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  1. Decades of watching coaches like Dan Reeves, Jim Mora, Mike Smith sticking rigidly to the schemes they believed in, refusing to adapt and playing outdated football. He gave pressers immediately after every draft day explaining why we drafted players, and what what we expected of them. I don’t recall him discussing previous drafts, and commenting either positively or negatively on previous draft selections. What do you expect? Do you really expect him to come out and talk about players like Takk/Beasley (who are still in the league trying to make a living), to discuss why they didn’t pan out, to highlight their faults and criticise them for their failings? Does any GM talk publicly about previous draft picks and free agents like that that? How would their current teams feel about that, and what would going publicly about that even achieve? As for keeping “sub par” players on the roster, teams do that for many different reasons. Every team does it and every team has weaknesses, and it comes down to the fact that teams have finite resources. The cap prevents teams from having great players at every position, let alone a roster full of starting calibre backups too. They lack the resources to upgrade many players because they have other priorities. They may keep a player because they see potential, or the have already invested draft capital or $ in they players and want to see a return call on the investments.
  2. I have actually. Spoke to him after a game in 2012, and before the game in London. I found him to be an approachable guy with a sense of humour, who was happy to talk. Not at all arrogant. FWIW he was far more friendly and approachable than Mike Smith, who was more aloof.
  3. On what basis do you say he was arrogant? Have you ever met and spoken to TD? Most coaches and GM have their own principles and beliefs about what it takes to succeed and how their jobs should be done. Those beliefs are based on years of experience and learning from others and have usually given them great success in other lesser roles. In my experience very few are able to significantly adapt what they do, and most will usually stick by those principles and beliefs to bitter end. In my not sure that this confidence in their beliefs amounts to arrogance though. As for TD “defending his player selections”, I don’t recall TD ever discussing the merits of his previous selections. When does any GM come out and discuss previous player selections and say they got selections wrong, or discuss why particular individuals (who may still be playing) failed to live up to expectations? For all his “wrong choices”, he turned around an awful, directionless 4-12 team in one season, and built 2 rosters that should have won SBs (and would have done so without boneheaded coaching decisions).
  4. I’d be disappointed in a way, but the truth is that we need a 2-3 year top to bottom rebuild - and if Ryan leaving helps expedite that process (by getting us draft picks or sorting out the cap mess) then I’d live with it.
  5. Ideally, you build the rest of the team and then add your QB in at the end BUT it’s not that simple and there is risk in waiting. If you build the rest of the team first, you may not be in a position to get a top QB prospect, or the guy you want. In reality, if you need a franchise QB and you are in position to take one who you really like, you simply have to take him. You can’t risk waiting.
  6. We were clearly the best team in football at the 2016 season. We blew the SB from a situation in which it was virtually impossible to lose. TD’s biggest mistake, was that he was so desperate to go back and right the wrong, that he overspend to keep the best players from the 2016 team together, in the belief that they would do so. We paid a lot of players, and restructured a lot of deals to make it happen. I say it was a mistake, but let’s face it, we were all desperate to avenge the SB loss and the vast majority supported the moves at the time. Most on here also supported Julio when he threatened to hold out, and the decision to give in to his pay demands when under contract. We had some very bad luck too. Freeman suffered a bad concussion in his first game after being paid, and was never the same player again. Debo hasn’t been the same player after getting hurt in 2018. Tru and Mathews played well under their rookie deals, but never took their games to the next level. Julio became lazy, and never put up the TD numbers that we should have expected from him. You could make an argument for saying that Grady Jarrett is the only veteran player from the 2016 team who had played up to his contract since then. If the pandemic hadn’t resulted in cuts to the cap, we could have managed the cap situation and been in a better position to rebuild. The timing of it was really bad for us. To be fair, TD couldn’t reasonably have foreseen a global pandemic and been expected to factor that in to his cap and roster planning.
  7. To be fair it was the media who portrayed the only options as Rebuild v Win Now. in practice, a 2021 total rebuild was never an option - as we lacked the cap space to fully clean house if we wanted to, let alone use free agency to then start restocking the roster. Therefore we had to keep much of the team together. When quizzed by the media, TF and AS were never going to write off the season beforehand say that the roster they had to work with in 2021 wasn’t good enough to compete, or that we need a total rebuild, but can’t afford it. TBH I wonder whether TF and AS understood the gravity of the cap mess they were inheriting, and how much it would restrict their team building options going forward.
  8. To be fair, teams and front offices rarely if ever talk about rebuilding, and certainly don’t admit that a team is not going to be competitive going forward. I don’t think even the Dolphins team that traded away their best players and Tanked fir Tua, or the 0-16 Lions/Browns even talked publicly in those terms. Unfortunately the biggest issue here is that we don’t have the cap space or other resources to do a full rebuild with alacrity. Our hands have been tied by cap constraints.
  9. Smith needs to show SOMETHING. Give us a team that plays hard and shows discipline for 60 mins. Show that we can slow down and cause problems for a great offensive team, or we can scheme around our OL weaknesses, be aggressive and at least challenge a strong Bucs D. If we do that and we lose because we aren’t talented enough then that’s absolutely fine, but show something we can build on…
  10. I thought we signed 2 veteran OL to the practice squad? Not sure why they were put on the PS rather than the main roster. Possibly cap reasons. $2.4m isn’t a lot of space and has to get us through another 16 weeks. Maybe we want to take a few days to evaluate them before we decide whether to promote one or both to the main roster, and what roster moves to make to accommodate them...
  11. The problem wasn’t/isn’t Blank. The problem is that we didn’t have the cap space or resources to undertake a full rebuild, and we won’t have them in 2022 either.
  12. That is the biggest concern for me. A lack of creativity on offence, couldn’t scheme anyone open the passing game and we’re too gutless to even take a chance when it was our only way back in the game. In the second half, we looked like a team that just gave up rather than fight, especially on Offense. We wanted the next offensive genius, but after 1 week it look like we are 30+ years behind the rest of the league, with a coach who is trying to win playing football from the 1980’s. I am astonished to hear our HC come out to say we did a poor job of preparing when we’ve had the entire off-season to get ready for week 1. I know it’s only one game and a first time HC has to learn and adapt on the fly, but those are already massive red flags for me. I can accept losing through a lack of talent or through quality play from a good opponent - but at least look prepared, be disciplined enough not to make stupid errors, play hard for 60 mins and be aggressive enough to take some shots offensively to test your opponent. We showed none of those qualities.
  13. The cap is a soft cap, meaning that teams are able to restructure contracts to create cap room. They can pay people now, but are able to defer the cap hits so that they count against future cap years - essentially using up future years’ cap space to try to win now. When done within reason, it’s not an issue and the hits can be accommodated and off-set by future cap increases. However the deferred cap hits have count eventually, and can severely hamper a team and it’s ability to make upgrades if they get too much. Sadly for us, we’ve had to pay a hefty price of over-spending and deferring cap monies to keep the nucleus of the 2016 team together. We’ve had to shop in the bargain basement and rely heavily on UDFA’s this off-season to try to rebalance the books, and may have to do so next year to fill out our roster too.
  14. To be fair, the HC and GM are not going to come out before the season starts and say we not even going to be competitive. When had any NFL team done that? The organisation wants to sell tickets and generate revenue, and to do that you need to give the fans some hope. I don’t have an issue with what they’ve done so far, in difficult circumstances. The cap prevented us from just dumping all the big contracts and rebuilding right now. It also made sense to see what we’ve got before making big decisions and potentially embarking on full rebuild.
  15. “Ball Security is Job Security” 🏈 Trying to read the 9 rules/slogans Behing Matt:- “Respect the game on and off the field”? “Support each other”.
  16. He should have 65-70k career passing yards to his names when he retires, and with those numbers he should get in for sure. If he played in Dallas, NY, Washington, Denver, Pitt, Philly, Chicago, Baltimore, GB etc he’d be a lock. However, I still have my doubts about whether he will actually do so, just because of who he plays for. We’ve been disrespected by the media and HoF for decades, and Ryan has been consistently underrated by the media too. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets shafted.
  17. Pre-season is about evaluation and getting ready for week 1. I will reserve judgement until I see how we play and how long it takes us to find our feet and start playing competing ball. Hopefully we won’t take half a season to wake up and look competitive, as happened too often under DQ.
  18. I feel your pain. I’m at 35 years myself, so I’ve paid my dues too. Sadly it doesn’t work that way, though. Life’s not fair. The big fat 0 by our name doesn’t make us any more entitled to succeed in 2022 than anybody else, including teams like Pats, Steelers or Cowboys with multiple trophies.
  19. Agreed. I’d go a step further. With 32 teams and one champion per season, the chances of any team winning the SB each year are just 1 in 32. Even if you are one of the very best teams, there will still be at least 5 or 6 other teams on a similar level who could end your season in January. I always think fans would do well to remember that, rather than demanding to win the SB each season.
  20. Understandable given that we’ve been telling ourselves for 3 years that we should be genuine super bowl contender, but we’ve been very poor each year. This year we look a lot weaker on paper than a team that won only 4 games last season too - and we have the unknowns of a new coaching staff, and a bunch of starting players who haven’t even seen the field yet. I am looking forward to seeing this team, and I am encouraged by what I’ve seen from the FO and coaching staff - but I can understand why people are not getting carried away with their expectations.
  21. Good point. I always suspected that we started slowly under DQ because he played his starters very little in pre-season to keep them healthy. It will be interesting to see how Smith’s team looks, as our staters have seen even less action than under Quinn.
  22. Difficult one. I really like this staff and front office and many of our starters. We also have a relatively favourable schedule. However, this roster is significantly weaker that the one which has been so disappointing for the last 3 years and depth is a huge issue. I can see us being competitive if we get lucky with injuries, but I also things that we could be a few injuries away from another top 5 draft pick too.
  23. Sadly, we overspent keeping the 2016 team together in the hope of repeating that season and finishing the job. We put ourselves in a cap h*** by keeping too many players on top money, and restructuring a lot of deals to make it happen - and have had to pay a steep price for that. It’s too easy to criticise TD with hindsight, but the truth is that most if not all of our fanbase fully supported the moves at the time, and the cap constraints resulting from COVID couldn’t have been foreseen. Without COVID, our cap position would have been much more manageable.
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