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  1. White needs to be our running back he has got some moves
  2. What a nice one-handed interception play of the week
  3. I watched all the Florida game their defense looks really pathetic
  4. Do you think Kirby's going to play both of these quarterbacks in the future like he did with Fromm and fields 2-3 yrs ago?
  5. I want you to look at that almost all those fans have left the game already LOL
  6. I just got a feeling it's going to be a lot tougher to go 9-1 playing all SEC teams. Let's just hope Georgia is having a day off which most teams do at least one week out of the season
  7. Well one bright spot is we got a pretty good return game
  8. Us Georgia,falcon, braves fans will never have that LOL
  9. Arkansas has a lot of opportunities to put this away and they haven't done it yet! Givin Georgia opportunities but we just ain't going to cash in it on it don't look like
  10. They will go for two if they get a touchdown
  11. Bennett don't look off receivers he's staring them down if you'd have looked at that running back on that play action he was wide open
  12. The kicker better not miss this chip shot or I'll blow up lol
  13. Same. Never liked kirby. don't see us getting to an championship game with him
  14. I feel like I'm watching a high school game.
  15. Let's run that clock out and put a TD on the board and go in with a halftime lead
  16. Looks like Georgia is way overrated! They look terrible.
  17. I seen a record that we broke when teams are 440- 0 when scoring 30 plus and and had plus 3 in turnovers, now its 440-1 now. Plus we are starting to get alot of guys on the injury list. Maybe a good coached team could over come this but we just dont have that here in ATL, unfortunately I dont see us making the playoffs(I hope I am wrong)
  18. Realistically it should be something like 134- 57, counting all the games they had marginable leads and got the loss (like the week 2 game vs cowboys)
  19. I figured they would involve him in the passing game , has he caught a pass yet?
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