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  1. I'm no expert but I though under Shanahan there seems to be an overall strategy to set up big plays against the defense. Ilke running wide zone to one side to set up the roll out on the other side or a deep cross zone pass for Julio that would force the other team's safety having to cover him....etc. Under Sark, it's just... seems like a bunch of plays being thrown together... Again I'm no expert
  2. You'd think with $50 Mil he could afford his own insurance
  3. Gomer Pyle said "Surprise, surprise,Surprise!!"
  4. #9 I wonder if the players lobbied Sark to run more stretch zone plays .... coincidentally our running game was better in the 2nd half
  5. I want to see more stretch outside zone running plays ... and bootleg off to the other side and dump off to the TE. We ran a tons of those. but mostly more outside zone stretch runs please....
  6. And yet we were led to believe from management that hiring Sark will not change the system. That was just talk to keep the fans at ease. Truth is, we should not have let go of the assistants under Shanahan. And Sark has just not shown his ability to scheme player mismatch. Billick is on point in that I have't seen Gabriel as well as Coleman running wide opened. Who are the assistants under Sark?
  7. you cant win with all these penalties
  8. I can't believe Julio only has 1 TD so far!!!
  9. I see zone running plays... I just haven't seen a whole lot outside zone plays where we tried to spread them wide... then the RB would cut back wherever he could find a hole; that's why I was asking.
  10. Well look at this thread... "However, a separate source explained that Atlanta is no longer running Shanahan’s offense at this point. “That’s not Kyle’s offense they’re running anymore. You can’t just replace Kyle’s brain, especially if you let his top run guy and top passing guy leave, too. They’re running the ball well without him, but it’s not those gashing runs in the outside zone. It’s not the same script. It’s some of the same plays, but it’s out of sync.”" That we're not running "those gashing runs in the outside zone"...
  11. And I thought Sark was suppose to keep it as is when he took over the offense.... but yet it hasn't been the same. You would think that after 5 or 6 games that he would go back and look at what we did well last year and repeats it.