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  1. 'm looking for some recommendations. I really enjoyed Smart Baseball by Keith Law, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend similar books but about football or (even basketball) instead. I like looking deeper into the numbers side of the game, and I enjoy reading about the new stats that come out for each sport.
  2. WalterFootball has been underwhelming with its mock drafts and analysis for as long as I can remember. I recall their "expert analysis" on our 2008 draft class calling out the Falcons for picking Matt Ryan and someone they called an "unknown player" in Kroy Biermann.
  3. I find it hard to believe that Pederson would actually say that before a big playoff game. But if he really did, it does not exactly preach confidence in his QB.
  4. So we're defending the Vikings now?
  5. I would rather see the Panthers win today as they've already beaten the Vikings once this season. And the Vikings are pretty much the only team I really fear in the NFC. (Although to a certain extent, I fear having to go to New Orleans as well.) But if we get past the Eagles next week and have to face off against the Saints, I'd still consider it a win-win because I would love to see the reactions of the Saints fans on Twitter and social media when we beat them to go to the SB.
  6. I'm with you, brother. People tend to over-compare this defense to what Quinn had in Seattle. So they make bogus comparisons between an all-world free safety in Earl Thomas vs. an above average, competent free safety on an affordable contract in Ricardo Allen. I'd rather us keep who we have at FS and address our defensive line. Improve the pass rush and your entire secondary will benefit from it.
  7. Thank God you're not the GM.
  8. No thanks. Live in CT and watch a fair share of Giants games. He's disruptive at times, but he plays with an inconsistent motor. Wrong Giants DL to target IMO. Hankins is someone I'd love to open the checkbook for.
  9. Not to hijack your thread but if we can acquire J. Hankins in free agency, that defensive line would look scary.
  10. Sorry to hear about your first wife, Draftnut. MS is a terrible condition but I'm 100% sure she's in a better place now... Anyway, I'd be happy with this mock draft and would be ecstatic with our offseason if we targeted a DT in free agency -- I think we should acquire another big time pass rusher that can apply some pressure up the middle to compliment what we already have. And couple that with drafting someone that'll play along side Beasley... I like the offensive line pick in the second round. Guards are supposedly deep in this draft so I'd love to get good value in the second or third round. Other than that, we're in a rare position where most of our needs are met and we just have to focus on developing the young guys that we have and/or acquire. Last offseason, we focused on acquiring speed on defense. This year, I'd like us to acquire more power... As always DN, God bless!
  11. I like this mock, Drafnut. Glad to see you're still around posting around here. Hope all is well with you and your family.
  12. It's hard for me to really get into the Braves offseason talk right now with the Falcons in the playoffs and the Hawks battling in the regular season, but I just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to talking it up with you guys this season! The Chop Nation has so many things to look forward to this year with the potential of Albies starting in the majors, a full season of Dansby Swanson, and a revamped rotation to boot. Not to mention our farm system, arguably the best in the league, being stacked with quality pitchers up and down the organization! Can't wait for the season to start!
  13. Kind of excited for this game to come out as I haven't played it since I was a lot younger. I never got around to finishing KH2 either, and KH3 is one of the only games I'm really looking forward to playing, so as a die hard Kingdom Hearts/Disney fan, I'm looking to squeeze some free time into playing this in the next few months!
  14. We're gonna need more than Home Depot to fix this one, Arthur.