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  1. People do this every year and I can't figure it out. No one knows how tough the schedule will be. You can't determine it on last year and free agency. Each year, each team changes. Players, coaches, chemistry, injuries, etc. Only when the season is over can we determine how tough or easy the schedule was.
  2. Peyton threw 1000 more passes
  3. Ya.....I'd be listening to only Peyton. If I wanted to know how to be great at throwing interceptions, then I'd talk to Eli.
  4. This was the year I became a Falcons Fan for life.
  5. Love the guy. Very hard to tackle. Makes people miss in space. Has some speed. Would be happy with this guy in later rounds.
  6. Lol. It's not me. A guy from NYC I work with told me they are going back to living normally.. I'm just the messenger.
  7. People are living normally in NYC I hear from people with family there. Think this started today or yesterday. I guess they are sick of staying home. I doubt the season gets canceled.
  8. Tom Brady is what...43 years old. People acting like he is in his prime. Stop living in the past. Falcons should not be afraid of anyone. Tune out media hoopla and watch and form your own opinion. Everyone surprised Cam not signed yet. All the media people can't figure it out. Not a surprise to me. Watch and think.
  9. Hate red helmets honestly. But those candy apple red ones that someone was posting were nice!!
  10. Not bad...but not the best either
  11. I think Hurst was caught in a run oriented system that failed to showcase what he can do. I suspect he will be an upgrade over Hooper in this offense.
  12. Yes at the right price
  13. Wish him a full recovery
  14. He's much worse than Belichick. Not even close. Belichick at least carries himself as a mature human being.