a real chance of happening? I've only see this from AJC about safeties: