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  1. This is a head scratcher....... He's not a team player which Belichick preaches. Cam is all about Cam. He's a poor sport (although I have seen some improvement) He doesn't fit the Offensive system in New England. He can't run like he used to....which made him the player he was. He's not known for being a cerebral player.....again something Belichek loves in his QB. ????????????????????????? This make no sense and the last place I thought he would end up. Only thing that does make sense is that he is veteran insurance for Stidham and they have NO QB's on
  2. I think Hurst was horribly miscast/misused. I think he can be better than Hooper. Crossing my fingers.
  3. “I see myself not only as a football player, but an entertainer and an icon.” - Scam Newton in the lead up to the NFL draft after his Senior season at Auburn.
  4. "I think anybody that's watching the game in real time, live speed, nobody's going to say that wasn't a penalty. When you slow it down, it looks like he hits me *here* (chest), but I get up and my mouth is bleeding, so I don't know if you get hit in the chest and your mouth bleeds." - Drew Brees on Ahmad Brooks controversial sack of him. I guess Drew Brees doesn't understand that slow motion shows "reality". That's why they use it on replay calls. It looks like he hit you in the chest in slow motion, BECAUSE HE DID!!! 😆
  5. Nobody on here needs to explain themselves. We are all who we are and have our own opinions. This forum is a place to express our thoughts about the Falcons. It's all good.
  6. It's maybe nuts to you. But, they could have traded for a proven NFL ready CB, instead of taking an unkown in Terrell. Like I said, i'm not unhappy with how the Falcons drafted. So, trade Ridley......you have Julio and Cee Dee Lamb as your #1 and #2. You have an NFL proven CB you traded for to join the 2 young corners the team has.
  7. Sorry to those who like these jerseys. But these are God awful!!!!
  8. Drafting has been great since he arrived.
  9. This. I would feel better if this regime had a history of developing pass rushers. Seems the opposite for whatever reason. Hopefully he signs up with Chuck Smith and puts the work in. In the end, it's up to the player anyhow.
  10. Bart had a better arm than Matt for sure. Those are the days I became a Falcons fan for life. I'll never forget....."Bartkowski.....to Jenkins........Touchdown!!!!"
  11. CeeDee Lamb is a top 5 talent at #16. If you are drafting BPA, that's the pick. Cowboys lost half of their Defense in free agency and they drafted Lamb. Flat out steal. I like the AJ Terrell pick so I'm not complaining. But, Atlanta could have drafted him and traded him or Ridley for an NFL proven CB. Lots of possibilities. You can be creative. Not a comical idea though.
  12. I would have honestly taken Cee Dee Lamb. He was the top guy at that point. I believe that he is the best receiver in the class. Reminds me of DeAndre Hopkins. But, i understand the pick completely from a need basis. Now....you could trade this guy or Ridley for a starting corner??? More draft capital???
  13. He showed good ability to catch out of the backfield , so he's in line with todays game. Plus, being so big and fast for his size, you'd think offenses would be drooling for this guy with so much nickel and dime defense being played. Just a head scratcher to me.
  14. I saw his ranking......like 7th or 8th best back in many rankings. I was like . Dude was a flat out beast. What were these people watching?
  15. AJ Dillon to the Slackers in the 2nd. I thought he was the best back in the draft. Slackers couldn't believe he made it to their 2nd round pick. Wanted Atlanta to grab this guy
  16. Another Starter potentially out of this draft!! Love it
  17. I'm happy about the pick and wish the young man the best!!
  18. I feel better about the pick after hearing that.
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