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  1. From what I know this has nothing to do with the NIL. Since visits have opened up there's been some shifting on our board and guys have gone up and down because of it. Williams is one of those guys whether I or anyone else fully understand it or not.
  2. The ego and hubris that a lot of these GM's and front office types possess is mind boggling.
  3. Sac is never allowed to start a recruiting thread again.
  4. I guess they felt it wouldn't hold up against more advanced pitching.
  5. When you change over to wood from aluminum you usually have to adjust some things. Aluminum can hide some deficiencies.
  6. He's sporting a .421 BAbip right now so probably not long term. .285-.300 would be a great spot for him to maintain.
  7. Me and you against the world.
  8. They need Tony G to come in and teach that little hand hip check thing he did all the time. Dude killed guys with that little move.
  9. He didn't over do it. He's been limping on it all spring. The "shoulder issue" was a red herring to take focus off of it.
  10. Knowing MLB they are going to plant one in Nashville and one in Charlotte and F us over before our media deal comes up for re-negotiation.
  11. Y'all wouldn't be saying this if you had ever seen him play. Quintessential looks like Tarzan and plays like Jane.
  12. Those prospects in low and high A are going to have to come out of the gates fast. There are about to be 20 draft picks breathing down their necks in 2.5 months.
  13. Fingers crossed that he has permanently turned the corner.
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