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  1. This game will go down as a win in my book.
  2. I'm already looking ahead to next year's draft. Trae looks incredibly raw. I think if Lin was a little better, Trae would be coming off the bench. I know it's just one game, but **** his shot selection was terrible and the defense (by the entire team) was embarrassing. I'm really hoping we end up with at least 2 top prospects after next year's draft. R.J. Barrett is my favorite so far.
  3. R.J. Barrett Zion Bol Bol
  4. There's nothing sad about that truth. The Browns defense is just healthier than ours.
  5. Devonta hasn't even been the running back we've needed for the past 2 years due to durability issues. How do you expect him to be the running back to rely on in the next 5 years. I am a huge Freeman fan, but the man just cannot stay healthy. From dealing with concussions, knee injuries, and now foot injuries. I understand he plays with a ragged style of running that may lead to injuries, but some people are just injury prone. I think that's just what we have here.
  6. How can you even compare our defense, who has lost 3 of its best players (Neal- the heart and soul of this defense, Debo - the best coverage linebacker in football, Rico - the QB and leader of this defense) along with losing Jarret for a few games... To a completely healthy NFL defense like the Browns? Look, I get it. Our defense sucks. But don't let that stop you from realizing just how significant the injuries have been for Atlanta.
  7. And if they trade us a linebacker or two.
  8. It would take more than just 2 1st rounders for the first overall pick. 2 1st rounders, 2 2nd rounders, and 1 3rd rounder is more like it.
  9. What school is Khalil Mack from? Lmao. Users above beat me to it.
  10. I agree with everything except RB being a need. It may be a need for later on in the draft, but I wouldn't put it on top of our list of offseason needs only because of how well Ito Smith has played so far. So far, I'd say our major needs include... DL (At least 1 DT and 1 DE) OL (Replacement for Levitre and eventually Mack) LB (Duke Riley does not seem to be the answer)
  11. 5, if you include the pitcher's spot. Albies, Flowers, Inciarte, and Culberson are automatic outs.
  12. Amen, brother. This offseason, whether it starts tonight or later on, will be a fun one.
  13. Along with O'Day and Flowers.
  14. How do you use "optimism" and "reality check" to describe this team?