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  1. Word of the day is unprepared. I dont think this coaching staff does the right things in the offseason and preseason to get the starters prepared for the first game. We qlswyas look soft on game 1 under Quinn
  2. What? you can only protest in a way that TGA feels comfortable with. (Oh the irony)
  3. I'm a JW. In school I didn't salute the flag either. I always stood up and showed respect though. Same at games. I dont sing along or put my hand over my heart but I stand silent out of respect for those who make the choice. I cant blame Kap for the media making a huge deal about his personal choice. Its not like he forced people to watch him kneel.
  4. I feel like the media is blowing it way out of proportion. If they'd just broadcast the game and not focus on the players during the NA, no one would even know about it
  5. I thought Ant Man was great!
  6. These Hawks and Falcons are going to make me permanently Bipolar! great game! Way to go Horford!
  7. Just came from the Arena. Amazing game!
  8. http://www.si.com/nba/2015/01/14/nba-all-star-starters-lebron-james-anthony-davis-stephen-curry Ok cool I thought this was the final roster.
  9. Millsap is in the Allstar Game. Teague snubbed again!
  10. right but they're not shooting Avengers 3 right now. Plus there are 6 gems on the infinity gauntlet and i only count 5 on here
  11. I'm guessing that this is a teaser from an end credit scene or something. Probably at the end of Avengers 2
  12. Gladiator's heat/laser vision is hotter than the sun
  13. Saw Guardians last night. Wasnt dissapointed
  14. Need Black Panther