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  1. since 99. In the form of various accounts. Lurked mostly
  2. Also Marvin Harrison, Jerry Rice, Warrick Dunn, it preserves your health and career.
  3. Cosign. I know they can do better. they just have to actually do it
  4. He turned down the other offers. He CHOSE Atlanta
  5. I heard on the radio that both teams did and offered more money but he chose ATL because its his hometown and because of the people and the city.
  6. Go Rams!
  7. If we tackle and protect then we will win
  8. He did great last year before he tore his bicep.
  10. It was a good, fun game. It wasnt perfect but few games are. I was satisfied with it.
  11. If we can limp into the playoffs, there is a chance
  12. Saw him Sunday on some local ATL TV sports show after the NFL games
  13. If Matt's accuracy was a little better on the long ball, he would have 2 or 3 this season