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  1. Blank hated Smith...Smith will never get the respect he earned here.
  2. Watch the Braves...that's how a front office does things that is trying to win...Falcons front office must sell tickets. Donaldson to the Braves is like Antonio Brown to New England...very shrewd.
  3. Our offense is loaded with overpriced shiny objects...we still don't have a line.
  4. When they traded two drafts worth of picks for a WR that was the end of Smith...and don't tell me it was his idea to do that because no defensive coach or reputable front office person would have done that...he produced 5 winning seasons in a row with average defensive talent.
  5. When he is fired people will tell the truth about how poor of a game manager he is...aside from him, the team also suffers from internal management issues but that is too complex for most fans to understand.
  6. But the Vikings looked ready for every play we ran...?
  7. I did, you are unable to process it.
  8. Because this team lacks depth from the way the front office spends money and draft picks.
  9. Any questions about Neal getting his mandatory 15 yard personal foul penalty per game?
  10. Dairy Quinn was 1-4 last year...
  11. Grady was pissed, it was like he was taking a shot at whoever is accountable for the edge (Beasley) or a staff in denial (sweep it under the rug)...players know who is soft and who is tough.
  12. You are brainwashed...that's how he quadruples ticket prices and charges a PSL...i'll keep you in my thoughts.
  13. We are much closer to Tampa's style of management than New England's.
  14. Blank runs the front office to sell tickets...we are much closer to Tampa's style organization than we are New Englands, who runs their front office to win games/super bowls.
  15. Blank sold the Koolaid on Jones...it's hard to use logic to break the spell. This team is going to be in trouble for a few years with that contract and his inability to score. What a waste of team equity just to sell tickets to the likes of you who can't figure out why we get manhandled in the trenches.