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  1. It was a **** show for the most part, but Oluokun could challenge Duke. Kazee looks awesome. Benkert played well. Ortiz laid the wood at fullback a couple of times. I dont put a lot into the preseason.
  2. If anyone had hopes of keeping Teco, well you can let those go now.
  3. I'm curious if people understand that yes we can cut Julio and not pay him anything else, however, all that prorated money hits our salary cap this year, thus penalizing the team for doing so. It's why bad players get extra years of work and more security than they've earned. It goes both ways.
  4. When the new CBA gets negotiated and we go to 3 year fully guaranteed contracts for players, no one better buy a jersey unless it's the QB.
  5. He has the right to hold out and I sincerely hope the Falcons exercise their right to fine the **** out of him. Matt had an MVP season, and what's he do? Shows up next year and goes to work...doesn't have as good of a season and we still broke him off some. This FO has proved we take care of our own. I could understand Roddys hold out, he was in the last year of his contract. Julio can pound sand.
  6. I'm from generation X, or the Xellinials depending on which chart you use. I was one of the fortunate that still played outside at night as long as the street lights were on, but still saw and was part of the technological revolution. I am fluent in basic, C, and C++ and contributed to and saw the rise of Linux. Had the NES and often forgotten SEGA master system along with the 2600. I'm in favor of single payer healthcare. I firmly believe in civil liberties, that people should be able to marry who they want and public service shouldn't be denied to anyone because of ideological differences. I'm 100% pro choice. I'm also against a welfare state but am for helping people in need. Any able body person that is able to work, should....and if you still cant make it, we should help. I'm against wasteful spending. I'm totally for free community college. Trickle down economics is a total scam, at the same time, I want to encourage entrepreneurs and want people to be able take risks and grow their own wealth and be rewarded for being "smarter". I believe we are all created equal, I just don't think everyone takes advantage of it. I also know some people are born with a very big advantage in this world. I'm just not sure I subscribe to the idea that people will work because its "the right thing to do". Nor am i comfortable with the masses controlling a large corporation. That seems like a God dam ideological nightmare waiting to happen. At the same time, **** a CEO that runs a company into the ground with a 200 million dollar safety umbrella. Soooo....I don't know how you classify me.
  7. After Cortez's win in NY, I had to do some research on "Democratic Socialism".....and to be honest, I'm having a hard time with this tidbit: "We don’t agree with the capitalist assumption that starvation or greed are the only reasons people work. People enjoy their work if it is meaningful and enhances their lives. They work out of a sense of responsibility to their community and society. Although a long-term goal of socialism is to eliminate all but the most enjoyable kinds of labor, we recognize that unappealing jobs will long remain. These tasks would be spread among as many people as possible rather than distributed on the basis of class, race, ethnicity, or gender, as they are under capitalism. And this undesirable work should be among the best, not the least, rewarded work within the economy. For now, the burden should be placed on the employer to make work desirable by raising wages, offering benefits and improving the work environment. In short, we believe that a combination of social, economic, and moral incentives will motivate people to work. " I'm a democrat, but I'm not sure I'm willing to go this far left.
  8. I'm a Hickenlooper fan personally, but with the way the Democrats have moved so far left, I don't think he would stand a chance.
  9. Hated the TLJ. I can't for the life of me understand the thought process that KK had when she said "We're just gonna let individual directors tell their own stories". I mean, WTF, this is a Star Wars trilogy, you don't have one cohesive story mapped out here? On a side note, the Darth Vader comic series is some of the best ish going right now.
  10. I'm more afraid of the ramifications of this than anything. We've been really good about taking care of our guys with 1 year left, even our star QB had to wait after an MVP season. If we hook Julio up now, who's next? Matt in 2 years? Deion after 2 years, Grady, Desmond? Where does the buck stop?
  11. With his style of play, Julio is probably gonna be done by age 32 or 33. Giving him a huge guaranteed extension is extremely risky. This is also more than likely why he's asking for money now. Luckily I'm not running this show, cause if the right deal came along, I'm trading him.
  12. Get a 1st and 3rd if you can, take a 1st. Re-sign Coleman and Jarrett, draft another WR next year.
  13. Everyone but the Swamp Rats got better. They are back to 7-9 drafting.
  14. We are fcking stacked at WR!!! I love this pick, and was jumping up and down. Air raid mthfckers.