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  1. Same here. I joined in 2001, shortly before YKW was drafted. Speaking of old timers, I was thinking about Jonnybuc a few months ago, wondering if he’s still alive to enjoy their second SB.
  2. That’s what happens when you bend over backwards to meet the demands of a diva-WR. Julio showed his true colours when he signed a market setting front loaded contract, took the front loaded bonus monies and then ******* about the deal a couple of years later (after catching just 3 TD passes). He threatened to hold out when we we were considered a genuine contender to win a home SB. If he wanted to win so badly, he would have been a man of his word and honoured the contract he signed, rather than demand more money which could and should have been used to improve the rest of the team.
  3. Glad to see him go. We need to rebalance our cap, and quite honestly the cap space can be put to much better use than an overpaid WR who catches 4-6 TDs per season.
  4. That's debatable. $22m a season for a guy who has been averaging 5 TD's a season is absolutely horrible value for money.
  5. I doubt that this is true. Moving up to #4 would cost them a king’s ransom, before they even add anything of value for Julio. The Pats are a team that generally avoids spends top of the market money on expensive positions like WR - and a package deal on draft day would be impossible for us as the cap precludes us from trading Julio until June. As part of their due diligence I could see them enquiring about the price of trading up to #4 and the cost of trading for Julio in June (as separate deals)... but I doubt that they made a blockbuster trade offer for both on draft day.
  6. 1999, 2005 and 2018 for me. I felt we should have been a serious contender SB each year, and we underperformed so badly. I saw signs of the the 2013 collapse in advance a couple of years earlier, so that one didn’t surprise me.
  7. I only became a fan in 85/86, so I can’t rate the guys who played before then. Since 85:- Sanders Gonzalez Ryan Tuggle Julio Abe Vick Case Roddy Dunn
  8. I think it’s almost certain that he’s gone in June. Smith and Fontenot have both been asked about a possible trade in recent interviews, and neither said anything to suggest that they have any desire to keep Julio for 2021. I would have expected them to have been more positive about Julio, either on the off-chance that a trade isn’t possible, or to make teams known that we value #11 and they will have to break the bank to prize him away. To me, their answers were surprisingly cold and matter of fact. They sounded like they’ve already decided to move on.
  9. I doubt TD would have wanted to move on at QB, unless he felt that it was time for a total rebuild. As for all the TD bashing, people need to remember that he took this team over at its lowest moment in its history after the Vick and Petrino fiasco. He and Mike Smith turned around a team that was expected to be the league’s worst in one off-season. Within 3 seasons they had the #1 seed in the conference. TD built 2 rosters than should have won SB’s. The new regime will do well to get anywhere near to those accomplishments and win totals and if we do have a couple of mediocre seasons
  10. I’m one of the few people on this board who isn’t a big fan of Julio Jones, but I will be disappointed if we don’t get to see what the coaching staff can do with Julio for at least one season, and to see Julio, Pitt’s and Ridley on the field together.
  11. I knew virtually nothing about him, as we don’t get college football in the UK. I was uneasy about the pick after seeing the way he reacted to being drafted and him talking about getting to the NFL for his Grandma. I really wanted him to succeed after hearing what he said about his background and family - and I really hoped that he could use that motivation, passion and fire to to become a great player. However, I also remember thinking that he came across as being out of control and perhaps even mentally unstable.
  12. TD would trade down in the mid round quite often for extra picks.
  13. Looks very much like a TD draft to me and I am happy about that because I have a lot of time and respect for TD. There was a similar emphasis on character, intelligence etc. It’s simply too early to see if there’s a major difference in draft and team building philosophy. The slew of offensive skilled position and secondary players was very reminiscent of TDs approach, as was taking an undersized interior OL. Did we draft need/BPA? It say a more needs based? There wasn’t one player who didn’t the address a need, or one selection which was an obvious value oven need pick. Pitt’s w
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