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  1. He and Americus run this site. https://talkndawgs.com/
  2. Nope. But if that's how you're reading it then fine. We're done here. Carry on.
  3. I like SoFL and his site has the best Dawg talk going right now but he's getting second and third hand info himself. It's not always correct nor does he claim it to be. For example he just changed his stance on Pickens this morning and he had been ADAMANT that Pickens would never step on the field for us again for months.
  4. It's the NFL man. You'll be up against that nearly every week.
  5. Dude, don't give me that crap. Watch Kirby on the sideline. He's in the middle of everything all the time. He's the head coach and you don't think he didn't have any say in it? Some of you guys need to get your head out of the sand.
  6. This. Gotta get coverages cleaned up too. Guys were running open downfield way too much.
  7. Most of the leaks at BM have been plugged. Not much to talk about or speculate on anymore.
  8. Jermaine does some flashy stuff but he's also out of position a lot and he flat out sucks against the run. Main reason he could never lock down a starting role. You have to do it all to play major minutes for this defense.
  9. I'm surprised the aren't moving Langeliers up to get a taste of AAA before the season closes.
  10. Back on track after Sac screwed up our mojo for two months.... 😄
  11. I'll step up and eat my words here. I didn't want him on this team for any reason at any price and he's proven me wrong.
  12. I went through Maria and I can tell you that it's not fun. Not fun at all.
  13. It takes time. Most of the big schools down here have been playing football for over 100 years. Georgia State has been playing for 11. The size of the school and the development being done to it says it will improve over time. I could see them reasonably being like a USF or maybe better with a decent coach.
  14. Really proud of the major progress this guy has made
  15. Thanks for the report
  16. How do these idiots keep getting these jobs?
  17. A&M is going to toe the company line because they don't want to get tossed out into the cold. They don't like it but they don't have a choice. They're also going to be jumping into a money bin like Scrooge McDuck when the dust settles.
  18. The Longhorn Network has been a financial loser for a long time. It'll get dropped and folded into the SEC Network portfolio.
  19. Ransack

    2021 MLB Draft

    Not a big fan of the Tyler Collins pick and us going over slot to sign him. He's got a fringe arm (and I do mean fringe) and he's a front foot hitter with a loopy awkward swing with no power potential. He might have speed and be a good athlete but the rest of the package isn't there. Not sure what the scouts saw here to make this pick.
  20. I'm not all that attached to Ball but we're again giving up pieces for guys that could have been signed in the offseason. It's a waste of assets and certainly isn't going to come close to replacing Acuna/Ozuna.
  21. Ransack

    2021 MLB Draft

    Money saver pick
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