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  1. You can also add "Players on defense playing when they shouldn't be" Beasley, Oliver and the lb with the dreads
  2. and the falcons lol
  3. How did they make him look like that(old )? Crazy lol
  4. I thought the the $1000 tip by Samuel was funny https://www.foxnews.com/sports/texans-deshaun-watson-tip-falcons-ball-boy
  5. AB = Another rankin smith
  6. Watch us go 1-5 the next 6 and then go on a win streak and win the last 6 games to move to 8- 8 give us a nice middle round pick again. and that momentum will carry over into next season( sarcasm)
  7. To play great zone defense you have to have players with great awareness. We only have 1-2.
  8. Lets hope we dont get the titans team that beat the browns in cleveland in week 1. I dont like the thought of derek henry vs the falcon defense. I could see him getting some YAC yards. Plus its an AFC team, What are we like 2-13 vs afc teams the last 4 yrs ??
  9. I was just seeing this. Good for him. I always liked gabe
  10. I would love to see his "snaps played" over the last 3 yrs.i bet it's way lower compared to the other top 20 wrs.
  11. Quinn is on the phone at this moment with mr blank with his newest excuse Quinn " Sir bring me back in 2020 and ill promise to play julio and others in next yrs preseason more" Blank " sounds like a plan dan, Cya next yr"
  12. He seems really slow IMO. Another interception trying to go to him today. Did anybody else notice the pass to him inside the 5 yard line? He catches the pass and just hesitates to let the defenders drop him in his tracks.
  13. Rico was wanting to take somebodys head off today. Hopefully he wont be fined. I honestly thought he was gonna get thrown out of the game.Didnt kazzee get ejected last yr on the opening drive vs the panthers?
  14. Did JJ pass megatron today?
  15. Out coached big time today. Just curious how many 3rd downs the colts converted off falcons penalty's, I know they had at least 5 but I could be wrong?
  16. Oh ok but still , I looked up the colts games and still dont see a 27-0 score, Tried 2016, 17 and 18. Sounds like hes making up stuff as he goes
  17. I dont remember the jags beating us like that, so I looked at our 2017 schedule and we didnt even play the jags
  18. Watch them not even mention it again on live TV. Last week ryan and julio broke a record and NBC didnt even talk about it. If is was brady/rogers we would have heard about it
  19. You remember the coke lids that had these players under the lid back then? I am pretty sure they was the metal kind(hard bottle). Its been so long I might be wrong. When you make these picks you know youre around 40 yr old -50 range
  20. I agree, Alot of people are thinking this is an easy win. I hope our players/coaching staff arent thinking the same thing. Also another thing to consider is the falcons record vs the AFC hasnt been to good the last few yrs.
  21. Their RB marlon mack has 225 yards rushing which should be top 5 rushing. They lost to the chargers in OT in san diego(road game) and they beat a good titans team in nashville(road game). This will be their first home game at lucas stadium.
  22. bartkowski and william andrews
  23. It also reads grady had 2 sacks, I only had him down for one.
  24. Well we evened out by giving them the ball at the 50 everytime it seemed after a punt
  25. I always liked rick and john. I think what got them disposed of was last year they caught dan quinn saying something gay in one of his pressers, even though he didnt mean it, they recorded it and played it like he did.I cant remember exactly was said. It was last season around NFL week 8-10. They kept replaying it that day.(it did get OLD and was really stupid IMO) I think they go overboard with some of the stuff and thats what cost them them their jobs. Sometimes rick you could tell didnt like when they did those recorded skits. He would try not to comment in a funny way. I am not a fan of the morning show. Its like every time I turn it there in the mornings they always talking about stuff not sports related. Its a sports station for crying out loud !!!