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  1. Kavanaugh is basically begging anyone to challenge the rest of the NCAAs model so he can strike it down too. The NCAA is on borrowed time at this point.
  2. These guys have this stuff down to a science. Also, Hope is currently dating the Hawks....beware my friends.
  3. Yeah but he didnt go to Auburn.
  4. Its Auburn....college tape from that school only counts in odd numbered years.
  5. No. If we suck, we have the ammo to get the QB now. If we dont, they're already under contract.
  6. Dont be sad because it's over, be happy because it happened. Good luck Jet. But more importantly, Go Falcons.
  7. We are the most loaded team in all of College football. This is it.....this is what we've been waiting on. If we dont get it this year....its never happening. The Dawgs are about to have their day.
  8. Gilbert and Kendrick in a matter of minutes of each other? Boys I got about 37 more mins and I think I'm gonna have to call a doctor. How serious is this 4 hour thing?
  9. I hope like **** hes what everyone is expecting him to be. Hes the highest drafted TE in NFL history to a team that knew they were losing their number 1 wideout. Dude has immense pressure on him. I hated him as a Gator, I love him as a Falcon. But the expectations are through the ******* roof.
  10. I just cant see Sharpe risking his career over a phone call. Now if you told me him and Julio set it up this way, I could believe that. Julio even double downed on not wanting to go to Dallas after it was mentioned he was on air.
  11. The only thing that crawls my skin is we just made him the highest paid WR when we didnt have to. Now we get to eat 15+ million in dead cap space next year.
  12. We probably already have a trade deal setup. Just cant pull the trigger until June.
  13. Seems like a few guys teeter that line of ******* nuts and greatness. Who could have foreseen Antonio Brown going off the deep end. And another example is one of my Dawgs, Isiah Wilson. Dude was the model player in Athens, gets paid, and flips his ****.
  14. That dude from Carolina that went whack on the girl in the hotel with all the guns too. Sack machine, but bat **** crazy. What happened to the good ole days of Lawrence Taylor just doing an 8 ball before the game....
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