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  1. It's possible that the Falcons are working on deals for Grimes and possibly Lofton (assuming he doesn't sign elsewhere), and they could be working on a restructure for Matt Ryan's contract so they can free cap space. There's still a chance that they make another draft day trade so they can get a first round pick. This team right now is better than the 13-3 season team and the draft is still a month away. I'll hold off on making judgment calls until after I see what the new offensive and defensive schemes look like.
  2. A blockbuster trade that would net the Atlanta Falcons a pick high enough in the first round of this years draft to select Matt Kalil. /sigh.
  3. Sounds good, but it will have to be after I take your wife to Maggianos.
  4. I would never create an alt account to make fun of the posters on here. I'd do it with this account so they know who to attribute it to, and see how they act when I actually show up to the get togethers. It's not my style.
  5. The Judicial budget has been cut by up to 15%, which includes employee spending and IT spending, among other things. He has made major cuts in Federal spending for government jobs. He's also cut a bunch of other small ticket items that the Republicans wanted. He's also given the defense budget increases over the last few years. Let's not pretend like all he was gunning for was the defense budget.
  6. That's taller than some of the people who post here.
  7. You must be able to deal with hypocritical posters.
  8. I'd like to have LaMike for more than just a RB. I'd like him more as a special teamer and not any sooner than the 5th round. He has good hands and can be used in 5 WR sets as well. He has 4.4 speed.
  9. You're failing to address the big picture with the coliseum. The facilities are out dated and have not seen an upgrade since before I was born. The restrooms are a joke not to mention the concessions and the neighborhood where that place is located. Parking is a joke there as well. The Lakers sellout almost every game and it's because the staples center is a well built sports entertainment facility. If LA had a brand new stadium in a better location (like Carson or somewhere in orange county) they could sell out a stadium the size of the Georgia dome, especially of this team moved there. The main problem with the coliseum is the dam coliseum commission.
  10. I'm very happy to have Abe back into the rotation. I'll be even happier about this if we draft a DE in the second round.
  11. You should save and export your Madden franchise, and send it to Flowery Branch as your resume for building winning teams. Don't forget to mention how you went undefeated every single year and signed every pro bowl player available. I'm sure it would be impressive. I'd love to see you build the most awesomest franchise in the world. Oh, and since you're also clairvoyant, can I get the powerball numbers from you?
  12. First of all, I mistakenly hit like instead of quote. Second, read this to yourself. With the falcons sitting at roughly $5 million under the cap, how could they possibly sign Ben Grubbs considering his contract averages roughly $8 million a season?
  13. My dad was a Rams season ticket holder and I went to almost every home game every year of my youth when the Rams were in Anaheim. Your observation from one visit is flawed at best. Anaheim stadium was meant for baseball and the city failed to address this and build a new stadium for the Rams. That's why Georgia left Anaheim for St. Louis. Even during losing seasons, fans would show up. You're also wrong about the record breaking day. I was there and the place was packed. If you really lived in LA you would also know how much of a joke the coliseum is.
  14. Not all conservatives are racist, but if you ask a racist what his political views are, 99% of them say conservative.
  15. If you need more than a franchise with four rock solid years which included three trips to the playoffs, then I'd say you're not a real fan anyway. I really hope Arthur moves this team out of Atlanta. People in LA would be lining up for season tickets with this team there.
  16. How many accounts do you have and how many times have you been banned? I bet one of your other accounts has posted in this thread.
  17. How can anyone make any kind of guess considering we don't know what our new offensive and defensive schemes will be and who will be starting? To me, threads like this are simply meant to troll and stir the pot. I have a great idea. Bump this thread in August.
  18. How can anyone make judgment calls on how well a previously injured player can and will perform without seeing a workout or a pre-season game? What if he works out and has a breakout year? Will you come back and admit you were wrong? I doubt it.
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