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  1. RUN THE ******* FOOTBALL!!!
  2. College football is back baby!! That's a positive, right?
  3. We should just punt on 1st down.
  4. So I'm guessing our OC is watching this thread, that's the only reason he would call stupid **** like that just to make me look stupid.
  5. Afraid to throw the football.....I'm seriously sick of this ****.
  6. And the critics might be right....We have no receivers.
  7. This **** won't beat Bama, or Clemson. We didnt come to lose again.
  8. This feels like GA Tech....
  9. We have a junior QB.....Throw the ******* Football.
  10. THROW....THE....GOD....DAM....FOOTBALL. This is getting old.
  11. I love my team. I love my alma mater. For the love of god, at some point, throw the mfering football. Let Fromm be the winner. That is all.
  12. Ryan goes down we're ****** anyway.
  13. The ****.....hes from Washington. Dawgs come from Athens.
  14. Considered both options. Ultimately chose to set fire to the Earth IF we ever win one. Everybody is going down after we get ours.
  15. Good signing by Carolina. That's Tampas biggest rival, so it makes sense. The NFCS is still us versus the Saints. Yall need to let this go, they dont have a QB. It's still Brees vs Ryan.