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  1. Been rumored for awhile that Washington was going to pop after his official this weekend.
  2. We are only after one ILB and Kirby is locked in on Sewell. Pretty sure he's recruiting him personally.
  3. We backed off Flowe awhile back. We've been all in on Sewell for months.
  4. They are upperclassmen heavy in the secondary. LB and interior DL is their weakest spot. I look for the RB's and TE's to have a big day.
  5. Interesting twitter thread breaking down some of what Coley did last Saturday. I'd be interested to get @youngbloodz take on it.
  6. It would be great if those Evan's rumors are true
  7. Probably pressing trying to get that 40/40 season.
  8. Coley was fine. He did his best to stretch the field laterally and vertically which is what you want. Got guys like Cook out in space and pushed the ball downfield to guys like Robertson. He was limited by the fact that we had issues in pass pro up front which limited what he could call. Vandy was running a ton of twists, stunts, and delayed blitzes which had our new center all kinds of confused and that led to a lot of pressure on Fromm and deeper plays couldn't develop.
  9. Nothing to do with playcalling. Has our OL blocked anyone on a pass play yet? I haven't seen them accomplish that yet.
  10. OL has played like ***. Can't pick up stunts or twists and when they do they hold.
  11. Simmons needs to play like a senior. Too many mistakes.
  12. Getting kind of sick of this base defense crap. Run a twist or a stunt.
  13. Welcome back screenplays!! I have missed you so much.
  14. Getting a good laugh at these old topics coming up today. Fields didn't know UGA's system and you dont develop a second system for one QB. Using Fields the way UGA did was stupid and should have never happened. Dude should have sat and learned. Fields will be fine at OSU until they play a team that has similar athletes to OSU then we'll find out exactly how good he is. My bet... he's not that good because OSU's system relies on out athleting the other team.