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  1. I've been here for a long time, I don't post that much, but I always seem to lose my post count with the new boards. Plus, I didn't realize how bummed out I was with all the controversy surrounding the Falcons that I haven't kept up with them. Here's hoping to a fresh start and a season of winning!
  2. :laugh: I haven't played basketball in years. I would need to play really late at night and try to get my shot back before attempting to play anything other than HORSE.
  3. Sister Christian - Night Ranger Still Loving You - Scorpion Broken Wings - Mr. Mister Heaven - Bryan Adams Photograph - Def Leppard Send Her My Love Who's Crying Now Open Arms - Yeah, I got stuck on Journey. :w00t: I starting reading these 80's hits and it brought me back.
  4. I think the last time I was floored by the slam dunk contest was when Jordan did his thing. I was lucky enough to catch this one; I forgot it was NBA All Star Weekend. (I haven't been able to follow it for a few years now; very little interest in it these days.)
  5. The Legend of Springy Panda...that is great!
  6. Maybe this was created so we can come in here and talk smack. Am I alone on this? It seems that has become the norm in TATF; it's like a zoo over there.
  7. Sheesh! I almost fell out my chair! :laugh: I was slapped on the tush by some drunk woman and it wasn't my wife. And I'm glad she didn't see her; there would have been a different ending to this story.
  8. There are 2 Graphic forums. I went in to the first one and thought all the artists were on strike.
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