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  1. This team was so under prepared and so unmotivated......I'm a huge Quinn fan but something is wrong here.
  2. Lol..Oliver was not the reason the team got killed
  3. what the heck kind of trash is this....??? WTF
  4. The key to this whole game is Vikings Defensive front vs. Atlanta's O-line. Whichever team wins this battle, wins the game!!
  5. Just watched his YouTube highlights. Carson Meier looks like a great blocker and has good hands, I like the signing. He's not really a tight end. More of a fullback/Hback. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AakLiWtTx8g
  6. I'm betting this team will be 2-0 out of the gate.
  7. I cant see Chargers agreeing to that.........
  8. TBJ please
  9. His highlights look great. Great hands and he looks like Zachaeus....same build and style.
  10. True. He struggled in general....
  11. He struggled in preseason with transitioning to this level of play. TBJ has not. I hope Green is on the PS.
  12. TBJ can't return kickoffs?? He did it at Oregon. Barner is 29 and TBJ is 24. Rather have the younger guy with more upside for that role.
  13. TBJ has more upside. No idea what they were thinking. I guess they wanted another bigger back.
  14. I was gonna say.....lol.
  15. ya..i only have seen 3