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  1. I'd rather us cut our losses and roll with NM for the rest of the season. It gives us a shot to evaluate him and see what else he can do with our squad. From the games he's coached us, his rotations and overall game management has been better than LP's. Once the season is done and we've seen what we can out of NM, we could maybe look into signing someone like D'Antoni. If anyone can get the most out of Trae and this offense, it's him. And for the people who will preach about us needing defense and not offense after reading that- D'Antoni reached the playoffs so many times and got the most
  2. Lloyd Pierce deserves to be questioned regarding his control of this team. Clearly, the chemistry is not there, but he is simply getting outcoached and outclassed in some of these blowout losses. The team is disengaged and unmotivated and that ultimately falls on the coaches at the end of the day. Trae Young does seem off though. Hoping this is all some minor chemistry issues and that they can play through it as the year goes on.
  3. I'm surprised he didn't make it to their list also. Personally, my Top 5 would be: 1. Arthur Smith 2. Joe Brady 3. Eric Bieniemy 4. Brandon Staley 5. Nathaniel Hackett
  4. Tracking the Falcons: Ranking the top 5 coaching candidates Tori McElhaney The Falcons are well on their way to ushering in and naming a general manager. It originally was thought the Falcons would name someone this week, two weeks after the season came to a close, but with a few more secondary GM interviews this week and more head coaching interviews still on the docket, perhaps next week is more likely to be the week an announcement is made and things become official. So, with the window of this GM and coaching search closing, we’ll take a look at the top candidates for both j
  5. How are you going to claim that you're giving Matt Ryan a legitimate shot when you pass up on a talent like Sewell if he's there...?
  6. A little bit of both, I'd imagine. This defense is not as talented as you would think. Especially the secondary.
  7. Got a few in the mail thanks to @coastiemike and @The Daywalker! Thank you SO much to you guys I just had to give a quick shoutout. Daywalker even sent me a little goodie that reminded me to Rise Up!!! They sent me more masks but I have only kept a few and distributed the rest to my mom (who is also a nurse working in a non-critical COVID-19 unit), sister (ICU RN in DC) as well as my brother (who works in a nursing home / rehab center in NY where they do not allow the nurses to wear PPE unless they are directly taking care of COVID + patients which is BS!). Thank you guys so much again!
  8. What makes you say that? I think the risk of him failing the physical is a real one.
  9. They are only available for hospitals to buy as a bulk. I don't think individuals can buy them right now.
  10. We have a veterans hospital here and they have been supplying these to them, which is understandable. Thanks though!
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