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  1. They do it at rock concerts, why not football ? 😎
  2. I watched the game but I'm almost certain he didn't throw one past ten yards? correct me if I'm wrong??
  3. You guys have me excited about Davis. I knew nothing about him. We're about to find out if he's the real deal or not, tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. Eastern
  4. Bama loses all their starters on offense and defense and they still beat a top 15 team by 30. Unbelievable
  5. Alabama looked good today and they lost so many players. I'm sure we're going to see the same out of Clemson, they lost a lot too
  6. One thing I couldnt stand about julio, was over the last 2 seasons was when he would glare back at matt ryan and pop off when the ball wasnt on target. Alot of people probaly didnt notice that but I did and hated when he done that. And the fact that he was always on the sideline on crucial 3rd downs.I think it was good move to part ways with him.
  7. I like how he always switches the ball away from defenders when hes running. Also seems like a good pass catching rb too. He is kinda small, for some reason i was thinking he was bigger. He seems really smart as he made sure to go down in bounds at the end.
  8. I'm probably in the minority here but I'm not going to miss Julio there's times where he's pissed me off in the game more than any other player with either him taking himself out on valuable third Downs when we're losing or looking pissed looking back at Matt Ryan because of ball wouldn't close to him and crying like a baby. Some fans like me won't miss him
  9. Did anybody else skip to 6:16 to watch the football highlights? That interception tip by dion to jordan was awesome, Then jordan flips it back to dion and it looks dion never seen #82 until the last minute. That could have been ugly lol
  10. Is there any chANCE the Alabama rb falls to us in 2nd? Just wondering??
  11. You do bring up good points about the stiff arm but I don't see them getting rid of it. In my opinion if you get owned by a stiff arm means you're trying to go too high to tackle anyway, right?
  12. https://nfltraderumors.co/falcons-signing-s-erik-harris/
  13. ^^ This right here is why we wont be drafting a QB this season,. Especially when you already have a qb thats better than both stafford and goff. Plus ryan is under a huge contract too
  14. I agree, I think hes very overrated. And yes I am a georgia fan(where he played college)
  15. Looks like Tom Brady's going to have a chance to win seven super bowls, unbelievable
  16. If you watch the replay it shows the dude pulling his jersey not once but twice. It was a good call. one of the angles showed it look like he didn't do anything but when they showed that back angle you could clearly see it
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