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  1. Absolutely. Our society is out of control but everyone walks around like we are the most enlightened civilization going. "Hey, we have corporations that profit from war...from killing people". Real advanced!!! No one notices that we live in a lunatic asylum. It's not political, don't be sorry. It's common sense. It's called being human and having empathy. They have done university studies on "psychopaths" and found that an abnormal amount of them are the leaders of our corporations and governments throughout the world. Which makes sense, since the ones that will make it to the top are the ones that will do anything to get there. And you wonder why there are so many problems that aren't getting fixed in the world today and life is getting more difficult.
  2. I noticed the team FINALLY played with passion this game. Hopefully, this is a kick starter for the rest of the year!!
  3. He seems to be great at getting sacks on 4th down!!!
  4. Roberts is way better than Weems. He's been put in a tough position because of field position all year. Remember he returned a kickoff for a touchdown against the Jets that was called back. At least he has the speed to take it to the endzone whereas Weems was way too slow.
  5. Mistakes.....Mistakes.......Mistakes. Should have signed a free agent RG instead of Dontari Poe. The offensive line is not cohesive with just one guy not returning.
  6. No, I understood that you didn't say that. But, many others have said that. In was agreeing with your point and adding to it.
  7. The struggles this year have nothing to do with scheme, play calling, or coaching. The players are making too many mistakes, from missed blocks and dropped passes to inopportune penalties. That's it! Nothing more.
  8. You realize the systems on offense an defense are the same as last year..right? New players and new coordinators are the difference.
  9. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............No.
  10. They were 4-1 after their first 5 games.
  11. Green Bay has a mash unit every game. At least their first 5 and they were 4-1
  12. I'm not sure that is it. They put a whipping on Green Bay week 2. No hangover there. I think it's just a different year. Some years you get the bounces, some you don't. What I've noticed in Dan Quinn's short tenure is that his teams get real hot and then real cold. There seems to be no in between.
  13. Exactly. This is the NFL. No guarantees from year to year. That being said, a team can struggle in the early part of the season and then get hot!!!! Who knows? They are still in it until they aren't.