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  1. But cutting bottom of the roster players doesn't help with the CAP. You count the top 51. If you cut player 51, then player 52 just slides up a spot. After you move out of the top 20 or so player the savings to the CAP are minimal. Take the Senat example we see others putting out there. He has a $920K CAP hit. But if you cut him then Greg Dortch moves into the top 51 with his $780K CAP hit. So cutting Senat saves you all of $140K
  2. Everything you say is true. But, restructuring Grady costs $6Mish in 2022 CAP. Everything the team does at this point will have a negative effect on the 2022 CAP. Its going to take 2021 & 2022 before TF can work out all the CAP issues.
  3. Fixed it for ya. As to the other players mentioned. Senat - He nets you around $140k if cut. Gono - TF just tendered him earlier this offseason. Not saying he can't be cut, but reasonable to think TF/AS want to keep him if they tendered him Oliver - Nets you $1.4M if cut. That helps but isn't close to $6.5M. I also think Oliver has enough potential left that his CAP number is reasonable. Keith Smith - Nets less than $100K if cut Don't just look at the "Cap Savings" column, you have to add back the $780K that the next lowest cap player. When you cut one of these guys player #52 on the list moves up to #51. Also there are other CAP issues that will come up before opening day. Rule of 51 only applies during the offseason. On Opening day the team has to account for the full 53 man roster, that adds $1.5Mish of cap. A team this thin on depth will be adding vets when roster cutdowns occur and generally teams want $2Mish cap available for that. Extend Grady makes the most sense. Trading Julio, as unpopular as the idea is, creates a lot of CAP space. Don't rule it out as a possibility.
  4. So need to create roughly 8-9M in space between now and season start. 6.5 for rookies +1.5 for top 53 minus roughly 1M currently available = 7M Then whatever is needed above the 7M for the AJM contract. Most teams want to have at least 1-2M available at seasons start to sign vets that may have been cut. So 8-9M needed by game 1. Still say we have to restructure Grady or trade Julio to have a comfortable margin. I much prefer the former to the later. Edit: Cause I suck at math
  5. No No No, that's what got me my waist. During camp those guys will be burning 5K Calories a day. That will be a snack for them
  6. Skinny waist lack of functional strength gets walked back. those were some of the weaknesses I have read. Back in my day it was called being a light axx. Not saying he can't overcome these things, and in a ZBS it is less important, but really like it when the OL's backside can double for the screen in the projector room.
  7. Very good overall class. Let's come back in 3 years and really see what the team got
  8. Thanks for posting @Monolith2001 I got a new favorite player now!! Best press conference of the weekend.
  9. Really surprised how SERIOUSLY people are taking this. I put that "10 minutes of youtube scouting" there thinking it would be obvious I wasn't taking myself too seriously LOL. Didn't call anyone a scrub, called him a JAG.
  10. Typo that I somehow continued to miss even after reading your post...... Fixed now.
  11. LOL, I read your posts man. that's kinda pot and kettle. I'll give you some props, you do post thoughtful and informative things at times, but most of your posts are, lacking much substance.
  12. LOL Hope you picked up on my self-deprecating humor when I mentioned my 10 minutes of youtube scouting there bro. Don't pretend to have more information than the professionals.
  13. Definitely Benefit of the Doubt for their first draft.
  14. Dang man, did I hit a nerve or something?
  15. I was happy with days 1 & 2. Day 3 draft doesn't necessitate hiding the sharp objects
  16. Score 40 baabee, Defense is what you have to do until you get the ball back
  17. Hall seems like JAG to me. It may be West Coast bias but I had not heard of him and my 10 minutes of youtube scouting did little to convince me he was better than the other rnd 4-6 DBs. Another interior OL who is undersized. Did AB let forget to take TD's keycard away? Seems like Deja Vu all over again. Edit: Fixed typo describing #114 as a DL instead of OL
  18. There we players I had rated higher, but Ritchie is a really good fit for the team.
  19. Trade down, too many good players available
  20. Uhh, you do realize that money isn't available whether JJ is in the roster or not? If he is cut, it's dead. If he is on the roster it's allocated to him. No extra FAs , Edit autocorrect
  21. Yeah, but you have to have everyone signed before camo (well technically you don't HAVE too) so the $9M is gonna be closer to truth than $5M. I can even work with 007s $7M. Either way something has to happen with Grady or JJ.
  22. Actually pulled it from Sportrac. It's 12 or 9 depending on which number you want to use
  23. Nope, it's real. No one has said it isn't real. Here are facts: The Falcons need roughly $12 M to sign the draft class. They currently have about $2M is space Extending Grady can free up roughly $11M of space. Note, this makes his future cap charges higher. Trading JJ after June 1 creates roughly $15M in space. These are the only guys left that can have a significant enough impact on the 2021 Cap to enable the team to sing the rookie class.
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