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  1. This D is led by Quinn. This is aweful. I think we regressed in D since last year. And that's saying a lot since half of the team was out. Sigh..
  2. We are just a bad.team. making even other bad teams look good. We are that bad.
  3. Ryan has missed less number of games you can count in a single finger. I think he has quite a bit left in his tank (Feverishly knocks on wood). We need to focus on building up the lines. We never had good OL or DL. Having atleast one would be a miracle
  4. I actually liked koetter. He may not be a bad addition if we do not have to completely retool our offense.
  5. Bingo. We have subpar line at the best with 2sec max before things come crashing down. Improve it to 3.2 sec and see what happens
  6. Have you seen how pedestrian Brees or Brady looks when the OL is not giving them time?
  7. Don't worry if you are down, Falcons will lift you up with a win. That's what we do. We are generous.
  8. It is the OL. The article writer does not watch Falcons obviously. Just looks at stats. Devonta can not do any better if he is hit three yards deep in backfield. Sigh..
  9. What's up with the reference to autistic? Don't be a jerk. Everyone has some personality issue which can be categorized as being in the spectrum. I am sure you do too. Stick to normal name calling.
  10. The coaches thought they could just walk over Browns. This mindset of the coaches that they are some supreme coaches has to go. They did not add anyone to augment defense before trade. Did not do any adjustments during half time. This is completely on the coaches. Sigh.
  11. Yes it was the Rams during Dan Reeves era. I think their kicker pulled a muscle and Warner went for two every time and made it.
  12. What really happened to the OL? All day Pittsburgh was in our backfield picking Ryan's Pockets. This was a disastrous game to say the least.
  13. This comes down to oversmart assness of DQ. I hope he changes his mindset. sigh..
  14. There is more to life than Falcons. But today it sucked the wind out of me. I did not feel this deflated even after Saints loss. But it is a long season (we are 25% done though) and anything can happen. DanQ may come to his senses and get some folks who know howto play D and not just run around.
  15. I don't. He deliberately did not improve the D. Who the heck is Oliver? If he keeps up the mentality that he is some kinda super duper coach who can scheme his way out of a bad D then he is up for more "lost" games and actual "losses". This sucks.
  16. Not at all. We do not have a RB problem. I am hoping today's game was a precursor to what is coming in next few weeks. We need to stay aggressive and use Teco more. Let Freeman rest up and get better. We need him at later time.
  17. Right. And also I do not think there was any drop in the game. That has to be a first one in last few games.
  18. Yep we need to start closing out games. But I was thinking missing Debo and Kazee in the last quarter was very apparent. Need other to step up.
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