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  1. I'm still surprised people actually watch the Falcons.
  2. Some of us, don't get to choose. We were born in the darkness, by the time we saw the light, its nothing but blinding.
  3. Then you have no idea what pain is.
  4. It's not the same, and you know it. Weve been here before...
  5. We just threw our ace against their bullpen....pain is coming.
  6. Jokes on yall, I'm class of 2004. I'd rather watch Sherman march to the sea again than see my Alma mater lose another mother fuphking game. MBS is empty....Sanford is rocking 93k plus ever weekend. Yall in our home, not the other way around.
  7. The Georgia part would be we somehow **** up the best defense this century. I was worried until now. Now the only thing left is for the Dawgs to win the whole ******** thing.
  8. Alright sports gods, I was wondering which would come first. I'll sacrifice the Braves for Athens.....sorry Atlanta.
  9. I ain't doing doing this **** again. Go Dawgs!
  10. He just gave up a 3 god dam run lead.
  11. Snitker is a ******* moron......
  12. The world might be coming to an end yall. The Braves and The Dawgs....at the same time? Let it burn, I'm here for it!!!
  13. Pure gold. Dont forget to turn on CC.
  14. 2 5* QBs on the roster, and a ******* walk-on will start again this week. This is....Gunners team next year.
  15. They are just in our way.....love Pitt Boss. But they are just in our way now. Hunker down Dawgs.
  16. Nothing really worth tanking for in this draft. There will be some good defensive lineman this time though. Need to clear some serious cap next offseason.
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