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  1. This. Fired in October, doubt this years draft was even mentioned.
  2. Exactly how I feel, made some mistakes, was time for him to go but he coulda, shoulda been a part of a Bowl win or Two.
  3. Very doubtful in my eyes. They both interviewed for the job and would have given AB a clear plan of action and I'm sure AB chose them (partly) because of their plan of action, I struggle to see how they would now be on a completely different page so soon. More draft week click bait to me
  4. I wouldn't trade him this offseason but if we are not contenting come trade deadline then I'm waiting for calls or making them 🙂
  5. We should just intercept all of the draft cards and just change their team name to ours. That way we can draft TLaw, Wilson, Fields, Pitts. Chase etc and of course trade down and up 🙂
  6. I honestly don't care who we take at 4 or if we trade down. We can't go far wrong (on draft night) in my eyes, of course who we take may not turn out how we hoped, but that's for a different day. Without doubt the biggest problems with this team is we cannot run the ball (Matt had the most 1st down passes I believe) and we cannot get off the field on 3rd down. Over the timespan of the past 3 years we must be bottom 5 in both? Or at least it seems like it 🙂 If we can get a middle of the pack running attack and a middle of the pack defence, then I believe that we make the play-offs this year. We
  7. Whilst it does hurt us a little, it still only takes one team to decide that is the player we must have. For this discussion let’s say that we want to move down and Denver wants QB4. Even though Denver doesn’t have to jump Carolina anymore they still have to watch out for someone jumping them. Reports are Det wants to move down and I wouldn’t be shocked if Car are now open to that idea to get a pick or 2 back, so teams like NE, Chi, Wash etc have landing spots above Denver. If Denver truly wants QB4 then I feel that they still have to move up to get him and going to 4 is the only place th
  8. Of course there are a lot of unknowns but my best guess is if they don’t take a QB this year then they probably won’t take one next year either unless Matt drops off a cliff and we are picking top 5 again or they just don’t like the QBs this year after the first 3 are (probably) taken? I don’t think that you pass on the QB for the sake of 1 year if you like him and I don’t think that you take a QB if you believe the guy you have is good for 2 years plus, unless there’s a plan to trade him. If they don’t take the QB then I’d expect them to plan ahead and I’d be looking for them to get extra dra
  9. The question to me was never do they like these QBs, it's do they like Matt. Do they think Matt can lead the offense for the next 3 years or so. Right now we have no idea if Matt can play for another 3 years at a high level in the AS scheme. If AS thinks he can then we don't take a QB at 4. If they take a QB then to me AS is basically saying I'm stuck with Matt because of the cap and I'll move on from him as soon as I can. This isn't a NE situation where their starting QB is on a 1 year deal, so someone could sit for a year and everyone knows who's starting in 2022.
  10. I watch the highlight vids and a few games. During the games I follow the ball, not once have I watched all 58 snaps of the middle linebacker to see if he read the play and was in position had the ball come his way. But like most fans, I do have the `this is what I would do' button in my brain. I can tell everyone that 90% of the time, they don't do what I would do and not once I have gotten sad or angry. However I do shower in gold the other 10% of the time 😁😁
  11. Or we could have told them our price and SF just chose Miami, or we thought 12 is too far a drop and our trade back players are top 10, or we only trade on Tuesdays? the only thing that is clear right now is that nothing is clear.
  12. Honestly not a clue 😁 however talking QB trade, teams like Car or Den (if they want a QB) might have been thinking there's a chance no QBs get taken by teams 3 to 7, so there's a chance one of top 4 might fall to us, so we'll see how it pans out on draft night, which means they'd might not have made a move at the 4 spot? Now if QBs do go 1,2,3 then I'd guess that the 4th doesn't make it to 8 or 9, so their trigger finger might just be itching to go quicker?
  13. The only think this proves is there are 3 players in this draft who they think is worth making this move for!!! They have zero control of who goes 1st and 2nd. They have zero control of any team 4 to 32 trading up into the top 2. You might have one guy in mind but you have to have 3 that you would be delighted to take. This move has nothing to do with us.
  14. At the moment we are a 4-12 team that blew 3 games when we had a 95%+ chance of winning. 0-16 takes on a completely new face. I believe that If you go 0-16 then there's probably not a lot you like about your team unless you were losing 42-38 or 6-3 each week, then you might be happy with one side of the ball?? However chances are the team is just bad all round, so I wouldn't argue too much if the new front office went into full reboot mode.
  15. Not a great answer I know, but because I have zero idea where they want to take the team, It would take something completely stupid for me to complain with this draft. I'm intrigued more than anything. However if I'm running things with the little real info that I have, then I'm taking Pitts at 4 or Surtain if we can trade down and Pitts is gone, of course being a month out, my mind will change 10 or 15 times. When's the next Pro day 🙂
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