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  1. Unfortunately the similarities are uncanny. If we didnt hate them so much, and they didn't hate us, we would be more like brothers than enemies.
  2. Already hit the goal. Keep donating folks...more money, more billboards.
  3. I **** you not, took me 1 comment 7 seconds after registering to get banned there. They are the biggest bunch of ******* around. The huddle actually has good people. Saintsreport is a bunch of *******.
  4. 2012 immediately comes to mind. Sherman draped around Julio, no call. That's Saints defender who lit up Julio 3 yards before the ball got there. Have you just started watching Falcons football??
  5. I'm almost there.....keep going.....
  6. Let me just say, whichever one of you pansy *** "fans" posted on Saintsreport how you felt sorry for them, and how they got screwed....take your *** to New Orleans and buy some black and gold. Cause we don't want you part of our fan base. The fact they got screwed by the zebras makes this awesome. If you cant hate New Orleans with every fiber of your being, we dont want're not one of us.
  7. 28-3 absolutely sucked.....but I'm seriously starting to think this **** might be even worse for the swamp rats.*******.awesome.
  8. Wont be popular, but I still think college has it right.
  9. Oh ****....for the record, I lost 10k posts when the board converted. Love you all!!!!
  10. I'll take the Pats plus 2 for a grand if anyone is willing. We can put the money in a PayPal or escrow.
  11. Saints fans cant even spell class, much less know how to file a lawsuit.
  12. Never once has our QB been called out by his own players. He may not be Manning, he sure isn't Brady, **** Rodgers and Brees. But he's our QB. And I can live with that.