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  1. Thought this was gonna be about your first trip to Henry's in Acworth. Highly recommend btw.
  2. All I know is the trade was ******* worth it. Julio is going down as the greatest Falcon of all time. Wore the jersey from start to finish. When he goes into the HOF there will be no doubt, he was a Falcon. No disrespect to Matt, who is bar none our best QB in franchise history. He just was never the best at his position. Julio is....and he will always be a Falcon.
  3. Chargers won the new uniform contest.
  4. Loving this draft. Dimitroff kept all the picks, we got players on both lines, addressed the secondary, and got 2 picks in the next round to get a LBer and a safety. Loving it!!! And if doesnt work out and we **** the bed next year, we still got a shot at Trevor Lawrence. This has been a great draft.
  5. Love this pick. Dude is gonna be violent and has a high motor. Watched him last year at Jordan-Hare. Got to Fromm once and knocked down a pass. We got a good one boys.
  6. Honestly, secondary is the one group we do really well at drafting. There was no Dlineman on the board worth taking. I'm okay with this.
  7. The only....and I mean only good thing I take away from this is....I thought Neal was a reach too.
  8. Myles Garrett had 7 sacks his first year. Is 7 sacks the difference between 7-9 and a Super Bowl? Cause you've got to win it all to justify this type of move. Nightmare scenario, we trade next years draft, Ryan goes down, and we are staring down Trevor Lawrence....except we're not.
  9. We just dont have the fire power to pull this off. Washington probably laughs at even a package of 1, 2, Tak, Ridley, and 1.
  10. That's a trade up to 6 then I would imagine. Carolina is the hotspot for Brown and Simmons. Think you can get Kinlaw a little later.
  11. Think you're gonna have to go up to 3 to get Okudah.
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