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  1. I'm a HUGE Ryan supporter and a HUGE falcons fan for years. Ryan is capable of so much better plays but he can't be playing like this for us to win the division now that Brees is injured. He's already wayyyyy ahead of the number of interceptions and bad decisions he made last year after only 2 games. I hope he straighten out and play better because none of the teams in our division so far look very good. We have a really good chance of winning the division and going to the play off with Brees being injured.
  2. My bad... toward the end of the game Collinsworth replayed the play and gave credit to Ryan.
  3. Dude stop making sh** up. I just re-watched it... the announcer gave credit to Koetter for making that call. They didn't saying anything about Ryan making changes at the line.
  4. Nahhh that was a good call by Dirk. They'd been seeing the all out blitz all night. They just decide to make that call... and it worked
  5. I hope he'll do it
  6. If we lose this game it's on Ryan.
  7. Now with 12 minutes left in the game ... and we may lose this game.
  8. Yea that barely touched his sleeve...
  9. The under throw pass that led to Sanu's tip then interception. The throw into the end zone with 3 defensive players around. He's gotta make much better judgement than that! Otherwise we'd be up by 21 pts by now or even put the game away
  10. Eagles kept getting good field position
  11. Undisciplined and not holding containment.
  12. Frankly the line of +2 is rather generous. Yes we can win but I'm not holding my breath.
  13. Yea that makes sense I guess. Hard to imagine that we would put a big free agent signing on inactive list. I guess he'll start next week at RG now that we don't have Lindstrom. This season is beginning to smell bad early...
  14. Does anybody know why Jamon Brown was on the inactive list?
  15. I might have to change the channel over to watch the Braves vs Nationals. It looks ugly right now and we're still in 1st quarter.