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  1. Yes. Agree 100%. Does any team in the NFL draft purely on the basis BPA every pick, irrespective of need, positional value etc.? Is there a team in the NFL who would spend their top 4 picks on the same position, if the BPA on their board in each round happened to play the same position and there was no trade value available? Occasionally in the 1st there may be a player on the board who grades out so far ahead of the rest that it would be crazy to pass him up even though he's not a need - but vast majority of the time teams are picking between players with very similar grades anyway,
  2. Does anyone remember QB Randall Cunningham having a huge punt on an NFL game in the late 80’s? It went 90+ if I remember correctly.
  3. Julio catches 5-6 TDs a season, takes 20m+ of our priceless cap room and gets worshipped around here - but Ridley is the one who is overrated? Hmmmm....
  4. If the cap allowed it, I would purge the roster of all players from that SB loss - except Jarrett.
  5. The problems holding leads started under Smith, well before the 2012 NFCCG. We had a number of games where we blew big leads, only to come back late on to win. We got away with in a number of times, until we paid the price in that NFCCG. TBH I think the veterans from the 2012 NFCCG and 2016 SB are mentally scarred by those losses - and the numerous other meltdowns before and since. If this team was to miraculously make the playoffs this year and be 20 point up at halftime, You can’t tell me that our vets wouldn’t be fearing a comeback and getting uptight if the opponent scores on the open
  6. I don’t doubt our desire to win, but you have to remember that there are 32 teams who work just as hard - and who want to win just as much - as we do. Only 1 can win the SB each year: 31 teams will always come up short. The notion that the team who “wants it the most” or who “works the hardest” always wins, in a BS sporting cliche. As for the Falcons, I question our organisational philosophy. For a start, I dislike the fact we play indoors on fake grass. That in itself breeds softness imo. I also think playing on real grass takes less toll on the body and reduces the risk of injuries.
  7. Knowing us, either:- The D finally shows up and the O is horrific and we we lose 10-3; or The O plays well, but Trubisky looks like a first ballot HoF’er and we lose 45-35
  8. I don’t disagree with this - and that’s why I don’t miss Smith. However, I thin Quinn’s teams are just as soft if not softer than Smith’s and even though Smith was one of the worst game managers I’ve ever seen, I think DQ Somehow manages to be even worse.
  9. Don’t know about missing Smith, but his teams always competed and rarely beat themselves through indiscipline and stupid errors. I wish I could say the same about Quinn.
  10. I feel the same way watching us too. To my eyes, we make everything look more difficult than others and never seem to play with the seeped, physicality or intensity of others either. I don’t know if there is a different. I suspect that I watch and judge our team differently because I have a lot more invested in the outcome.
  11. I think most if not all won SB when earning far less $. Would be interesting to know how many QB win SBs whilst being paid top 3/5/10 money.
  12. We didn’t show up at all through week 8 last year. That might have been the worst 8 game stretch of play I’ve seen from any squad since I became a fan in the 80’s. Even the worst 3-4 win squads of previous years looked better prepared and better coached than we did In the first half of last season. We did show a lot of fight by not giving up in the second half of the year, but that was too little too late and not good enough for a team with our talent. As for the brotherhood... the team clearly bought in to the idea in 2016. Since then, the staff have either moved on to different message,
  13. This is true. His TD numbers are bafflingly poor given how good the rest of his numbers are.
  14. Montana is the best of all time IMO. Drafted by an awful team, was a key to turning them around and won 2 SB even before he was fortunate enough to play with Rice. Nobody has been better in big, pressure games. Steve Young inherited a much better situation, and “only” won 1 SB with it. As for Ryan, he should 100% be a HoF’er based on his likely career numbers and wins. If he played for any of the media darling teams he’d be a lock. However, I’ve always said our players need to be 20% better than everyone else to get the same level of respect and recognition from the media and voters. They
  15. I was a big fan of Quinn at the beginning, but now I find myself struggling to identify anything that he excels at. His teams consistently look underprepared, lack discipline, he’s not a good X’s and O’s Coach, his game management is poor and he has show little ability to coach guys up. I still find it impossible to understand how an offence that was one of the all time greats in 2016 had been so underwhelming since then with largely the same (if not better) talent, and how a young defence that showed so much promise that season has failed to improve under a defence minded coach. Som
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