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  1. You brush over the fact we are paying a WR 20M like it’s nothing? That contract leaves us with nothing for 2/3 of the rest of the team. He is a WR not one that has ever existed is worth that cap charge.
  2. Unfortunately that’s not how the cap works...we have no money for next season outside of existing contracts, because the bulk of Jones comes due next season...a contract the idiot owner promised.
  3. I don’t think you understand how the salary cap or this contract works.
  4. DQ is terrible, Vic is worse. We overpaid Freeman and that guy was trending down during those years...too much focus on offensive parts that don’t matter and never any focus on the lines of scrimmage. Takk is a miss as well...you keep wifing in the 1st round and overpaying WRs and this is what you get.
  5. It has everything to do with money for Jones...signing/paying Hooper, a player that has consistently developed into a pro bowler is looking like a major struggle...so much so rumors are he will be traded.
  6. Beasley was kept because he was the best option they could sign to a 1 year deal. We could have gotten Clay Matthews for 2 years and less total money but the issue is we have no cash for year 2 in 2020 because this owner was obsessed with overpaying Jones. We have been running our front office as a service to the sales and marketing departments wishes. PSLs and ticket sales take a major priority over doing smart football transactions and winning.
  7. This is the kind of team you get when the owner has his foot on the scale of the front office...you can’t buy winners in the NFL.
  8. Blank hated Smith...Smith will never get the respect he earned here.
  9. Watch the Braves...that's how a front office does things that is trying to win...Falcons front office must sell tickets. Donaldson to the Braves is like Antonio Brown to New England...very shrewd.
  10. Our offense is loaded with overpriced shiny objects...we still don't have a line.
  11. When they traded two drafts worth of picks for a WR that was the end of Smith...and don't tell me it was his idea to do that because no defensive coach or reputable front office person would have done that...he produced 5 winning seasons in a row with average defensive talent.
  12. When he is fired people will tell the truth about how poor of a game manager he is...aside from him, the team also suffers from internal management issues but that is too complex for most fans to understand.
  13. But the Vikings looked ready for every play we ran...?
  14. Because this team lacks depth from the way the front office spends money and draft picks.
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