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  1. Really good player who Auburn screwed up by playing him all over the line. Let him play 1 position and he could be really special
  2. Brown, I've watched a lot of Auburn games and I see a 2down run stuffer. I wouldn't spend a Top 10 pick in a 2 down DT
  3. Not nearly as bad as I expected.
  4. KLavon Chaisson ER/OLB LSU STRENGTHS KLavon has the size and length teams look for in an edge rusher. He has good athletic talent and does a solid job rushing the passer. KLavon has those long arms that can be considered weapons when rushing the passer or in coverage. He is a quick-twitch athlete who can change direction quickly and cover ground quickly because of his long legs. He comes off the line of scrimmage at a good pad level for a tall player, allowing him to gain an advantage on players bigger than he is. He has the athletic talent to play in your front seven at mul
  5. 6.5 Under-performing, injury history DE who had a contract year season playing beside the best DT in the league and DQ overpaid because he played at UF. Not a fan of the signing.
  6. I like this guys take on DE's. Read his historical ones, more right than wrong. Called both Vic and Tak Yetur Gross-Matos ER/DE Penn St by Drew Boylhart • December 18, 2019 STRENGTHS Yetur has good size and the natural strength to become an excellent all-around defensive lineman for the team that selects him. He is stout against the run and has a good enough burst off the line to become an effective pass rusher. Yetur has those long legs that allow him to cover a lot of ground quickly and get into his opponent’s backfield shocking offensive lineman and luring them into mak
  7. Saw 2 pass plays, saw Matt get hit twice. Turned the TV off and had a stress free Sunday afternoon.
  8. LOL a TE that is too slow to be a WR and cant block
  9. Still waiting to hear the name of someone else better we could bring in....... crickets
  10. Dome!!!!! Now I will admit that there is NOTHING better to me in sports than an afternoon football games played under sunny skies with a high temp around 65 with a slight fall breeze. That is what I hope heaven is like BUT,,,,,,,,,, I have my gluts off at AFCS too many times in, some games 40 degrees in the rain, some with 30 mph winds to ever do it again. As much as those perfect games are wonderful, the awful games are worse.
  11. Give Peek a year in the S&C program and snaps with the practice squad and he could turn into a good blocking TE. He has good hands and could be a red zone threat. No one will ever confuse him with a passing threat though.
  12. Why bash Kiper? He is paid to do a job and I enjoy his reading and hearing his product. Anyone who has watched him and the draft over the past few years could see a bad grade for this years draft coming. What I have noticed from watching TD is that he is going to pick the players he thinks best fit our sustem. That has meant he will be "reaching" according to all the talking heads, not jut Kiper.
  13. The Falcons signed a #2 WR to an extension last off season....... WR is a position I am not too worried about this off season DLine, OLB, CB, OLine all have me WAY more worried than WR.
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