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  1. If JT was legitimately hurt, fine. Otherwise this is some ******** on epic levels. We got a 400 yard, 4 TD, 5 * QB riding the bench? I'm getting more pissed by the moment.
  2. Reporter: Why are you just now playing JT Daniels? Kirby: We thought Stetson Bennett gave us the best chance to win. Reporter:....... Kirby:....... Reporter: Have you lost you god dam mind? Kirby:.......
  3. Kirby can recruit like a **************. But he cost us Florida. JT Daniel's is legit. And the scary part is us fans called it.
  4. JT runs this team next year, then we turn it over to Brock. ******* **** yes we've been good.
  5. Kirby got a lot of god dam explaining to do. ******* A.
  6. Did Kirby call that series cause holy ******* **** that was bad.
  7. So did you guys finally get a QB? **** yeah we did. What did it cost? Our entire ******* defense.
  8. What's really gonna piss you off is 43.5 sacks, and 15 FF by a player taken 4 picks later than Takk.
  9. Forewarning gentlemen, I'm probably gonna be drunk Saturday, and if JT lights it up expect copious amounts of **** posting. I apologize in advance.
  10. If Kyle Trask wasn't playing himself into the 1st round, he would have been a good choice. At this point, you take BPA at DE, CB, or FS and roll with Ryan. TLaw and Fields are the only QBs you consider, and we are getting neither.
  11. She should have thrown the crown over his head and it be caught by the Florida guy.
  12. You watching this Ohio State game? I'm not suffering through another one of Kirbys loyalty trips. Brock starts, day one. We completed 7 total ******* passes today.....7. Defense doesnt win championships anymore, we got boat raced by ******* Dan Mullen. Give me offense, and a **** ton of it.
  13. He needs exactly 0 more time. He got pulled for a reason, that reason was on display tonight. He is NOT A QB.
  14. **** no....no....no...no....**** no. We aren't wasting another 5* QB. I've had enough of Kirbys bull **** when it comes to QBs.
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