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  1. Anybody watched this video where peter king and mike florio discuss gurley? I thought it was a good watch,. They said we didnt even do a physical on gurley. They said if gurley fails a physical that the rams would owe him another $10 million. Hes already made over 30 million from the rams in just 2 yrs
  2. From what I read the vaccine would be a year out. Ever wonder if china found a vaccine but keeping it themselves since they hate the USA? They would give it out for trillions probaly lol
  3. Thumbs up my man. I believe the front office is where our problems are. They always after the low tier coaches or to scared to take a chance on guys like laFleur(packer coach) Its the same thing that plagues georgia bulldog football. its been going on for yrs and will probaly continue.
  4. I agree, its the same thing that plagues ga football. Front office is blind when it comes to hiring good coaches. Falcons are becoming the same thing
  5. That would be hilarious
  6. I forgot about the contract thingy. Thanks for the reminder. Wouldnt hurt my feelings if they traded freeman
  7. Delete
  8. I would say we have a better record than anybody in the last 8 weeks of a nfl season the last 2 years. We should get a trophy for that lol
  9. I agree but change abraham to Patrick kerney
  10. Is nobody gonna be head accountable for the the way we started? Totally unexcusable
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcMdioYZOa0
  12. If ohio state wins title with fields I am gonna be pissed. A qb we had . whoever is in charge of talent evaluating down in athens needs to be let go asap.
  13. Whats our win % vs top 5/top 10 teams? I am guessing 5-10% for the top 5 and maybe 25 % for top 10?? Pathetic!!
  14. I got to admit that fumble where he was trying to get the first down made me laugh out loud
  15. I say this after few changes in coaching before this explosion,IMO this makes it more clearer who is the blame(quinn) for the downward spiral from week 3 - the bye week
  16. To me this win shows me just how bad of a coach quinn must be. We have had this kinda team and not displaying it on sundays until mid season? It's a wasted season now
  17. We are gonna give the 9ers thier first loss , J'king I can see it now. Will will go on a hot streak and will 3 or 4 games to close out the season and pick #10 instead of top 3. We need momentum for next season(being sarcastic)
  18. Ive always been a bulldog fan but if tech can somehow build a winner I will defiantly be pulling for them. I know some georgia fans that will not like that. I did the same when ga tech was so good in basketball when they had mark price.
  19. pretty sure this is already been posted before. This was news 2 days ago
  20. Really wished this was a poll, that way the results would show how way off your thinking is
  21. https://www.raidersbeat.com/raiders-believed-to-have-trade-interest-in-vic-beasley/
  22. You can also add "Players on defense playing when they shouldn't be" Beasley, Oliver and the lb with the dreads
  23. and the falcons lol
  24. How did they make him look like that(old )? Crazy lol