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  1. I don’t doubt our desire to win, but you have to remember that there are 32 teams who work just as hard - and who want to win just as much - as we do. Only 1 can win the SB each year: 31 teams will always come up short. The notion that the team who “wants it the most” or who “works the hardest” always wins, in a BS sporting cliche. As for the Falcons, I question our organisational philosophy. For a start, I dislike the fact we play indoors on fake grass. That in itself breeds softness imo. I also think playing on real grass takes less toll on the body and reduces the risk of injuries.
  2. Knowing us, either:- The D finally shows up and the O is horrific and we we lose 10-3; or The O plays well, but Trubisky looks like a first ballot HoF’er and we lose 45-35
  3. I don’t disagree with this - and that’s why I don’t miss Smith. However, I thin Quinn’s teams are just as soft if not softer than Smith’s and even though Smith was one of the worst game managers I’ve ever seen, I think DQ Somehow manages to be even worse.
  4. Don’t know about missing Smith, but his teams always competed and rarely beat themselves through indiscipline and stupid errors. I wish I could say the same about Quinn.
  5. I feel the same way watching us too. To my eyes, we make everything look more difficult than others and never seem to play with the seeped, physicality or intensity of others either. I don’t know if there is a different. I suspect that I watch and judge our team differently because I have a lot more invested in the outcome.
  6. I think most if not all won SB when earning far less $. Would be interesting to know how many QB win SBs whilst being paid top 3/5/10 money.
  7. We didn’t show up at all through week 8 last year. That might have been the worst 8 game stretch of play I’ve seen from any squad since I became a fan in the 80’s. Even the worst 3-4 win squads of previous years looked better prepared and better coached than we did In the first half of last season. We did show a lot of fight by not giving up in the second half of the year, but that was too little too late and not good enough for a team with our talent. As for the brotherhood... the team clearly bought in to the idea in 2016. Since then, the staff have either moved on to different message,
  8. This is true. His TD numbers are bafflingly poor given how good the rest of his numbers are.
  9. Montana is the best of all time IMO. Drafted by an awful team, was a key to turning them around and won 2 SB even before he was fortunate enough to play with Rice. Nobody has been better in big, pressure games. Steve Young inherited a much better situation, and “only” won 1 SB with it. As for Ryan, he should 100% be a HoF’er based on his likely career numbers and wins. If he played for any of the media darling teams he’d be a lock. However, I’ve always said our players need to be 20% better than everyone else to get the same level of respect and recognition from the media and voters. They
  10. I was a big fan of Quinn at the beginning, but now I find myself struggling to identify anything that he excels at. His teams consistently look underprepared, lack discipline, he’s not a good X’s and O’s Coach, his game management is poor and he has show little ability to coach guys up. I still find it impossible to understand how an offence that was one of the all time greats in 2016 had been so underwhelming since then with largely the same (if not better) talent, and how a young defence that showed so much promise that season has failed to improve under a defence minded coach. Som
  11. People need to stop seeing through the world through the twisted, dishonest and corrupted lens of party politics. Neither side gives a **** about the people, equality, or solving any of society's problems etc. The ONLY thing they care about is the acquisition/retention of political power so that hey can use and abuse for their own benefit. Buying in to either side's lies and demonising the other side, is how they control and distract the masses.
  12. Speed - Moss Hands - Chris Carter Route Running - Rice Work Ethic - Rice Contested Catches - CJ
  13. This guy looks like a beast from his highlight tape. Powerful, relentless and fantastic speed for his size. I can’t wait to see him on the field.
  14. ..and when Roddy, Abe and Tony retired we had no ammunition to try to replace them with. The Julio trade cost us any chance to compete in 2013 & 2014 and set us back at least 2 years. A trade up to #2 this year will do likewise.
  15. For 25 years I was obsessed with football and would absorb anything NFL related like a sponge. I then fell out of love with football in 2011, and have been very close to totally walking away since then. I dislike Benz Stadium and wish we played in a proper outdoor stadium and on a real grass field. I didn’t watch any of SB LI, and have only ever seen 2 plays from the game. i believe Julio Jones is one of the most overrated big name players in NFL history. Don’t get me wrong, I actually think he’s a good player - But I just don’t think he belongs on the pedestal that everyone he
  16. We had the best unit in the league. These are a serious downgrade apart from the throwback and the helmet. Ironically, the bucks unis yesterday look like they are based on the ones we’ve just replaced. They look much better than our new ones :-(
  17. ...not for me. I don't get he chance to watch that many falcons games live, but whenever I see Julio I almost always find his play a little underwhelming. Maybe I just don't get to see the right games. I cant help thinking that he should be much more productive in the red zone and has horrible TD numbers for a guy who is supposed to be THE best in the NFL according to some. I would rank Deion and Tong G miles above Julio in any list of the all-time NFL greats - although I suppose they only played short a handful of season here and Tony G's prime years were spent in KC. If the greatest fa
  18. There were 10 DE’s drafted in rounds 1&2 of the 2015 Draft and only one (drafted at #63) has more career sacks than Vic Beasley. I’m not a fan of Beasley, but the notion that Beasley is some Megabust who shows our FO to be inept, is laughable. Half the problem, is that some fans have unrealistic expectations. To some, if your not top 3-5 in you position in the NFL then you are garbage and a bust.
  19. The rest of the picks are meh, but I’d take a draft with 3 players the quality of Matthews, Free and Allen every season. Free and Allen were huge value picks where taken.
  20. We had a borderline HOF DE on the roster when TD came here so we didn't exactly need to invest a ton off draft capital in the DE position from 08-12. Maybe we should have, but we didn’t. We actually found some good value in Kroy Biermann in 08, whose production exceeded his draft position. Vic Beasley has been a disappointment and clearly not the elite rusher we were hoping for, but his numbers need to be put into some perspective. He still somehow averages more than a sack every 2 games. The percentage of DE who match or exceed that through 5 years is probably a lot lower than most AFMB
  21. TD made this known at the time of the 2011 draft. On paper, it was a ridiculous move to make at the time. It delayed our OL rebuild for 2 years and left us without the draft capital to replace Abe, Turner, Gonzo with better players. It was unquestionably a very significant factor in our 2013 and 14 slump. 99 times out of 100, a team making that trade in that position doesn’t get anywhere near enough value to justify a 5 for 1 draft swap. Thankfully for us, we did actually hit on a great talent and the 2011 and 2012 draft classes turned out to be poor that we probably did get more v
  22. How do you value a player who had produced 8 and 15.5 sack seasons, but also had a two poor 5 sack seasons between them? I’d let him go unless he’s willing to give a very low value cap friendly deal, because I don’t think he can be trusted to give us a decent return on any investment. Somebody - who is desperate for a pass rush - will be blinded by his 2 best years, and will offer him way more money than his inconsistent production justifies.
  23. The reference to him impressing a lot of people in the organisation suggests that we are interested in bringing him back...
  24. In an ideal world, every player in the NFL would have an incentive based contract which pays them based on their production, but players and their agents won’t accept it because it carries too much risk for them as it gives no insurance against injuries. Injuries = reduced production = less money. If we offered Julio a contact with a $10m base salary with the other $10m+ a year based on his production he’d never take it. Somebody else would be prepared to offer him a lump sum of guaranteed money up front, or a higher base salary, and he’d take that rather than gambling on his own fi
  25. Under the cap, the incentives which are “likely to be earned” ( based on the previous season’s performance) count against the cap. The incentives which are “not likely to be earned” are not counted against the cap. After the season adjustments are then made (to the following season’ cap) to reflect what actually ended up being achieved and paid out. For example:- If Matt Ran has an incentive which say he gets $5m if he throws 10 TD passes in 2020... the incentive is “likely to be aarned” (because he threw more that 10 TDs in 2019) so the $5m counts against our 2020 cap. If he t
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