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  1. I think it was both. In the second half of the season that grew the belief it was the best in the NFL. Between Shanahan’s O and Quinn getting the team to buy into the brotherhood after working out with the navy seals, everything came together.
  2. Continuity is important and I agree that coaching changes shouldn’t be hastily made for that read, but there comes a point when you know that someone simply isn’t good enough and it becomes necessary. What does DQ actually do well? What makes you think “We are going to turn this around in 2020 because DQ is going to...”. His defensive scheme is poor, and seems to lack basic adjustments. He seem to do a poor job teaching it to the players”. Our fundamentals are poor. We play neither fast nor physical. We are undisciplined and sloppy. The only thing DQ does well for me, is talk a good game. I give him credit firm the whole brotherhood thing in 2016. We caught lightning in a bottle that year because the players bought in to it, but that was 3 years ago.
  3. The good old "super bowl or bust" mindset in unrealistic and ludicrous for fans to hold. There are 32 teams in the NFL and only 1 can win each season. The NFL is also the most competitive sporting league on the planet. A league specifically designed to try to create parity, by making it very difficult to acquire and sustain a competitive edge. You can't spend your way to success because the cap prevents it, and punishes teams who manipulate the cap to try to do so. You can't just recruit all the best young talent because you have to operate within the confines of a draft system which gives the worst teams have first dibs and dictates when you can pick and how many picks you get to make. You can't just outwork your opponents by training harden and more often, because the CBA limits the amount of time you can spend preparing for the season, and the number of full contact practices you can have etc. There is nothing you can do, which guarantees titles in the NFL, because so many elements are beyond your control. Even if you do everything right, you still need to have luck with injuries, your fate can rest in the hands of the officials in the brutal formal of the playoffs, and the margins between winning and losing will often be measures inches or milliseconds. This idea that we have "right" to win a super bowl today (or next year, or some time in the next 10 years), or that we are more deserving of success that any of the other 31 fan bases (even the saints fans), or that we "need a rest" and somehow "deserve it" more that any of the other 31 teams because they've won before and we haven't, is just nonsense. Life doesn't work that way. They ideas that if we don't win it then "we didn't want it enough", or "we weren't trying hard enough" or even that we "weren't good enough" are just BS sporting clichés. The reality is that there are 32 teams who all work extremely hard to try to succeed and 32 fan bases who all feel entitled to demand instant success. It doesn't matter how hard they all work or how much they all "want it", or how demanding or unforgiving the 32 fanbases and owners are, because it won't ever change the one thing which is absolutely guaranteed - that 31 of them will come up short and be disappointed every year.
  4. I saw a similarly brutal video after the first Saints game last year, which convinced me then that DQ is totally incompetent and out of his depth. I don't see how anybody can watch this and still think that we should even contemplate keeping Quinn.
  5. In his book, Phil Simms said that “the Job of a head coach is to get 53 players to give more, physically, mentally and emotionally than any normal human being wants to give”. That quote struck a chord with me. As fans, we often put players on a pedestal, making unrealistic and unreasonable demands. We think that these guys are lucky because they earn big money just to play a sport and think that every cell in their body should be driven 24/7 by an obsessive drive to win Super Bowls and be the greatest players of all time. For example, how dare they take a couple of hours off in the week to go are watch The Joker. Shouldn’t they be spending every second of every day watching tape? In reality, it just doesn’t work that way. Some players and hugely driven, but to many it is a job that they do because it’s what they do best and it pays well. These guys are ordinary human beings, with families they want to spend time with, and who get tired and crave downtime just as we do. They also do jobs which are hugely demanding, physically and mentally. Most of us don’t have jobs that involve violent collisions with 250+ Lb opponents. The money may be great, but it’s doesn’t do much to sooth the weekly cuts and bruises, the muscle and bone damage, or the months spent rehabbing serious injuries. It doesn’t make the endless hours of tape study any less tedious or mentally exhausting either. The truth is, the NFL is a huge grind on the players physically, mentally and emotionally. Players can tune out and lose motivation or focus for a myriad of different reasons.
  6. Payton is as good an offensive coach as there is the NFL. As much as I dislike the Aints, their scheme is a thing of beauty and Payton is masterful at creating and exploiting offensive mismatches. He is levels above every Offenise coach we’ve had. Even when the Saints were mired in 7-9 seasons and worse, and we had seasons where we were bossing the division, I never ever thought that the Saints were an automatic or easy W. When watching them against anyone I always felt that they were never out of games even when 2-3 scores down in the second half because that always had that ability to score a lot of points and do so quickly. With all offensive talent we’ve had since 2008, I’ve never thought that same way about us, except the second half of 2016.
  7. The thing with the Patriots, is that they’ve been consistently successful for so long that players will take less money to go or stay there. That gives them a huge advantage which it is almost impossible to replicate. The biggest thing with the Patriots, is that the will do almost ANYTHING to find any edge they can get. Spygate, deflategate and their deals with Brady are evidence of how far they will go , but you also know that their obsessiveness drives carried over to everything else they do too. I am not saying we should bend or break the rules to win, but I don’t see us being absolutely driven with the same obsessiveness to find every edge we can. Bill Walsh built the 9ers around philosophy of wanting to the absolute best in every single thing the whole organisation did from top to bottom. It wasn’t just about the obvious things that impact on the final product. He wanted the best groundskeepers, offices, receptionists etc. Because all of things contributed in their own way to making the organisation one that others wanted to play for. Walsh know you can’t guarantee success, but he also knew that by focusing of the little details and finding every edge possible, you could maximise your chances of success. Beyond that, the score would take care of itself (for good or bad). I would love to see us openly adopt the “marginal gains” philosophy which has brought other Great success at the top level of other sports. Bring in outside from other sports to help look at things though fresh eyes, analyse the minutiae of everything that you do and how you do it, to look for every little edge that you can find. It doesn’t grantee success, but it maximises your chances.
  8. Mr Blank is as committed to winning as any owner. He may now necessarily “know how to win” (if it’s even possible for an owner know such a thing) and I may not agree with some of his decisions, but I’ve never ever doubted his commitment to trying to win. Mr Blank has invested heavily in the team, from building state of the art training facilities, to salary cap spend, investment in the front office and back room staff and a huge and expensive stadium. Given that we have consistently one of the least valuable and profitable teams in the entire NFL, and have one of the most fickle fan bases, I would say that Mr Blank has invested far more in this franchise than our fan base has any right to demand. As for him being “too involved”, do any of us really know how much involvement Mr Blank has, let alone how this compares to other owners?
  9. I always hated “embrace the suck”. It was a horrible slogan after LI. The “suck” wasn’t a reference to the SB, but you know that it was the first thing that everyone though about when the heard it. I’ve thought for a number of years that this team and it’s key players have psychological frailties when ahead in big games. I actually think they stem back to 2009-11 under Mike Smith - when we had a number of games where we struggled so put games away and threw away some huge leads. We got away with it under Smith a few times over 2-3 years, before it Cost us the conference championship in the 2012 NFCCG. These weaknesses can become a self fulfilling prophesy, and that was the case in the SB. I told a friend of mine a few days before that game, that If there is a way to throw a game away from an impossible situation this team would find it...
  10. I’ve felt differently watching us for years - as if other teams and players simply make the game look much easier.than us. We make the routine look difficult. I’ve even felt that way about players like Julio and Matt..
  11. Meh... TD inherited a massive mess in December 2008 and has built 2 rosters here that SHOULD have won Super Bowls in the time since then. It wasn’t his fault that Mike Smith got his best defensive player injured in 2012 in the final minutes of a meaningless week 17 game, and then proceeded to throw away a big lead in the NFC Championship Game, or that DQ and Shanghan threw away the super bowl from a virtually impossible position. Most of TD most questionable moves, have been the ones which have been most heavily on supported here.
  12. I am not a fan of firing coaches mid-season because there is no benefit to it unless you already have another coach on the staff who you are thinking of giving the full time job to. HOWEVER, I’d make an exception for DQ if we if put in another pathetic uncompetitive performance either this week or next.
  13. This is the reality. We are stuck with what we’ve got for at least 2-3 a couple of years. What this organisation needs, is a relentlesness to win. What I mean by that, is an obsession with the detail the minutiae of absolutely EVERYTHING single thing that we do at every level of the organisation - from the obvious stuff like equipment we use and the way the players train, eat, travel to games and sleep through to the people who cut the grass and answer the telephones. EVERYTHING. I am a huge believer In the concept of marginal gains, and would bring in people from the top level of other sports who have achieved success at world level to implement it from top to bottom.
  14. Maybe the defence is too simple. Other teams have no problem recognising what we are doing, or how to slice it up. A simple, scheme is supposed to help the players play play quicker and avoid mistakes, but we don’t look like we get any benefit from it. A good DC has an elaborate scheme that run different stunts and coverage off it to confuse. He seeks to anticipate his opponents likely responses to various looks, using them to lay traps for his opponent and bait them is to mistakes. The idea that you can run a simple defence at this level and succeed in the modern game is flawed in my view.