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  1. I'm with you, brother. People tend to over-compare this defense to what Quinn had in Seattle. So they make bogus comparisons between an all-world free safety in Earl Thomas vs. an above average, competent free safety on an affordable contract in Ricardo Allen. I'd rather us keep who we have at FS and address our defensive line. Improve the pass rush and your entire secondary will benefit from it.
  2. Thank God you're not the GM.
  3. I wouldn't hate the signing as long as he's not overpaid (which he will be). If we overpay, I prefer getting someone younger and just coming into the prime of their career. Unfortunately, that's not how FA works... If we want explosiveness and athleticism, I'd rather we look for it in the draft rather than the free agency. The older they get, the more likely they will lose that explosiveness and athleticism (see: Osi Umenyiora, Ray Edwards).
  4. Do you really consider going "all in" on signing someone like JPP? Just browsed a few threads on here and you really have a man crush on that guy... He's a big name, no doubt, but I don't think he's all that great. I watch him almost every weekend, and I don't think he's worth what he'll get on the market IMO.
  5. No thanks. Live in CT and watch a fair share of Giants games. He's disruptive at times, but he plays with an inconsistent motor. Wrong Giants DL to target IMO. Hankins is someone I'd love to open the checkbook for.
  6. Not to hijack your thread but if we can acquire J. Hankins in free agency, that defensive line would look scary.
  7. Sorry to hear about your first wife, Draftnut. MS is a terrible condition but I'm 100% sure she's in a better place now... Anyway, I'd be happy with this mock draft and would be ecstatic with our offseason if we targeted a DT in free agency -- I think we should acquire another big time pass rusher that can apply some pressure up the middle to compliment what we already have. And couple that with drafting someone that'll play along side Beasley... I like the offensive line pick in the second round. Guards are supposedly deep in this draft so I'd love to get good value in the second or third round. Other than that, we're in a rare position where most of our needs are met and we just have to focus on developing the young guys that we have and/or acquire. Last offseason, we focused on acquiring speed on defense. This year, I'd like us to acquire more power... As always DN, God bless!
  8. I like this mock, Drafnut. Glad to see you're still around posting around here. Hope all is well with you and your family.
  9. You're right, that one series somehow allowed the Patriots to score 31 unanswered points. The REALITY of the situation is that this was a TEAM LOSS. And yes, a TEAM CHOKE. TEAM. You cannot put the blame solely on ONE man. Was his decision one that many would disagree with? Yes. But I can see where he was going as well. He played for the kill when he should have played more conservatively. If we had run the ball and Freeman fumbled it, all the fans would be calling for his head for taking the ball out of the MVP's hands so late in the game after how well Ryan played. It's a lose-lose situation and unfortunately he is going to be the scape goat 100 out of 100 times. But again, for me I have forgiven him. This was a TEAM loss.
  10. Get over it, brother.
  11. I think this will be the year we let him take over Weems' duties.
  12. I agree with him. Can't nail it on one series of playcalling. I've forgiven Shanny already. He was playing for a TD and I don't fault him for doing so. At the end of the day, it wasn't Shanny's fault that the D couldn't get off the field on constant 3rd & Long's. And it wasn't Shanny's fault that Freeman missed the block, Ryan fumbled the ball, and / or Matthews had that terrible holding penalty. I've forgiven Shanny and the playcalling. I'm ready to get over it as well.
  13. Well now the Network has no choice but to put the spotlight on us now that we're one of the only teams left to talk about. lol
  14. Haha sorry for the blocks of text. I don't post as much as I used to so when I do get the chance, it always ends up being a mouthful. I should have included a TL;DR in the end there, but the title explains itself.