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  1. Teams lose....people die....life goes on.
  2. smart
  3. Exactly. Plus, they needed someone to stretch the field...not an old WR who has trouble separating from defenders.
  4. True...but at the same time, you can't fully attribute struggles running the ball to Freeman's abscence.
  5. Ok....but that's what I'm reading.
  6. Really?....the injuries on defense is the reason there are 4 losses...not the abscence of Freeman.
  7. Mattyicefalcon got it right .Watch the play again. Scam went all dramatic and it looked much worse than it was. Notice newton came back to the game after sitting one play and was 100% fine. Smiling and cocky as usual. That should tell you something.
  8. Ya..he over did it. My sentiments exactly.
  9. They have been until Dan Quinn arrived with specific traits and charachteristics that he wants in each player for each position. That and the Competitive Toughness score they use has been the difference.
  10. Freeman and Ito are similar style backs. They don't have long speed. They are smaller scat back types that can make people miss. Coleman is different. He is a longstrider with home run speed. Why would they get rid of the 1-2 punch of Coleman and either Freeman/Ito and keep Ito and Devonta? Makes no sense. The purpose of having coleman is having that change of pace back as a counter to Freeman. If you get rid of him (let him walk), you have 2 of the same style backs. You want to stress defenses and have them have to prepare for everything. Doesn't make sense to me.
  11. The defense is vastly improved. ..night and day....from the defense that couldn't stop the Saints. Finally, the d-line is healthy and they fixed the communication problems on the back end after losing both safeties to IR. Yes, we have reason to believe we can beat the Stains.
  12. Yes. Deion Lewis is killing it
  13. I'm thinking the same thing. This team is clicking now and the Browns are in disarray.
  14. Freeman has become very injury prone and can't pass block, which is a major liability as a football player. Really need to keep Coleman and Ito together as the 2 headed monster. I hope they don't screw this up. You don't have to pay all this money for a RB. Bargains to be had.
  15. I think so....as I predicted and got slammed on here by many. His highlight film sucked.