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  1. HIPAA laws prevent them from disclosing any names. The article doesn't say much else beyond what you see.
  2. Fromm has his physical limitations but there are very few out there that can match him on decision making and on the chalkboard. He'll probably spend a few years as a backup in the NFL and if he chooses to could end up as a very good OC down the line.
  3. We need him to step up this year. Hopefully he's fully back from hernia surgery and can stay healthy.
  4. DL Marlin Dean has committed
  5. A lot of these kids have never eaten right or have never had access to the right kinds of foods. Getting made to eat three well balanced meals a day plus snacks in between will put lean weight on in a hurry.
  6. It's nice that Beck and Mathis are getting a little notice but it's Newman's job to lose and i would be stunned if anyone took it from him. This offense is going to be a much better fit for D-Rob. Monken runs a lot of vertical concepts which are going let him do what he does best.
  7. I'm still unsure how that guy became commissioner. He seems to be in way over his head and he's been nothing but PR disaster after PR disaster.
  8. Manfred can eat a ****. What a ******* clown.
  9. Ohh that's right you know all because you read Jeff Sentell and watch Brooks Austin. Carry on.
  10. I'm not sure why you're quoting me on this. I've watched Ladd's tape and I know Monken's history with the position. My only comment has been in regards to tempering people's expectations about when to expect him to contribute based on his size. There's been no comments on anything else regarding him.
  11. I don't think folks realize exactly how big these guys are. Even the "small" DB's and WR's. There are typically only a handful of freshmen that show up and are physically ready to play. We might have 7-8 guys who are ready to go and that's because several will have gone through winter workouts and spring practices. Ringo, Washington, Carter, Robinson, Rosemy, and Milton might be the only ones truly ready. Ratledge and Van Pran could both probably hang but they'll probably tell you they could use some time after they get a look and some reps against guys like Davis, Walker, and Ojulari.
  12. Guys Ladd is going to have to put on 20+lbs of bulk before he plays. He's in the 150-160 range right now.
  13. Feel good because we lost 3 DB's and have 7 draft eligible guys next year. We need the depth.