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  1. Arthur Blank: So what are your plans to win now and make that winning sustainable? AS/TF: We’re going to take a QB at 4 and let him sit for 2 years AB: What if Matt does well in your scheme and we don’t need a QB to step in in 2023? Don’t you think that a playmaker at 4 or maybe moving down to get extra talent might help us in a playoff run? I’m sure Green Bay could have used that 1st rounder this season??? AS/TF: We don’t anticipate getting anywhere close to the Playoffs, so we are not concerned about that. AB: Well, if you are sure that we can’t win with Matt, then can’t
  2. Maybe???? The real person who Matt Ryan made the Falcons job so attractive for was Dean Pees? Maybe????
  3. Well I guess that's one way of getting the team moved to London. Jax fans will run them out of town
  4. Yeah, I'm happy to admit that I have no clue what happens down at FB but I can almost guarantee that AS/TF didn't get the job by saying we'll take a QB at 4 and win 6 or 7 games with Matt this year.
  5. I just don't understand the take a QB at 4 and let him sit. What's the plan with that? Win 5 games this year, so he can take over in 2022 or if we do win waste his rookie contract? To me neither of those is a good plan!! If they take a QB at 4 that is telling me that they don't believe that they can be a Playoff team with Matt under centre and if they don't believe they can win with Matt then get him out of here ASAP for as much as possible. Just take the hit. Otherwise, like others have said, I'm looking to get draft ammunition for the future, so that I can move around the board to get a
  6. I'd like to have Denver call and take 9, 40 and next years 2nd and then take a top tier CB
  7. First of all, I hope that it is a late 1st round pick.. A very late 1st rd pick. But if it's me and I decide that I don't need a QB for a couple of years then I'd try to make sure that the year I did need to draft one then I'd have gotten myself a little extra draft ammunition to be able to move around the board. I'd plan for now and the future.
  8. AS/TF either think They can win with Matt under centre or they don't. If they do then you use the 4th pick to help the team win and address the QB somewhere down the line. If they don't then you take a QB and figure out how best to get Matt out of here. To me you don't have a plan to win with Matt and then take a QB to sit.
  9. Completely agree with this If we take a QB at 4 then AS is telling Matt, the locker room, the world that he doesn’t have a scheme to win with Matt and from Matts point of view, he’s seeing that the 4th pick isn’t being used to help him win a Superbowl, it's just to replace him. That’s not the start of a great HC/QB relationship and a sure locker room divider. You don’t take a QB and then plan to win with Matt over the next couple of years. That’s just wasting the 4 pick. To sit a new QB to learn for a year then surely you're planning to go 5-11, not 11-5, or should I say 12-5. 17 gam
  10. Sorry but I can't take these click bait stories seriously. Who knows what Arthur is thinking? I don't But from the quotes, The headline could have easily read. Arthur Blank looking forward to the draft, encouraged by the tremendous amount of work done by Thomas and Dan and is pleased that the Two of them share the same sense of needs and players. But I guess that isn't sexy?
  11. My head says I don't believe so, but I'm voting Yes, just because if you would have asked me before the 2008 draft if we would have 5 winning seasons I would have asked you to put the pipe down :-) Things can change quickly in the NFL.
  12. Not sure if this link has been posted before? For balance and all that :-) http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-videos/0ap3000000642350/Who-are-the-best-sleeper-free-agents (sorry don't know how to do the link better)
  13. Never said sacks weren't great and as I said pressure is important but do you know what is also important? Incomplete passes, runs for no or very little gain, great tackling, INTs and fumble recovers and they kill 20-50 times more drives than sacks but don't get a quarter of the attention sacks get, hence sacks are overrated. I understand sacks are rear and sexy and are shown on highlights so that's why they grab the attention. Truth is sacks happen on about 22-40 out of about 1000 plays and will have less impact on a season than something like missed tackles, now missed tackles that is someth
  14. Yes its me, Mike :-) Sitting here concerning myself with the 97% of plays where sacks dont happen
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