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  1. Winning in Seattle is hard to do. Im proud of my team.
  2. Special teams will be the death of us
  3. somebody has to meme Pete Carrol's face lol
  4. His efforts in humanitarianism has four sure saved more dogs that he killed. It doesn't matter to the haters though.
  5. numerous dumb penalties on ST have contributed to our bad field position
  6. we're actually executing today. I'm pleased
  7. I applaud the relentless effort i saw today. and if it wasnt for those fumbles, Ryan would have looked like the MVP that he is. He played really well dispite those fumbles and the weather.
  8. im proud that we played hard 4 quarters. Good for our confidence.
  9. If this game doesnt light a fire in the hearts of the players and coaches, nothing will. GO FALCONS
  10. Didnt Seattle lead the league in penalties when they won the Super Bowl a few years back? Im not saying we're at that level, Im just saying the penalties stat doesnt always correlate with wins. We are not making enough plays in any phase of the games.
  11. Delete this post before it gets ugly
  12. Be disciplined on defense. and STOP WITH THE STUPID SPECIAL TEAMS PENALTIES
  13. I agree. the right side OL and coleman showed up big.