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  1. With what ammo? Are we going to start trading away next years draft? Going to need to stay put in 2nd Rd. and get best LB available. Try to trade back in 3rd for more picks.
  2. I expected more. Maybe we deserved more. Either way, this doesn't even feel like a slap on the wrist. A 5th next year is maybe equivalent to a 7th this year. We got lucky. Sure we learned our lesson. Time to move on. Thank God it wasn't worse.
  3. No doubt, he deserves massive credit. First NFL start and against the NFL's best defense. He played way better than me or anyone expected. One of the few positives from yesterday.
  4. Listen man I know how you feel, I used to do things like that. My last episode was probably about 12 years ago. I love this team. And it hurts today. But when I looked at the shocked sad faces of my friends and family after I lost it I knew I would never do it again. Look at it this way. You made yourself hurt worse than you already did by your actions. You don't need help. Just need to reevaluate your priorities.
  5. Honestly I could care less if people want to recognize us or not. In fact just leave us alone. They can talk about us all they want after we have the Lombardi. I know its frustrating to want everyone else to see what we as fans see, especially after the tough years we have had. Still I'm happy to stay as far under the radar as possible until after February.
  6. I could not agree more. The old logo just meant something. I do hope we at least keep doing the throwbacks twice a year.
  7. I agree. We need the picks we have left.
  8. Of course I loved watching Deion, but JT, I cant even put into words what he meant to his team or to me as a fan. He was the kind of player you couldn't help but love.
  9. I have gone back and forth too. Don't get me wrong, I like the player and cant wait to see him play. What TD did took major balls. Still I would not have traded all of those picks for Andre Johnson, in fact I don't even think the price tag would be as high as what we paid.
  10. I just realized we traded away the pick he was going to announce.
  11. I agree with you. I have been thinking the same thing. Don't get me wrong Weems return was great and he did exactly what he was supposed to do. But we really would have benefited from a long clock draining drive to give the D a rest.
  12. I could not agree with you more. You wrote what I have not been able to express.
  13. 11-5 was not best in the NFC South in Matty's 1st year. We were the wildcard if I'm not mistaken. Panthers won the division.
  14. Really, you want to demote our head coach who has won Coach of the Year two out of three years.
  15. I feel your pain. I just tell everyone I'm heartbroken and they leave me alone.
  16. I got a Moore #25 jersey for Christmas. I hope he is around for a long time.
  17. '98 felt amazing because it had been something us fans had been patiently waiting on for a very long time. Nobody gave us a chance against the Vikings which made it a lot sweeter. It does feel different this year. I think because I expected a lot out of this team.
  18. I agree. I was quite worried about the kicking game, as I have been for the last several years. It feels weird to finally trust a kicker again.
  19. Exactly. Had he tried to put his right hand under the ball it would not have been a catch. It almost looked like he started to move his hand and stopped. He had control the whole way.
  20. No doubt that there are better options than Michael Jenkins. Still him being out for a few weeks will give the rookies and Finn a chance. Jenkins is still a lot better than the low level receivers we have been forced to bring in the last few years (Booker).
  21. Yeah if you are in Columbia of Myrtle Beach areas you are going to be the Panthers as your local game each week. It seems the Falcons are almost always second in line if the Panthers are off or playing in a different time zone. Plenty of bars to go watch the birds at though.
  22. I'm excited about this pick. It was the kicker I wanted.
  23. I think Perrish Cox would be a great Pickup. He should be there in the third and the way players are slipping possibly even the 4th.
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