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  1. I dont know if its gonna work, but I'm ******* excited for the season to start. Ryan, Julio, Gurley, and Ridley....on the same offense? Sign me the **** up. Spend the whole draft on defense and let's play some football.
  2. Brees vs Brady is definitely getting a prime time slot. I'm almost certain Ryan vs Brady will too. And Tampa might have the best WR duo Brady has ever had. Gonna be a lot of fireworks in the division this year.
  3. We could potentially have a boatload of comp picks next year.
  4. Shots fired Bama! This isnt a friendly rivalry anymore. Saban is gonna wanna hang 70 on us come September.....HBTFD!
  5. If this is minor league football, I'll stick with college.
  6. I see KS still hasn't learned how to run the ******* ball!! Hahahahah KS blew another 4th lead. Fug that guy.
  7. Same. I stopped watching Nascar shortly after that. I'll never forget. I went into the store to pay for gas and the merchant said "I can't believe he died". I immediately walked to the back cooler, grabbed a 12 pack of beer, got in my Jeep, turned on sports talk, and proceeded to cry like a baby for the next 4 hours.
  8. You gotta be ******* kidding me.
  9. If this doesnt include red helmets, we riot.
  10. .....watching LSU celebrate in Louisiana, I can only imagine what that would have been like. To see the Dawgs celebrate over Alabama, in our home ******* state..... I dont wanna hear **** from anyone when I burn this planet to the ground when....if....big if.....we win one. Sigh.....go Dawgs.
  11. So the 2 teams that are going to the NFC championship, both have HCs that were on the Falcons 3 years ago. You cant make this **** up. I'm convinced Earth will be consumed by the sun, all life will cease to exist, and no one will have any recollection of the Super Bowl we just won.
  12. It's one thing to turn a program around in the AAC and a very down's something else to build an NFL franchise. Outside the Patriots, the AFCE has been **** for a decade, along with the Browns, Bengals, the 9ers till lately, etc.
  13. Go Dawgs! **** Florida!
  14. Should have left his *** in Tennessee.
  15. Cade Mays might be the worst 5* offensive lineman ever.....