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  1. Yea, these are funny. I find it funny that they STILL (espn) rate Denver ahead of us, although we just CLOBBERED THEM IN THEIR OWN STADIUM!!!! If it was the other way around, they would have dropped the Falcons to about #10 (at least!).
  2. I believe they can beat Seattle but I believe it will be harder than the game today. Seattle's O is better than Denvers and Wilson is certainly a better QB. But he has also been injured. If our DL can generate pressure with 4, the D should have a good day. The O? I believe the O can score on any D... there are just too many weapons and D's can't focus on one or two... or three or four players.
  3. You know why they went for it? Because they thought they could make it.... and they almost did!
  4. I agree. With him hitting 8 and 9 guys every week, that is almost impossible for ANY D to stop. They can shut down 1 or 2 guys (like Julio or a TE) but there are just too many weapons on the team. The OL is playing very good, Ryan is on point and ALL of the weapons are making plays. I don't care how good your D is, you can't stop that all game.
  5. I'll be happy to go back to 30 against Denver's D. If they throw up 30+ against Denver, the NFL will be on notice.... if they aren't already.
  6. True! It's amazing how fast the opposing D drops in rankings after playing the Falcons. lol
  7. Wow, Is Sac still around here? I don't come around here much any more but I remember him from about 2002 or so.
  8. He's a wide receivers coach, it's not like he is the D Coord or the HC.
  9. When I made that, I seriously could barely make it through. I was crying because I was laughing so hard.
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