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  1. I think he's got a point or two... But it looks like it's written by a Falcon hater. I agree with the riskiness of signing a 10 year back. That shouldn't be done in the NFL. The only people who should sign ten year backs are their own teams... A re-sign. Too much to prove one you're out of the nest. And those 3rd&1's and 4th&1's should be moot. We shouldn't have even let it get to that. Why we couldn't keep our foot on the gas the whole game is a mystery to me. What are we trying to be; nice? If you start scoring, KEEP scoring. Don't even GET to 3rd down, once it's ever at second, go for the first. Treat a 2nd down like a 3rd and go for the 1st. Don't play that stupid clock control game. That doesn't work in today's NFL like it used to. Obviously.
  2. Can you guys help me understand why signing Jackson was a good thing? I just don't get it. If there were ever questions about the defense, there's GOT to be more with the release of a couple who made plays (well, one anyway). So we holed our own defense. Expecting what? I was hoping that meant we were going to be after Avril. Lost him. Freeney? Yeah, that'll help. But that's like signing Jackson - it would've been great.... Five years ago! Are we expecting to fix this in the draft? {sarcasm}Because the draft ALWAYS works.. You can find the solutions to your problems in the draft each year. {/sarcasm} Where busts lurk every other round. See, i saw it like this. Yeah, Michael was less productive last year. Wasn't he supposed to be? Before the year began we said we were going to be more of a passing team. Doesn't that mean less work for a RB? And last year he still got more TDs than Jackson. Why? Probably because of short yardage run ins. But he got them. And our defense wasn't stopping people like they should have. I watched plenty of recaps where opposing teams got big yardage plays on us. Why? No pressure on receivers or QBs. So one issue on offense versus essentially the whole defense is an issue. And here we go into FA making our "big" signing a ten year runningback when that's not even the issue. Aren't you supposed to go into the draft to find some gems in the rough? But save FA for getting someone tested and proven? Avril and Revis would be a stunning one-two punch that the entire league would've shuddered from. I grant, we probably couldn't afford that, but you get the idea. FA for defensive issues, DRAFT the running back - whom we don't really need as bad. Now we're turning to the draft to find not one, but four or more defensive players and hope that ONE turns out alright? (cause that's like an expected ratio - one out of four turns out great). I just can't get excited about this. I'm more concerned now than two weeks ago. Sure, our resigns were good. But i need some help figuring out the rest of this.
  3. Okay. I'm kind of coming around. Sign him, hope he doesn't bust a knee or some age related injury while we use him and hope this years' draft class has a stellar RB. Or failing that next years' draft class has a stellar RB. But i don't outright compare him to Bush. Hence the 'hedging'. I just think Reggie has shown that he can catch out of the backfield well and think that's something we need. We don't need a 'thunder and lightning' backfield when most times we have a no back set. It's funny seeing how lots of people said all this stuff about Turner when he came here. Now that we've let him go, it's like we forgot what he brought us.
  4. I've seen posts other places. Why do all these people want us to get Steven Jackson? Is it because they're haters or something? There should be no reason for us to go after Jackson. It'd be better to get Bush, though hedging that. Jackson is essentially the guy we just cut!
  5. What it boils down to is what has already been said. We need to stop with this 'cardiac cardinal' style of play. Play the WHOLE game. Apply pressure for FOUR quarters. How can you still get on in this league by playing to sit on ANY lead???? It had nothing to do with the refs. If we played like we should have/could have, this wouldn't even be a topic. Cause we shouldn't have kept it close.
  6. Are you drunk or something? Firstly, this is a USC vs UGA thread in the college sports forum. YOU started talkin the Falcons were gonna lose in the first round. Then, how is it dissing UGA by pointing out a fact? They lost (hahahahahaha). But if i remember reading correctly. it's a "college sports forum". So i therefore came in talkin bout how the "dawgs" lost (hahahahahaha). Now, unless the "dawgs" became or are a pro team, i think i AM discussing a college football team. And you bringing up the Falcons would NOT be college. Unless you were talkin bout the Air Force Academy. But still a change of subject. Ultimately, i don't consider what i was referring to as "dissing" the "dawgs" (them misspelling their name is good enough anyway, they don't need my help). But with fans like you, i could make an exception. I wouldn't say it "makes my night", but it is nice. Oh yeah, "dawgs" lost. Hahahahaha Sorry, couldn't resist. I'm done with that now. I know it hurts.
  7. Wow. Talkin' first round for us already. Thank you. Long way to go though, and you should attempt to stay on topic. We're talkin "dawgs" here (hahahahaha). Wait... Your goofy self came to a Falcons board to dis the Falcons and whine about how sorry your college team is? You're welcome to leave. We can stop the internet so you can get off.
  8. Gee, thanks. Ain't my fault you're a fan of the losing team this time. What does a post like yours even mean anyway? You just had to take the time out of your busy ____(?) to post THAT?
  9. All i really want to type is HA HA. Overrated Jorja got their everything handed to them. Good game guys, good game.
  10. Lessee.... We can. The Lions. The Eagles (once they get their stuff together). The Saints. Maybe another in the NFC. I'm just talkin the NFC. But more the point here should be - do you honestly see the Packers going 16-0? I sure don't. They're not like the (ugh) Patriots. Unfortunately most years of late i can see the Patriots going 16-0. The Packers just don't have that vibe.
  11. Unfortunately, this is most likely a safe bet. Come on guys!! These are the PACKERS!! This should be a cake walk! How in the **** did they ever get good again??
  12. I liked the look of the bird, so when i grew wings that's what i picked? :P Sorry. Lame i know. I still can not get a grip on why people from the area show no love for the college that is actually IN Atlanta. I mean, i'm sure people have some logical reasons for some of them. But i bet not all!
  13. Oh definitely! Man i wish we could get a big name defensive guy like James Harrison! Somebody who plays old school style football. Hit the guy with the ball, plain and simple. Our defense would probably be top 5 with his addition alone. Well.... Maybe top 10 anyway.
  14. I think i would buy the Jets - and move them to a place they could call their own - a place where they could fit in - a place that has never had NFL football.... Boise Idaho! The Idaho Jets, think of it....
  15. What do we think? Of what - your photoshop skills? This guy with this vid is got some good ideas, but lots of bad ones. I seriously doubt the Buccs want to go back to the Butt Pirate look. And who was that.. the Bears?.. who without the logo look just like the Broncos. And simply reversing the color schemes of half the teams isn't going to make us think better anyway. That Saints helmet has to be the most amateur case of logo-fitting on a helmet in photoshop i have ever seen. Although i have to admit, i did like how the Jets looked.
  16. Again, as was said before since he played before i even watched football i can not rightfully give Nobis a vote for my 'favorite' player. Especially with what Warrick did for the Atlanta community. But this is all rather moot anyway i'm sure has there will be a lot of us in the end (and already in the beginning i see) who are not gonna get what they want out of the results.
  17. Dude, why taking it so serious? Personally, i think it's great that we've come as far as a team to BE ridiculed. I can't hold it against him - Tosh is funny as all get out.
  18. One of the best WR teams in the NFL IF he continues on the way he was playing and IF we use him properly and IF there even is a season... But let's add "with a mediocre defense" to the original statement. Let's see how far THAT gets us.
  19. Negative??? How the he...??? How is losing five potential guys to one NOT NEGATIVE?? Sure, this kid could pick up where he left off - but how many of the draft picks really do that? And he's just as likely to be a couple drops or a busted knee away from being a nonfactor.
  20. Simple answer - no. There is NObody worth what we gave up. The only way ANYbody would be worth that much is if we saw what they could do BEFORE they did it. It'd be like picking up Jerry Rice after seeing him play for three or four years. And then here we are talkin' bout the troubles of draft day... Who knows how these guys are REALLY gonna turn out. I mean, sure we saw how they did in college. And some of them were good, some were awesome. But how many of those turn out to be Ryan Leafs? Tim Couchs? JaMarcus Russells? Even David Carrs? Troy Williamsons? That's why one of the good things that may come from this strike/stoppage/new rulings is the new draftee salary caps. That is sorely needed. Maybe even some kind of checksum to prevent stupid multiple movings like these ala the NBA. We lost WAY too much for this one guy. And we need defensive help, not offensive. I can understand the offensive move in the draft, however; we need youth on offense so we can get some experience/veteran on defense to make an immediate impact. We were that close. No more youthful transgressions and building.
  21. Umm, why in the name of blazes did we do that? Seriously??? We traded and dealt ALL that away for ONE receiver? Our first pick next year!??? WHY!?!?
  22. Nothing's changed. We've needed a defense since 1995. Sure, we've had brighter spots. But the overall complacency of the defense has been a major problem for us for almost two decades. Of course, our offense is White, Turner and ______ (FB). And that in itself needs to change. If i were Finneran i would be steamin'. With Vick here, him and Crump were runnin' the receiver show. Now he's lucky to get 20 yards a game. There's nothing wrong with developing a bond with a certain receiver, but for god sakes man throw to other people! Spread it EVENLY. And bust a big play every now and then. Jeebus, you have to go 100 spots down the list before ONE of our guys shows up on the longest pass reception list. Most teams' SLOT receiver are above any one of ours. But seriously, work on the **** defense. That's all i care about. My list of what is wrong with us starts and ends there. And has for a long time. Get us to Raven level.
  23. Great run. But boy, our defense is scary! I sure hope we actually went to a tacklin clinic because if not for that fumble, we STUNK.
  24. It is so funny to listen to in Spanish. I hope this doesn't mean we have given the lead away.
  25. Oh great. Joe _uck and Co. I'm hitting the mute button now. Too bad, would love to hear some in game sounds. Why does Fox persist on using these two?? I'd rather listen in Spanish!
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