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  1. Got a few in the mail thanks to @coastiemike and @The Daywalker! Thank you SO much to you guys I just had to give a quick shoutout. Daywalker even sent me a little goodie that reminded me to Rise Up!!! They sent me more masks but I have only kept a few and distributed the rest to my mom (who is also a nurse working in a non-critical COVID-19 unit), sister (ICU RN in DC) as well as my brother (who works in a nursing home / rehab center in NY where they do not allow the nurses to wear PPE unless they are directly taking care of COVID + patients which is BS!). Thank you guys so much again!
  2. What makes you say that? I think the risk of him failing the physical is a real one.
  3. They are only available for hospitals to buy as a bulk. I don't think individuals can buy them right now.
  4. We have a veterans hospital here and they have been supplying these to them, which is understandable. Thanks though!
  5. Not sure where else to vent, so I'll just let this out here... So I'm currently a graduate student who moved back home with my parents during the program. Since our clinicals are suspended and class is mostly online, I've decided to work back again in the ICU. My parents are not exactly the youngest or healthiest people, so I don't want to risk contaminating them with the virus of any sort. My ICU agreed to let me come back to work and allowed me to live on a local college campus, who were offering healthcare workers a place to stay temporarily so that they could "self quarantine" away from th
  6. Thank you so much, brother! I appreciate everyone on here!
  7. Thanks Gazoo, good to hear from you.
  8. Please let me know what you find! Thank you.
  9. Thank you everyone for your kind words and hospitality. I appreciate @Jpizzle for his allowing this thread to be placed in the Falcons message board. @Gritzblitz 2.0 has also stated that he works in the healthcare field, and like me, is recycling his N95 mask. He is probably closer to the ATL area, so if anyone has any N95 masks and would like to send it to him instead of me (seeing that I am in Connecticut and would probably cost more to ship), that would be great as well- I would be happy knowing that a Falcons fan/brother was helped from this thread. There are places around CT that are
  10. Would you guys be interested if I made a thread detailing my Out of the Park Baseball season with the Braves?
  11. I figured I would try on here. If anyone just happens to have any N95 masks I would appreciate if you sent me a message and I would pay you for it (and pay you to ship it to me). Our hospital has just run out and the county I happen to be working in is right next to NY and is the hardest hit county in CT. Just a random plea in case anyone happened to know of anywhere that had some lying around! Thank you!
  12. I still think there's a solid chance that Gurley won't pass his physical... Only time will tell...
  13. From Braves camp: Andruw Jones on Cristian Pache, Drew Waters; catchers shine By David O'Brien Feb 24, 2020 58 NORTH PORT, Fla. — One can learn a lot from a conversation with 10-time Gold Glove winner Andruw Jones on the backfields, a few chats with hitting coach Kevin Seitzer, and formal and informal interviews with a variety of players young and old, veterans and prospects and players somewhere in-between, during the first week and a half of Braves spring training. Here are five things I learned and observed as
  14. Keep it up, brother. Make it a lifestyle choice, not just a program, and that will help you along the way. How is your diet? I find that diet and sleep are the most important things when building muscle and losing fat.
  15. Libid21

    Trae Young

    Wasn't Doris Burke there for most of the games this season? I thought they only had a few broadcasters covering the summer league for some reason.
  16. Libid21

    Trae Young

    That's okay if he struggles in year 1. I worry more about how he'll develop once he does struggle. He is not yet built to withstand a full season of NBA basketball. He needs to pack on more weight and also improve his shot selection. Passing-wise and vision-wise, I think he will adjust very well to the pros, but he needs to work on the aforementioned weaknesses if he wants to stay relevant in this league. I think he's got a pretty high ceiling (above average starter who will unfortunately always have to be "hidden" on defense like Curry on the Warriors), but his floor is pretty low.
  17. Kind of excited for this game to come out as I haven't played it since I was a lot younger. I never got around to finishing KH2 either, and KH3 is one of the only games I'm really looking forward to playing, so as a die hard Kingdom Hearts/Disney fan, I'm looking to squeeze some free time into playing this in the next few months!
  18. We're gonna need more than Home Depot to fix this one, Arthur.

  19. Here's the program I'm on right now. I'm just trying to tone up for spring break. I've been lifting for a good 3-4 years now. For the past 6-8 weeks I've been doing a lot of heavy complex workouts, but now I'm switching to a light-medium superset heavy workout program. Guidelines: 2/0/2 tempo … 60-90 second rests … Post-workout cardio for 10-15 minutes MONDAY: CHEST + BICEPS DECLINE… BENCH PRESS / FLYS / INCLINE PUSH UPS – (3 supersets) 8 – 12 reps / 8 – 12 reps / failure INCLINE… BENCH PRESS / FLYS / DECLINE PUSH UPS – (3 supersets) 8 – 12 reps / 8 – 12 reps / failure FLAT… BENCH PRESS / FLYS
  20. I don't think I can wait until next year for the next season. I'm gonna have to... Read.
  21. Our coordinators should have caught this. Another thing on the coords. But I guess it's not their fault they were so concentrated on trying to make adjustments to a broken gameplan.
  22. Only thing about our interior is that we're undersized. It's hidden by the fact that our linebackers are big, strong defenders but we could find another run stuffer to throw in there on certain situations.
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