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  1. What you're describing is really still full reserve banking, since the bank is lending out less than it has in its vault. A better example of fractional reserve: The required reserve ratio is .2 (20%). John deposits 100 dollars in a bank. The bank gives 100 dollars to Tim, 100 dollars to Bill, 100 to Steve, 100 to Mario, and 100 to Jamal. 400 dollars just got created out of thin air because of a reserve requirement of 20%. That's how it works.
  2. Finally someone speak the truth! While we're on the subject, I personally don't buy into the ideas of gravity, arithmetic, and the heliocentric system, either...
  3. yep, everything else is down. Can someone pm me a working link plz.
  4. I'd love it if someone PMd me the link too...
  5. Yeah, the two are exactly alike... Remember when General Washington executed a few hundred thousand loyalists, bankrupted the country, and then killed all the minutemen...
  6. But the essence of it, as witnessed in the Red Terror and Kronstadt, is perfectly moral and non-oppressive!
  7. Utter nonsense. Nowhere does Marx ever say that a world revolution is necessary for communism to succeed in any given country. In fact, he quite clearly believed the opposite as he argued that revolutions could only be successful in advanced industrial nations like Britain and Germany, while countries like Russia and China did not even have a real proletariat yet, so they were not even remotely ready for a revolution. Well actually I'm doing a simple projection, like if Michael Turner rushes for 100 yards against the Fins he'd be on pace for 1600 for the season. The same can be done with Len
  8. Stalin believed that the Soviet Union could not afford to waste resources proliferating socialist revolution in other countries (unless it could simply invade and take them over). In this way his vision conflicted with Trotsky's perpetual revolution, but it really didn't contradict Marx in any real way since Marx never claimed that the leadership of one socialist country had to be involved in spurring revolutions abroad. Leninism (and consequently Trotskyism) was already a significant revision of Marx in terms of how they viewed the revolution. Marx never thought a state like Russia would be f
  9. National Socialism is nothing more than a label, and really has nothing to do with socialism. Meanwhile, Trotsky himself supported the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact.
  10. Lolz... I'm glad to see you've fallen for the propoganda hook, line, and sinker. The only ideological difference between Trotsky and Stalin was that, during their battle for succession, Trotsky was actually more interested than Stalin in purging enemies of the state, and that Trotsky was more interested than Stalin in proliferating Soviet influence abroad. Read Richard Pipes or Robert Service please-- or Lenin himself, or Emma Goldman. It's hilarious that you think that Lenin and Trotsky were some sort of nice kids who just wanted everyone to live peacefully-- yet it was Lenin who ordered the
  11. Really? I mean, really? I feel like I've just stepped into some sort of a bizarro universe where history didn't actually happen and was replaced by some folk tale or something... Stretching the truth is one thing, but when you reach the point where you write a paragraph in which there is not a single correct statement you gotta stop and ask yourself what exactly you're trying to do...
  12. If you look at a pharma company's financial statements in detail, you'll find that "Administration" largely refers to the oversight of the process of getting FDA approval for a new drug. That's not something that can really be done away with. As far as marketing, let's just think about that idea for a second. The whole point of buying an ad, for instance, is that it will bring in more for you in revenue than you paid for it. Marketing costs don't drive up drug prices-- the whole point of marketing is that if it's successful it'll pay for itself. The bottom line is that it's really silly to c
  13. Republic-- from Latin Res Publica, verbatim "rule by the people". Democracy-- from Greek Demokratia, verbatim "rule by the people".
  14. And you clearly understood nothing of what was written. Well done.
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