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  1. I like the look of that record, hopefully our defense will hold up
  2. Atlanta Would be a wonderful spot for him considering He is From Birmingham
  3. why would we trade down and we are at 30? unless we get two 2nd and two 3rd rd picks.
  4. we have Coffman on the team Already,,, develop him at TE, We need Lb's to go with spoon and DE's
  5. I have a alabama Helmet Signed by Julio Jones, and a UAB Roddy White Jersey...
  6. ****, Lets just make the super bowl... doesnt matter the opponent...
  7. I'd take MJD too, but there is nothing wrong with our Run Game... the O- Line is the ISSUE
  8. Turner also doesn't produce if there is no surge from the o line... i's still take a top 3 back Any Day...
  9. L.A. Rams Steve Bart/ William Andrews Falcons, Powder Blue Chargers w/ white pants, Houston Oilers, New England Patriots, and the Hideous Tampa Bay Buccaneers uni's
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