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  1. Well, you're not wrong,.. It's how it is. That's pretty much been the case since the NFL's inception. The NFL owners are like a good ol' boys/country club that sets the standards for the organization. Also I didnt say my argument would absolutely make things better, but it could. Also best person for the job includes how a coach motivates/inspires the best out of players. someone's race/background COULD be a factor in how players respond.
  2. I feel like it could help the team if more of their coaches and leadership not only were more high caliber, but black. just thinking from the player's perspective, and as a black man myself, there is a feeling of comfort, comradery and shared understanding about life struggles and experiences, as well as a level of mutual respect that comes from having a colleague or leader from the same race or background as you. Certainly its not everyone's experience in every field but, professionally, studies have proven it does make a difference in employer confidence and morale when these factors are considered and acted upon.
  3. Being rivals, stats never matter. Usually both teams put in their best effort like a playoff game. I see the games going either way.
  4. Mix between fluke, and they werent as good as they thought they were.
  5. good stuff yall, these boys are fired up! gotta acknowledge the small wins
  6. True but we havent seen this much intenity and focus all year. i'll leave my final opinion after 60 minutes but this is refreshing to see
  7. Ryan has been frozen this game. He needs to see open space roll out or scramble
  8. The Bears offense generally has been unimpressive. Good defense is being played but this is no Dallas or Seattle offense.
  9. Word of the day is unprepared. I dont think this coaching staff does the right things in the offseason and preseason to get the starters prepared for the first game. We qlswyas look soft on game 1 under Quinn
  10. since 99. In the form of various accounts. Lurked mostly
  11. Also Marvin Harrison, Jerry Rice, Warrick Dunn, it preserves your health and career.
  12. Cosign. I know they can do better. they just have to actually do it
  13. I heard on the radio that both teams did and offered more money but he chose ATL because its his hometown and because of the people and the city.
  14. He did great last year before he tore his bicep.
  15. It was a good, fun game. It wasnt perfect but few games are. I was satisfied with it.
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