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  1. Please God why did you answer my prayer for Grimes to be injured if you just was only going to replace the stalker for a rapist.
  2. Wow, Who Saw That Coming? The girl I took the hotel from the club last night. I had her screaming "Not in the face, not in the face!!!"
  3. Just for the record what is Ryan's winning pct. since becoming the Falcons starter? Yep he sucks and maybe one day people that are PAID to know this stuff will agree with you. The team never gave DJ a chance... maybe it was too soon after Vick.
  4. So many people against abortion yet there are so many kids in adoption centers and foster homes in the country. Don't make sense, force the mother to stay pregnant and have a baby she don't want, to just in up in a system that the same people will scream bloody murder of they are forced to pay extra tax dollars to fund it. But hey it's no longer their problem once the lil basssterd is born.
  5. When Redman And Jpw Comes In To Spell Ryan, What's Your Immediate Reaction? I think it is like choosing to either get punch in the groin by Tyson in his prime or kicked in the arse by a horse. No matter the choice you still lose.
  6. Unless voting trends change, older Americans make up the largest group of consistent voters in elections. I can see how having a VP that want to take away THEIR Social Security and Medicare benefits is going to encourage them to vote even less than before.. Romney just gave up on all the largest populated states, older voter states and large hispanic population states (minus Texas). Obama can now focus his warchests in fewer states and STILL lose Ohio in his path back to the White House. He would have been better serve with Cain, Jeb Bush, Arlen Spector, Zell Miller, Rubio or Rice. Heil all
  7. And just think, if his party gets control of DC they just might do something about it..........this time.
  8. I just see TD and Blank letting Ryan go because the team will be selecting the number 1 QB in next's year draft or the top free agent QB which would be Romo who is also known to light it up in December and January... yep see it happening.
  9. I once remembered when the Chargers fans and ownership ran a certain person out of town because they ALL felt he could never take them to the Super Bowl. They got a "sure fire" all stud QB to replace him. I know one of them got a Super Bowl ring... I'm pretty sure too that one QB on this list had a chance to be drafted by all these teams but somehow I don't recall the fans, media or management being all on him. Just think where he would be at right now if Bledsoe hadn't got hurt... Ryan supposely can't win a playoff game but we couldn't be having the discussion if he WAS NOT WINNING the reg
  10. 1. I thought the Falcons were planning on involving the screen game to cut down on all the pass rushes? 2. Wasn't Baker holding his own as left tackle prior to his injuries and actually WON his job as starting left tackle? 3. If McNeil is the answer then why isn't other teams making offers on him? 4. If all indictations point to Baker finally being back to full health and he is performing well in practice then why spend now when the issue can finally be addressed in next year's draft? If we bring in anyone now it is not for the long term future and btw we still don't know what we have in Ho
  11. Ok white guys ya'll have that excuse for getting laid when the white chicks only want to give head. Tell them "but honey the blacks and hispanics are outfffuking us, we need to play catch up".
  12. After watching the commercial for the starving kids in Africa, I went and got a Large size Big Mac meal with an extra piece of meat for lunch. I mean those kids made me realize that I was really hungry. Thanks kids.
  13. The Saints had the all-time best throw back (at least the fans anyway). Imagine bringing beer, chicken and hamburgers to the game in a paper bag, using that same brown bag to create a wave of face covered shame and then finally using that bag to clean up the mess afterwards. Simple, cheap and a multitasker. Brilliant
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