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  1. 6 players we couldn't afford to lose. - Ryan - Jarret - Neal - Julio - Debo - Mack We are two out before week 2. Alford, Trufant, Freeman, Coleman, any tackle or DE... Would hurt but could be overcome. Our offense really needs to step up or our season would be lost by week 5.
  2. Good morning, I met this guy in Paris a few weeks ago. He is a defensive lineman in the NFL but with the alcohol, the music, English not being my first (nor second) language... I wasn't able to understand his name even though I'd swear he said something like Brandon, Branden, Branson... Can you help me?? Thank you!
  3. I have several links to Spanish soccer teams. Mainly Valencia CF (the city I live and the team which I hold a season ticket), so if Atlanta United is part if your job I can help you out with some CV creativity. Just kidding... Or not! Anyway... Good luck! You'll do a wonderful job and Falcons can't get worse.
  4. Sorry. I meant using them to trade up enough to pick him.
  5. Even better. Barkley with number 1, Chubb with 4 and use your second rounders to grab Jackson. If Cleveland wouldn't pick any QB, they might even find one of the big four around the 12-14th spot.
  6. I'd rather be the Jets GM than Browns. Chances of getting the best QB are about the same and you can always say "Browns chose the QB I liked" if nr.3 is a bust.
  7. Yes. Giants for instance if they pick Barkley with the second pick. Broncos are another team that could want to jump and grab him.
  8. It's the best possible day to play in Philadelphia. After that ceremony and in september.
  9. I've seen far worse mistakes forgiven...
  10. Kickoff from the 10yrd to begin each half, and 4&20 from the 30 the rest of the game. We can get to see two REAL kickoffs, but reduce injuries since it's just one per team each game. In a close game it's more exciting a 4&20 than an onside kick anyway.
  11. I wouldn't pick a QB with any of their first two picks. Mostly because I can't decide between the top 5 QBs. I'd go with Barkley, Chubb and trade Up with a combination of my 3 second round picks to get the QB that falls to a non QB needy team picking around the 10-15th pick.
  12. Chubb along with Garret. Barkley. Landry and Gordon. Tylor. Good OL. Legit young defense. If they team that they are going to field wasn't Orange but blue or red... Everybody will talk about playoff contenders.
  13. Or he could have use all his three TO in OT, one every two plays. Defense could have use some rest. He kept all of them for... What?
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