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  1. Move over Nawlins Falcons coming through
  2. He's been nursing this injury most of the season.
  3. Here's the issue with signing Schobel. You have two guys in Bierman and Sidbury that you need to know what you have in them. If you sign Schobel, he takes snaps away from both of them. Come the 2011 offseason, you have a DE in Abraham who is 33 and a DE in Schobel who is 34. You also have two guys in Bierman and Sidbury that you aren't sure exactly what you have. You have no idea if you have one, two or no DEs for the 2011 season. Personally I see Bierman as a 7-10 sack guy for 2010, which is roughly what you would expect from Schobel. I don't see him as that much of an upgrade. He's
  4. they did deal with it, they gave him a 5 year $30 million ($20 million guaranteed) extension.
  5. Quaker Steak and Lube would have the games on. So would most Hooters restaurants. There are tons of restaurants that allow 17 year olds in that you could watch the game. Just because its a "sports bar" doesn't mean they restrict access to those under 21. Seriously, get out the phone book and start calling restaurants in your area. Think of ones you''ve been in that have lots of TVs.
  6. Going to bed but will check email in morning. Include contact phone number. Will call before 9 AM.
  7. Section 235 row 1 Face is $60, will take $40 Send me a PM.
  8. I didn't bother to read the entire thread. IF (and that's a big IF), JA is to succeed he needs to learn how to get off the ball a lot quicker. He's consistantly the last guy to move at the snap (and usually its not close). He also needs to show some desire. For a guy who is fighting for a starting (or even roster) spot, he sure does loaf around jog a lot when the play is past him. He needs to be running to the ball all the time.
  9. The first half was actually much better than the 2nd half. We at least had a semblance of an offense in the first half. In the 2nd half we had one decent chance that we didn't even connect on to put on goal. We were dominated in the midfield and on the flanks. Cherundolo and Bocanegra were abused on the wings with the Mexican's speed. Our defense didn't help with the possession. Everytime they won the ball they just booted it up field, even when they had time to make a shorter pass to retain possession. Unfortunate time for Dempsey, Clark and Bradley to all have bad games. Donovan was
  10. We were 24th in the NFL vs the run WITH Grady, can't be much worse without him. I think we will be just fine on the DL. I like our top 3 DTs and there's some potential there in Johnson and Walker as the 4th DT.
  11. Lord knows he couldn't have gotten worse. **** a blind armless man could find the ball better than Houston last year. He was so frustrating. He'd have great coverage and the guy would almost always make the catch because he couldn't locate the ball. Fortunately that's a very teachable skill. His coverage was always good.
  12. Apparently the Falcons lost you as well since they cut him today.
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