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  1. Anyone know if we are the home team or visitors this year? Need to know which side of the stadium I should be sitting on.
  2. Grady, Deion, and Keanu aren't gonna be cheap. That's a lot of money to balance out.
  3. Julio is a HOFer. Just dont know how the **** you fix this defense with all our money tied up in offense.
  4. We've officially become the Saints. MVP QB with a high school defense. On a positive note, Sark is awesome.
  5. How the flying **** do you have the #1 QB in the country and not let him throw the ******** football? This loss is on Kirby, period.
  6. I've got Peyton Barber in my fantasy league who hasn't done jack all year. Definitely starting him this week.
  7. You cant fix stupid people.
  8. You're talking about the goats. Every team in the league would fire their coach for those two. Pick a spot on defense, we need it.
  9. Defense is trash. Cant win giving up 30+ a game. First 4 picks should be on defense.
  10. You're just setting yourself up for disappointment.
  11. Suck for Bosa!!!
  12. And we went 4-12 and 6-10. We are gonna have a losing year.
  13. Hes lost the 3 players that make this defense go. They should send me a jersey at this point. It literally cant get worse.
  14. You know....where LSU plays. Our "other" team is considerably better than the crippled unit we trotted out there today.
  15. Alright ****ers if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Beasley is the only one is credited with a sack.