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  1. This is Drew Brees. Always crying like a spoiled kid when things don't go his way. His arrogance and lack of humility is reprehensible.
  2. I just saw his highlights and he did not go down easily. Admittedly, I never watched him in a full game.
  3. Agreed. Big, powerful back that is great in goal line situations. Has great hands catching the ball out of the backfield. Would be a terror for Linebackers to cover. Has good speed for his size, isn't shifty, but has strength to break tackles. Would love Atlanta to pick this guy!!
  4. Will improve grasping the ball and holding on to it. Yes, that is how it works. Stronger forearms, triceps and biceps will especially help with his fumbling. Yes, some of it is technique and concentration too.
  5. Hope he hits the weight room to add some upper body strength that will help improve the hands and fumbling.
  6. He reminds me of Darren McFadden out of Arkansas. Give him a hole and he will run away from you. Put him in the NFL, where the holes are small and you need to break tackles and make people miss.....not the game he plays. This is TeCo. Wish him the best but we need a different kind of running back.
  7. This. My concern with him is he doesn't have the quickness to create separation in the NFL.
  8. Not debatable at all. Le Bon Bon is great in transition (maybe best ever) but everywhere else he's average at best. I will note he has improved his game in the last few years. Michael Jordan did not have a weakness. Jordan was scoring Champion 10 times!! (Le Bon Bon was once). He could hit the 3, killer fadeaway jumper, drive to the basket, AND he won Defensive Player of the Year and led the league in steals 3 times!!!! Jordan had that killer drive and instinct. He was savage. Le Bon Bon is a flopper. More importantly, Le Bon Bon disappears in big games. In game 4, 2011 NBA Finals, Le Bon Bon had a whopping 8 points!!!!......3/11 shooting. Michael Jordan WOULD NEVER have such a game when it counts. And he never did. Like I said, it's not even close. Look at both their career awards. Jordan doubles him in many categories, while playing in a harder league.
  9. Dude is on crack if he thinks Le Bon Bon could even hold Michael Jordan's jock.......Please!!
  10. I like Patrick too!!! I think he kinda gets lost. I think he is going to be a great pro!! Like Myles Gaskin but really want them to get Jalen Hurd, who can be a good big back and a Red Zone WR/TE threat.
  11. Agree. Can find skill players that are scheme specific in later rounds. Let's get a big lineman with this pick that can be a day one starter.
  12. Agree. Skill positions are more than set. Don't worry about RB and WR. You can find sleepers in the later rounds that are scheme fits. Bulk up those lines and this team will take off. That should be THE top priority!!! It's really a simple fix but easier said than done. Let's get it done.
  13. I never understood why other coaches never did what Belichick did. Adjust your game plans to the other teams weakness. Seems pretty common sense but I guess you need a certian coach like Belichick to do it, with the right knowledge and experience. I hope Quinn does this on Defense and I hope Koetter does it on offense. Players need to be intelligent and adaptable for this to work. If so, could be an exciting year.
  14. This is a no brainer. They have to draft Hurd. You get a big red zone target Wr and an all purpose running back in the same player. This saves a roster spot. Anyone would be stupid not to draft this guy. Versatile and good at everything.