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  1. We have to run the ball. Or someone needs to know how to run the ball.
  2. It started with enguenics program to sterilize about 50k people in the usa early 19th century. Then the influence picked up in Europe. Then hitler had evolutionary theory to create the perfect race. He first took out the lame and handicap then went after the Jews. Talk about evil. It has nothing to do with religion and more about how power corrupts individuals.
  3. sup bro. hows married life?

  4. hes not a bust, but he is improving on his pass coverage skills. the orlando pace off sides covered his pass interference play and i can see him improving each week. we got an every down LB who is our captain at his 2nd full year. not too shabby...
  5. for some reason the Heat gun shootout seems so real, maybe its without the corny hollywood bullet sounds, instead it sounded like real bullets heh. below is the ipman 2min fight scene. got to watch the entire movie to understand this scene haha. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6QkSOUYWlo
  6. 2 fight scenes come to mind... first is IPMAN (kung foo) he puts his bag of rice down and starts wailing the japs. second has to be shoot out in the movie Heat after the bank heist.
  7. best game has to be the saints vs. falcons play off game. that game was so loud and pumped. i was standing during the entire game. our section was crazy. worst game - falcons vs. chiefs, rod coleman was out and we knew we were going to get whipped. priest holmes had like 4 td and sat him out after the 2nd half. then their other rb blalock ran for another 4 td. biggest butt whomping that year.
  8. AP is termed the violent runner. the guy is gifted no doubt. but i am pretty sure everyone here agrees that next year FFL, turner will probably be top 3 RB to be picked. kinda makes you smile.
  9. i dont think we have many qualified evaluators on this board to make strong statements such as "this person is great or terrible, etc" but to have vp personel and scouts say great things about matt ryan, it is really reassuring.
  10. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude that was so funny. great post.
  11. each team had a winning record 07. nothin to sneeze at either on def. i am very pleased.
  12. i agree with dave's statement. our o-line played more phyiscal.
  13. 10 different players with receptions for the falcons...that is awesome!!
  14. the penalties that i am more disappointed with are the after the the play ones.
  15. 3 for 9 on 3rd down for titans. our def did a great job. jennings still lookin good on punt returns...
  16. great post jidady... i read your review. baker is the real deal. if he can do this to vanden bosch, then we can pretty much say the left side is in good hands.
  17. like dave says... love the attitude our o-line has but whats the deal with after the play penalties?
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