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  1. My final comment on this because it really has gotten out of hand. If Ryan throws sanu a slant pass 5 yards past the line of scrimmage and he runs for 70 more they netted 75 yards. one pass for 75 yards.
  2. Matt has to put air under his balls at a spot on the field and allow his receivers to go get it. He seldom connects on long passes down field. Our receivers turn short passes into long gainers. My original post should be re read by many of you because you are discounting what Matt himself said about "mistakes".
  3. I'm not one to beat a dead horse but there do seem to be a few people responding with intelligent observations even though we may see things differently. First off to BCEagleATLFal, I want even waste my time attempting to communicate with you. Second, to those able to understand, I didn't want to get on this board with a general accusation or statement that Matt had some "moments", so I thought I would document those moments. As far as breaking down Rogers or any competitors QB play , don't you think that's a bit juvenile? The Falcons are my team. and as far as the term, Ma
  4. I am probably more of an Atlanta fan than most. I am also mature enough not to argue over someone else's opinion on a message board. Because I don't think all our players are the best at their position doesn't make me any less of a Falcon fan than anyone else.
  5. Although his stats looked good it really didn't tell the whole story. Matt, could've easily had an interception and a fumble lost because of bad decisions. To his credit he said during his post game interview with Pam Oliver that there were some mistakes. At 10:34 of the second quarter, a third an 8 pass for Coleman streaking down the sideline was overthrown. At 2:40 of same quarter, with a second and ten Matt misses Sanu on a pass. @ the 1:59 mark before the half Matt misses a pass and Deshawn Shead should have had a pick six. @ 1:02 of the 2nd quarter Julio has to go to
  6. A couple weeks ago I posted concerning M R that his passing wasn't consistent, I also mentioned that if not corrected eventually Julio would speak up, He did after the SF game. I suggest that if this losing streak and poor offensive play continues and there are no changes forthcoming Roddy will speak out once again. It's bad enough to lose but to do so when you are under utilized and know that you can contribute. The talking heads will soon be talking about discontentment within the organization, there already is some among the fan base.
  7. Have you paid any attention to some of the prior comments? at least one poster has said that he attended the SF game and Roddy's defender was leaving him to help cover other receivers or haven't you seen replays where Roddy is either alone or 1 on 1 when Julio is triple covered and Matt forces the ball into coverage? I am beyond frustrated with the team and the way Roddy is not being used. When this staff allowed Roddy's consecutive game streak to get broken without trying to get him the ball late I started to wonder what is the problem? Before this last game even when constructive criticism
  8. If you are a pass catcher much of your success in catching the pass and holding on to it depends on how it is delivered. If you are having to wait for the ball to get to you when it should have been on it's way when you come out of your break , the receiver is already either anticipating a hit or turning up field to run. Also if the ball is thrown at the velocity of a speeding bullet from 7 yards away it makes it difficult to hold onto. It is easy to say if you get your hands on the ball it should be caught and yes all receivers know that they should secure the ball before trying to run with i
  9. I caught parts of the second half today and plan to view the entire game later. Here's my observations of what I did see and of this years Falcons. I am not a band wagoner and have always been a MR supporter but he's about to lose my support if he doesn't tighten his game up soon. Matt seems not able to make passes that the really great QB's tend to make. He has been throwing behind receivers, throwing high passes and in some cases floating passes to open receivers thus allowing defenders time to swat balls away. Although there may not have been a heated discussion between Matt, Julio and Kyle
  10. It is a phrase that a white friend of mine from Louisiana uses when referring to himself, I am black, should I be offended or He? I really didn't know it's connotation and knowing and respecting the guy as I do never thought of it as a racist remark, But if I have offended you or anyone else for that matter it wasn't my intent. I literally thought it meant what it says "Raccoon arses.
  11. I feel your pain, Peyton, Breeze and the Saints have our number. We should have ended those coon ***** season tonight.
  12. because Matt didn't have any picks he hasn't been exactly accurate the last two games. On the 4th down play that our tight end caught he had to stretch out to get to the ball. Matt is throwing high and behind receivers and his deep balls scare me. Drew out played Matt tonight, for whatever the reason Matt has not seemed comfortable in the past two games. I also feel that we were out coached in all facets of the game.
  13. This isn't Matt's first bad game, last weeks game wasn't stellar for Matt either. I like Matt but it does seem that somethings off.
  14. I didn't read all of the six prior pages so I may be repeating earlier comments. It has been said that the Players like coach Smith. How do we know? Yes there has been some outward affection shown for the coach, some of it because the guy is genuinely liked, I like him, but think he's taken the team as far as he is capable of doing. We as fans have no idea how well liked this coach or his coaching decisions go over with the players because of the tight reign kept on the players. They are encouraged to keep their frustrations in house. Whether it's the head coach or assistants I don't think all
  15. I don't know if it is arm strength or getting to much air under the ball on down field passes that is my issue with Matt. There have been a few times when in my opinion if he had led his receivers with the ball we would have had at least a completion possibly a TD. This happened Monday night when Julio seemed to have been telling him when going back to the huddle to get the ball out in front of me. His throws sometimes allows the defense time to get to the ball when receivers are open.
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