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  1. Isn't shocking to most smart people here.just wait , since this is a big game he will do something confusing in the 2nd half too..just wait for it
  2. Actually no I never watch ESPN or sports radio. So you are way off. I do watch Georgia football and not blind like others here that think Kirby dumb is our answer for a championship title. Lmao
  3. Dude we have had loaded rosters for the last 20 yrs. We know how to scout players but not coaches.. Kirby dumb is is another mark richt. Again we will see these players get drafted in the NFL and have huge success and scratch our heads wondering why we never won a championship game with these caliber players. Out coached!!!
  4. Was you one of those fans calling for that fake punt vs Alabama? brilliant!!!
  5. Steve satkesian is available.
  6. What was it over 300 total plays ran for Alabama vs Georgia in the last wo games and Alabama lead in 10 of those plays and won both games .not a good sign . Keep believing in Kirby dumb lol
  7. Sorry didn't know we had smart nut hugger's here.. you probably one of those that loved that 4thdown punt fake vs Alabama's 11 man defense
  8. If we get routed would love to see a head coaching change.. Kirby dumb isn't a coach that is going to take Georgia to the promised Land.. just don't see it happening with him
  9. I seen a YouTube video where this guy got charged for a doctor visit when he didn't show. It was a big snow day. he went to pay it with pennies in a bucket and poured it on the receptionist lol
  10. Most recent? I thought that was awarded to the Buffaloes? ?
  11. I hate seeing dumb comments like this and you posted it twice Doesnt surprise me coming from a tech fan. How about a kid in high school ,So since hes never been to athens or never been an alumni he cant be a fan of the dogs?
  12. Dont get your hopes up. I agree georgia will be scary good with talent and youth for the next 2 years but the coaches dont know how to utilize them and will do stupid crap. Its like the coaching staff will always fu ck something up, especially in big games that matter. Seen it to many times over the last 20-30 years. I have no faith in any of the coaching staffs for both georgia and the falcons right now.
  13. What is more sad about that decision is bama was in a defensive set, not a punt return defense. You take a timeout and and get your f*** ing offense out there wtf. Kirby smart is so stupid after doing something that dumb. Looks like hes gonna be another mark richt , a coach who cant win the big games
  14. I vote me to lead this team to the promised land Resume: Career record 355- 68 on madden lol
  15. I will be watching cause I have no plans and nothing else to do. I am pulling for the guys though! Lets just win out and hopefully a miracle happens and we get into the playoffs.
  16. Did anybody notice this picture in the falcon nation email that was just sent out ? Trufant with the ball running! I had to rub my eyes a few times. I am willing to bet it probaly wasnt an interception, but a fumble recovery lol
  17. I knew we was in trouble when browns scored thier first TD and I heard "Its the browns 1st first quarter TD this season"
  18. Are you watching the same game? Auburn has moved the ball well. If it wasnt for the overthrown to rb on that 3rd down this game would be very different
  19. Pittsburgh looks tough this year
  20. I would love to see the titans beat dallas Its always fun watching jerry jones pout while its happening lol
  21. I never understood what people see in mariotta. I dont see him being a good QB in this league
  22. Nbc didn't show Julio's TD in the around the nfl..I was pissed.. they only showed Calvin Ridley TD.. how can you not show Julio's TD highlight? Unbelievable!!
  23. I got to say I was one that has criticized Quinn after the 1-4 start, saying he has started to remind me of mark richt. But I am here to say I was way off on that comment. He does things between monday and game time that clearly is the right direction for this team. Wish he would show some more emotion on the side lines, But thats just not his style. I was really impressed with the Defense today. They gelled nicely today
  24. What a nice run!!