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  1. Pioli was TD's assistant, in charge of the day to day running of the scouting dept. He was one of many voices who contributed to the collaborative decision making, but that is it. Final say has always rested with TD. Those making Pioli out to be a key piece, or the main decision maker n the FO are simply wrong. They wanted TD run out of town in 2013/14 and would rather accept a ridiculous narrative where TD is the GM in name only and Pioli the true decision maker, than admit that they were totally wrong about TD. Why would the Falcons continue to pay TD a hefty salary and have renewed his contract if he has no powers? Who would a GM with TD's reputation and Exec of the Year awards accept that, when they could get a GM job somewhere else ? Why would Pioli accept a situation where he is the key decision maker, but doesn't have a suitable job title or salary which reflects - and then sees TD take all the credit for the rebuild which got us to Super Bowl LI? Its a real shame to see Pioli go though. He is a very very close personal friend of TD's (who helped looked after TD's father when he passed of cancer), and the two of them shared a lot of ideas and worked very well together. I am not convinced that Pioli's departure is going to have a significant impact on the quality of our personnel decisions as we have a lot of quality and experience in the FO, but I do think that TD will miss the personal side of working every day with his close fiend.
  2. Good. Off -season preparation is critical, especially with so many changes on the coaching staff. He's paid a lot of money and expected to be a leader. He should be there, without question.
  3. Lombardi is the most clueless man in sports and true falcon hater.
  4. So the 33rd pick of the draft is a mid-rounder?
  5. Every team in the NFL relies to a significant extent on "luck" and "coaching". Its impossible injury proof your roster in the NFL, and if we get ravaged by defensive injuries in 2019 there is nothing that we could have done last night that would have saved our season. We are also relying to a significant extent on previous draft picks to develop and improve, which is something that we should expect to see from 2nd/3rd/4th year players and comes down in part to coaching. We've invested a disproportionate number of high draft picks in the defensive side of the ball for many years now (4 offensive pick in rounds 1-3 of the last 5 drafts prior to 2019, versus 10 Defensive picks). Most of those guys were brought here under Quinn specifically because hey are supposed to fit his scheme. It's time for Quinn to earn his keep by coaching the talent he's been given. As for us "Counting on late round picks for depth", we have 4 mid-round picks before we get there and depth is what those picks are for.
  6. The elephant in the room here is the C position ad Alex Mack. It seems likely that we will be looking to move on from Alex Mack soon due to his age and cap number. We really need cap room if we are going to keep Julio happy and keep Grady, Debo and Neal. Cutting Mack is one way to create space. At the very least these moved should solidify the OL and hopefully make it a real strength, which should help Mack's replacement. We may even be looking to replace Mack with one of these guys, in a year or two.
  7. In rounds 1-3 of the last 6 drafts prior to this year: 4 offensive picks, 12 defensive picks.
  8. Never underestimate the obsession that AFMB has with DE’s, CB’s and WR’s.
  9. You may be right, although according to the draft value chart the cost of trading back in the 3rd could be quite expensive. Trading both of our 4th rounders together only gets us in at the very back of the 3rd round. Adding both of our 5th as well would only get us back to the middle of the third round.
  10. We did. That’s what we gave the rams and what they received from us. The whole argument that we only “gave up” one pick, because we received one back in is illogical. The net loss to us is only 1 draft pick, but we still “gave up” 2 draft picks in the deal.
  11. Losing a 3rd stings because they are valuable picks where we often do good work. However, with 7 picks left we do still have plenty of bites of the apple. There is obviously going to be talent available in the 4th and 5th round that we like and we have plenty of picks left to be able to add several of them or to move around the draft board to get the ones that we really like. We can make some moves up the draft board and still come away with at least 7 selections. i really don’t get the “sky is falling” view on our Defense. We’ve been spending most of our draft capital there for the last 5 years. Yes we clearly still have some needs there, but we need mid round role players and depth as much as anything. We can’t keep spending first round picks on DEs and CBs.
  12. Great watch. You have to love the enthusiasm that these guys have for both of our picks. Let’s hope our front office and scouts got their evaluations right.
  13. In the Presser, TD & DQ inducat d that they had intel that a number of teams between 15 and 20 were targeting Lindstrom. DQ mentioned getting texts from some other teams behind them congratulating them on the pick but cursing them out for picking him.
  14. Alex Mack is getting up there in age and carrying a very big cap number too. We may need to free up that money new to keep Debo, Jarrett or Neal. Remodelling the interior OL in the hope of making it a team strength - in preparation for the eventual loss of Mack - makes a lot of sense. I don’t knew we whether we see any of our off-season additions as potential future Replacements for Mack, but these moves will make even more sense if we do. TD and DQ indicated on the Presser that we tested Lindstrom to see if he had the skill set to could play C, but didn’t fully elaborate on the outcome, although they did say that he would be starting out with us as a Guard.
  15. We’ve been investing most of our draft capital in the defensive side of the ball since 2014. It’s about time the OL had investment in it via the draft. People complain about the D but we have 2 first round picks at DE, a pair of first round starters at CB, some top players in Jarrett, Debo and Neal. I don’t dispute that we need to add more talents and depth at DT, DE, CB and LB, but we have plenty of picks to get it. Our defensive minded HC needs to prove his worth and start coaching up the defensive talent he’s got.