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  1. Ryan has been frozen this game. He needs to see open space roll out or scramble
  2. The Bears offense generally has been unimpressive. Good defense is being played but this is no Dallas or Seattle offense.
  3. Word of the day is unprepared. I dont think this coaching staff does the right things in the offseason and preseason to get the starters prepared for the first game. We qlswyas look soft on game 1 under Quinn
  4. These Hawks and Falcons are going to make me permanently Bipolar! great game! Way to go Horford!
  5. http://www.si.com/nba/2015/01/14/nba-all-star-starters-lebron-james-anthony-davis-stephen-curry Ok cool I thought this was the final roster.
  6. Millsap is in the Allstar Game. Teague snubbed again!
  7. right but they're not shooting Avengers 3 right now. Plus there are 6 gems on the infinity gauntlet and i only count 5 on here
  8. I'm guessing that this is a teaser from an end credit scene or something. Probably at the end of Avengers 2
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