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  1. I'd be down with that too. My 'ideal' situation would be spend our FA money on Norwell, draft one of the badass DT's, and Michel in the 2nd. That whole scenario outside of the DT is a pipe dream though.
  2. If he lasts to our pick in the second, I would definitely jump, provided we addressed OG in FA. But I think he's going late round 1.
  3. Rooting like **** for the asteroid. In the unlikely case Bruce Willis thwarts that plan, the Patriots....cause EFF Philly and their fat *** fans.
  4. Seems like this was taken straight from Sun Tzu, and later mastered by Sun Saban.
  5. Did we get rid of some our staff positions when KS left? IIRC, KS had a running and passing game coordinator. Seems that would free KS to come up with the overall plan, and leave it to these guys to implement.
  6. They have $5 million more in cap space than we do but they also have Star as an UFA. There are a lot of teams this year with $40+ million in cap, gonna see a lot of insane contracts.
  7. Maybe not.....but last year was an anomaly for him, just like Cam Newtons MVP year.
  8. .....MVP......quarterback......10.....points.....and we call out a pass rusher.
  9. Don't get you're hopes up, Mark Richt pulled the same shyt year 2, but there wasn't a playoff.
  10. And when the hero shows up, syke, it was just a mirage. Fck TLJ.
  11. Aka, Georgia sports.
  12. Then we are lost. (Star wars reference)
  13. No dude, I'm 36....I really just wanna win 1 before I die. Alabama fans, New England fans, Steeler fans, 9er fans, even Saints fans, have no clue what it's like. You're pissed off about something we don't even know how to dream about.
  14. I watched Knoxville determine a coach, we can do the same.
  15. That's a lot easier to say when you're a dynasty.