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  1. Yes...this is the only thing sepearating him from the top tier QB's in the league.
  2. Deep balls were atrocious!!
  3. Ya...but the threat of Jones it what gets other people open and allows them to spread the ball. With jones double teamed, Matt can find the right matchup.
  4. Agreed. But you get my point. You can find an opportunity for Atlanta to have drafted every Hall of Fame player drafted after Atlanta's first pick in each respective draft. It's a game of "what if's" and it's useless.
  5. You can play this game going back years. Should have drafted Tom Brady before the Patiots in 2000. See what I mean?
  6. It's undeniable that they are right now.....record wise.
  7. It was a boneheaded play but it looked worese than it was. On replay, the facemasks hit each other and Cam played the role of the drama queen. I'm not defending Kazee. Totally stupid and unacceptable. But, let's call a spade a spade.
  8. They were both terrible. Didn't know the names or ages of the players. One said that Matt Ryan was 43 years old.
  9. On replay, it didn't look like he had a lot of contact with his helmet. In real time it looked worse. I think Cam hammed it up a bit.
  10. The silence is deafening. But if the offense struggled, there would be multiple posts on how Sark sucks. If you criticize him when he sucks, give him credit when he does good.
  11. I love Freeman too with the exception of his pass blocking which sucks. If Ito continues to be this good, I think from a business perspective, it would be smarter to trade Freeman and keep Coleman and Smith. Freeman is older and has an injury issue. Both Coleman and Smith are younger with brighter futures because of their youth.
  12. I love Matt Ryan.....but that pass looked like a punt again. Julio wide open. It's unexuseable. Brady Brees or Rodgers make that throw. Falcosn need Matt Ryan at that level.
  13. No....my buddy had to cancel last minute so I want someone to drive down with.

    If I don't go or if I decide to go down by myself, would you be interested in the ticket or tickets?


  14. Anyone interested in going to the game tomorrow.......PM me. Mike
  15. Long snapper................