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  1. I never said that......Ryan could win the next 7 and tie Brady though. I'm all for it.
  2. Teams that would not: KC TB Buffalo Chargers Jacksonville Jets San Francisco Titans Browns Cincinnati I got 10 teams that wouldn't take Ryan, some are because of draft position.
  3. I like you Than, but if we pick another mother ******* offensive lineman in the first, imma flip my ****. We have 3 already ffs.
  4. Just take Pitts at this point. Justin Fields would make the decision extremely difficult, but at the end of the day, Matt is here for 2 more years regardless. Take the weapon, and go try to win some god dam football games. If nothing else, we will be fun as **** to watch.
  5. Cause **** Jamie Newman. Or another valid reason, you're wasting a 3rd round pick when you could get a legit safety, RB, Olineman, or dlneman with that pick. But really, **** Jamie Newman.
  6. Wilson I'll give you, but none of the others are better than Matt....who was the first QB taken in his class. I'm not saying it's an exact science, far from it actually. I'd rather have the first opportunity to be wrong than hope I'm right 10 picks later. Having said that....logic says you take Kyle Pitts at 4. The best at any position is more valuable than the 4th best at a certain position. I'm okay with Pitts at 4, really okay with it. It's just gonna be real god dam hard if the kid from Kennesaw is on the board too.
  7. I believe it was Mularkey that said, "I'd take him at 3". And hes proven to be the best QB in franchise history. I love Matt.....and if you told me Pitts is the difference in the next 2 years, I'm ******* in. Sell my soul and everything. But my mind tells me a QB is coming, if not this year, then somewhere in the next 2. And you've gotta lose a lot of games to get one these days.
  8. You can thank Dimitroff for putting us in this position. If we had any semblance of a QB in 2008 Ryan doesnt start. **** i cant even remember if Harrington was on our roster back then. I know at some point he was, along with leftwich, and the kid from Florida. This situation is different from 2008. Very, very different.
  9. There might have been 5 people at most who wanted Matt Ryan over Glenn Dorsey....and I'm being generous with that estimation.
  10. I've gone back and forth on this a thousand times. Matt has earned the right to finish his career here. Hes earned way more than this city has given him. I saw him with Roddy, Julio, and Gonzo....I saw him lead the 7th best offense of all time. And everyone knows it's not his fault....its not. It's not even close. But to watch us blow countless leads, game after game after game.....I want a fresh start. That includes him, and Julio. As dynamic as I think Kyle Pitts can and will be, the mindset is still there.
  11. That I completely agree with. And for what it's worth, if it was my decision to make between Kyle Pitts and Justin Fields, I'm taking the QB. Not because I hate Matt Ryan or even think it's the smart thing to do given the salary cap. I think 28-3 is a mindset, and everyone involved needs to ******* go so we can finally be rid of that ****.
  12. Alright god dammit, I know we both love the Dawgs, but this is a fallacy. Fromm took us to a Tua and 26 away from being national champions as a true freshman. No coach benches him the next year. Now do you make the move half through the season? Okay....I'm down with that. But have an offense in place to take advantage of his talents. Kirby *was*, hopefully, 3 yards and a cloud of dust then. He wasnt gonna make the move with our defense. I believe hes seen the light. We are about to find out come week one. I just cant fault Kirby or Justin for either of their decisions.
  13. The Bears traded up for Mitch Trubisky, and Mahommie went 10th. A A Ron went 26th, while some journeyman went #1. Then there's Jamarcus Russell, and 32 teams passing on the greatest player of all time, six ******* times. Let's not pretend NFL front offices are flawless either.
  14. If they take anyone but Fields, we are gonna be in one big ******* conundrum. I've warmed up to taking Pitts at 4, but if you pass on the hometown kid and he goes on to be great....just glad it's not my decision to make.
  15. That's just not true. Stephen Sullivan, TE out of Louisiana State was drafted just last year with an 85" wingspan and similar measurables. Dont think he's currently on a team.
  16. Clemson fans are some salty mother *******. I didn't realize I was supposed to hate them like they do us. I'm going to have to adjust my hate-o-meter accordingly.
  17. Just finished Snyder's cut of the Justice League. Holy flying mother ******. That was a ride and shows what the DCEU could have been. I'm seriously in awe right now. The build up that could have lead to Darkseid would have been phenomenal if they had just slowed everything down. The first Justice league could have been Doomsday after a series of individual movies. Superman dies, then another series of movies, then a Justice League without Superman, then another series of movies, then...wake him up, wake him up....Darkseid is coming.
  18. Guaranteed to be here till 2023, that's when you can release him post June 1st and save 35 million on the cap.
  19. If you want to cry, or **** it, laugh at this point, I just read that Tom Brady hit two incentives in his contract that pushed his 2020 salary to.....28.3 million.
  20. There is no debate because he left no doubt. We all got to witness the greatest football player to ever lace 'em up. Tom Brady is the goat. He made sure there would be no doubt.
  21. I ain't even mad. Before this game, I hated Tom Brady. Now.....there is no doubt, he is the greatest football player to ever step on the field. After tonight, I'm a fan.
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