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  1. Be disciplined on defense. and STOP WITH THE STUPID SPECIAL TEAMS PENALTIES
  2. I agree. the right side OL and coleman showed up big.
  3. honestly that call could have went either way. Refs really have it out for Alford. I think at this point, most of his calls come from reputation, not any overly egregious play by Alford
  4. If you're near Smyrna, go to Porch light and Heirloom.
  5. With yo crow eating a**
  6. that was a clip from last season's game after the Chiefs though. Opinions still might be the same though. Still dont care
  7. Madden curse in full effect. Keep it up evil EA deities.
  8. it was actually pretty funny
  9. Shede's still 2nd string on the depth chart though
  10. He also played behind a 3/4 string oline and 6/7/8 string WRs
  11. I'm a JW. In school I didn't salute the flag either. I always stood up and showed respect though. Same at games. I dont sing along or put my hand over my heart but I stand silent out of respect for those who make the choice. I cant blame Kap for the media making a huge deal about his personal choice. Its not like he forced people to watch him kneel.
  12. I feel like the media is blowing it way out of proportion. If they'd just broadcast the game and not focus on the players during the NA, no one would even know about it
  13. Benching 400 is kinda weak for a DT. Im glad he finally got serious with his offseason training.