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    jluk reacted to JD dirtybird21 in And so it begins   
    Eh, history shows that Blank hiring a new coach was the right call. 3 of his 4 head coaches got to the NFCCG at a minimum. The only one who didn’t had his star QB arrested. I get the frustrations, but I disagree with the cynical approach. Team could be good again next season
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    jluk got a reaction from Ethanga62890 in Richard Dawkins Is Wrong: Religion Is Not Inherently Violent   
    It started with enguenics program to sterilize about 50k people in the usa early 19th century. Then the influence picked up in Europe. Then hitler had evolutionary theory to create the perfect race. He first took out the lame and handicap then went after the Jews. Talk about evil. It has nothing to do with religion and more about how power corrupts individuals.
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    jluk reacted to Finally in THe OFFICIAL Coach Smith Fine/Charity Collections Information - Current total - $2,913.88   
    Well said. There have been times in my life when buying meat at a grocery store was a rare treat. Things have improved quite a bit since then but believe me giving when it hurts means a lot more than giving when it doesn't.
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