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  1. I seen a record that we broke when teams are 440- 0 when scoring 30 plus and and had plus 3 in turnovers, now its 440-1 now. Plus we are starting to get alot of guys on the injury list. Maybe a good coached team could over come this but we just dont have that here in ATL, unfortunately I dont see us making the playoffs(I hope I am wrong)
  2. Realistically it should be something like 134- 57, counting all the games they had marginable leads and got the loss (like the week 2 game vs cowboys)
  3. I figured they would involve him in the passing game , has he caught a pass yet?
  4. He refused the dallas player and asked the ref to help him LOL
  5. I don't know I'm kind of doubting what he said about gurly scoring the touchdown. Bobby wagner was tracking him. The balll was on the 40 yard line, that's a long way to go. I would agree it would have been on the 10 to 15 yard line, but the 40?
  6. AJ looked bad on a fake slant and metcalf was wide open on the slant/corner route for a big play.
  7. Agreed, I seen 2 plays where he was clearly hit before the ball got there and another play with their #1 lb had him hooked around the back.
  8. I really think its our offensive coordinator, he was so boring and predictable today(almost like watching a high school game). I watched both the thursday night game and the current game between saints and bucs and they just have better coaches/gameplans. I watch these other teams and wonder why we cant have a plan of attack like they do. We got the players.
  9. Our # 1 pick terell bit hard on a fake slant and thieir wr was wide open on the corner route.
  10. It was money for me last season but earlier today I couldnt get it to work. Just keeps loading on the avalibale streams links for the falcon vs seahawks games. Was you able to get it to work for you today?
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