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  1. Makes you wonder if we would be seeing this from the phins if the AB bs didnt happen.
  2. They mentioned bucs hasnt been to playoffs since 2007, Winston did look good last night but its just one game. He has problems with consistency IMO
  3. Did anybody see this play? Just seen it on YT. Go to 1:13 Did von miller get lit up or is my eyes playing games on me lol
  4. That cox dude gave us alot of problems last game. Hope we have a answer this time
  5. And then in the superbowl he has that big missed block. Things that make you go hmmmm?
  6. Like that falcon jersey. Is that something they only wear in practice?
  7. Never forget him taking a helicopter after a falcons game to go play for the braves, I loved that he played for both atlanta teams. That will probably never happen again(playing a major league game and nfl game in the same day)
  8. Agreed, That fan base is pretty good too.They get loud!! Matt ryan probaly wont have his voice the following monday. I am guessing alot of viking fans from the stadium wont either . They have that Horn they blow too. Hopefully we wont hear to much of that this sunday
  9. Sounds like you was listening to drunk viking and dolphin fans
  10. I just watched a video on bradbury when he was drafted in april(Its on vikings.com), Everybody who he meets is his same size/height. He dont look intimidating. Edit. I liked how it was wearing a falcon red tie to meet the viking front office and owner. The GM asked where his purple tie was at ? ROFL Also he takes a stab at his college by saying some type of electronic didnt work the whole 5 yrs he was there. lol https://www.vikings.com/video/garrett-bradbury-vikings-meet-the-pick-nfl-draft
  11. I bet peyton mannings phone is ringing ioff the hook ha
  12. Wonder what else she has pierced ha
  13. IMO Hes a guy that always looked older than his age
  14. So he was a kicker at georgia? Maybe bringing him back to georgia, Hopefully will a good hometown state story. To be continued
  15. I quit reading it after I read this. "Devonta Freeman’s table scraps in 2019. He ran hard and ran effectively in this one and picked up a first half touchdown along the way" Freeman didnt have a TD