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  1. We have to run the ball. Or someone needs to know how to run the ball.
  2. Takk looks good. But he was out 5 months with should surgery. He missed a lot of TC. It felt like he was catching on the playbook. He’s getting enough to make a solid impact. His snaps could be going up.
  3. There’s no such thing as coaching a flawless game. You can put the players in position to succeed. This game to me was probably the most physical game our oline faced. I am not sure if Seattle had special cleats but they really had home field advantage. I am so happy for the win and looking forward to building from this and onto the bucs game which we still need to focus on.
  4. Not complaining. I just wanted to hear your personally opinion. Thanks.
  5. Does that horn sound annoying inside the stadium? I really did not think much of it until I watched NFL rewind and i felt like it didn't match the emotion of the touch down celebration. Thanks and Go Falcons.
  6. This is starting to remind me of the Dunn and duckett debates we had years ago. Daddyknowsbest post were quiet interesting. But these 2 backs are different. Coleman does really well in space, and throwing to him to give him that opportunity we have seen him take it to the house a few times. But he's not a RB defense will scheme for. Freeman really can break a defense because when he give him wiggle room he can put up some decent yards. I really like both because no defense can handle both at the same time. It's laughable when I see a LBer cover Coleman. He plays almost like a receiver. But if
  7. Both are capable starters. But both play well as a duo threat. The only reason Coleman didn't get the start was he fell down in the shower and had a concussion. Both play well with good oline. Freeman can play a bit more agreesive and play more physical when it matters. He loves to help out the oline and contribute. Love his teammate first attitude. Both are developing really well. I just hope we don't lose anyone of them anytime soon.
  8. We have a center that can anchor our line for years to come. That's half the key to success. The other is drafting a 2nd day guard maybe 5 or 6th rd and get him ready for next year 2018. We have our guard in either garland or sweitzer or our latest sign from the colts. The key is to quickly get them *NSYNC with our line.
  9. Have him next to hooper for another year. We aren't necessarily looking for a young TE. We have that already in hooper. Tamme already knows the offense and has proven himself a solid route runner. Make Ryan happy.
  10. Vic Beastly!! Let's go Falcons! Good nickname! Unleash the beast...
  11. Sacks! Its so good to see a falcon at top 10 sack leaders. I know its still earlier but it's been a while I visited the sack leader stats At #23 is freeney. Way as to go falcons.
  12. There is no corner in the league that can match up against Julio. Its been like that for the past few seasons. The mentioned corners are starting corners in the NFL. Julio is a elite WR in the NFL. Big difference.
  13. 1998 was an awesome year. Getting to the Superbowl is amazing memories. We need to bring back the dirty bird!
  14. Ware is a solid #2 but even he will be replaced by 2 stud DEs. We all liked Shane Ray last year and he had a 4 sacks. They also have a real nice #4 DE in Barret. He had 5.5 sacks this year. That's almost 10 sacks by their #3 and #4 DE...we are missing pressure and I really hope we do not stop at beasley and keep drafting more DE.
  15. Seahawks lost 9 key players on both offense and defense. They have not missed a beat. We need to have a good draft year. If not, we are going to have issues as we experienced the last 2 seasons.
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