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  1. If you want to cry, or **** it, laugh at this point, I just read that Tom Brady hit two incentives in his contract that pushed his 2020 salary to.....28.3 million.
  2. There is no debate because he left no doubt. We all got to witness the greatest football player to ever lace 'em up. Tom Brady is the goat. He made sure there would be no doubt.
  3. I ain't even mad. Before this game, I hated Tom Brady. Now.....there is no doubt, he is the greatest football player to ever step on the field. After tonight, I'm a fan.
  4. I lost a piece of my soul because of that game. Four years later, and I still haven't recovered.
  5. As if there was any question. Like, who you gonna put up against him?
  6. Trade down, I'm with you brother....defense equals Micah Parsons. Even Luke Kuechly didnt win the Panthers a **** thing. I think I would rather take a WR to pair with Ridley. Cause we gonna have to pay him next....and it ain't gonna be cheap.
  7. Just look at the playoffs people. Its Aaron Rodgers vs Tom Brady. Patrick Mahomes vs Josh Allen. The old guard meets the next generation.
  8. The Raiders traded the best OLB in the game to a team that doesnt have a QB. Neither has won jack ****.
  9. 5.8 million was allocated for last years #4 overall. Let's call it 6. So 46 million to 2 QBs next year. So we are taking a 6 million dollar risk for 13+ years of stability. Which I know isnt correct because they guarantee these contracts, so let's say a 30 million dollar risk over 5 years vs a 40 million for 1....maybe 2.
  10. It's either that or an offensive lineman or linebacker. So we've narrowed it down to 3 positions for the next three months.
  11. Let's get some stuff out of the way first. This boils down to two players. Zach Wilson and Justin Fields. If both are gone, then plan C is a trade back. Plan D, take the offensive lineman. I'm okay with both of those approaches. "You dont sit a top 5 pick". Maybe you do this time. Let a rookie QB sit and learn, from our best, and surround him with talent with all our picks this year, FA next year, and one more draft. Before he even takes the field, everything becomes focused on his success. Build the team while he watches and learns. Matt's jersey is going in the rafters no mat
  12. All I know is y'all are nuking the whole god dam program to save $12 million. If this isnt rock bottom, I honestly am starting to feel for you guys.
  13. It would take Ryan, #4, 3rd, and next years 1st to even start the conversation and even then they probably laugh. Just take a QB at 4, and let him learn behind Ryan for a year.
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