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  1. So since nobody should live in the past, that means you cant bring up the 2009 season, right?
  2. I do that. I wear my team's jersey at any game I go to. I wore a Falcons jersey to a Pats/Jets game last year. I always have the right sport though.
  3. What game? there aren't any other players on the field!
  4. It's always nice to have one of these handy...$9 a bottle
  5. My 2 all-time favs. Too bad both teams have among the worst in NFL history now.
  6. Haha, same with me. I'm an Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Tigers, and Boston Bruins fan. I tell people it's because I like to self-inflict pain.
  7. Same here. Probably because I never liked it, so I never really played when I was younger. Passing is pretty much the only part that can be learned through another sport like football by playing qb or even hockey. I was also decent at playing D on someone who doesn't have the ball since it was a lot like playing DB. I would just pick up the guy at half court and play him like he was a WR. A bit unorthodox, but it seemed to work. I would just use basketball for some form of football practice back in the day anyway. One other thing I just don't get is music. When I listen to a song I don't even
  8. It did work out for him, but he was never a superstar. Taking Pennington with the top overall pick would have been a huge mistake, as with Bradford.
  9. Yet another weak armed qb who will likely bust in the NFL. Same old Rams!
  10. A 7th grade QB? Do they even throw the ball yet at that age? Up here its run up the middle, run up the middle, and if that doesnt work try running up the middle til high school. Maybe that;s why there were only 7 guys from Massachusetts in the NFL last time I checked
  11. Exposed? he's the best corner in the NFL.
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