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  1. I understand it but I don't fully love the one year deals for vets like this. But if this is the route we're going go get Joc Pederson to platoon with Duvall and hopefully the DH thing will get sorted out so we can re-sign Ozuna.
  2. It all depends on what you can get in return. Get offered the right guy and you make the move otherwise I agree you hold and see what you've got.
  3. I would expect another move to be made if the signing goes through.
  4. OL was getting destroyed and he had been sacked 6 times. Protecting the future.
  5. Harper is an idiot. That offense is designed to destroy man defense (see LSU) and we got smoked just about every time we ran man (see Mark Webb). The problem was the rush 3 drop 8 approach without mixing up coverages and having the defense drop back 10 yards every play. Our guys looked completely lost and confused for about 3 quarters. It was a garbage gameplan from Lanning.
  6. I have too but I also don't take the internet super seriously so if you're looking for a PC response back you can look elsewhere.
  7. 20 sacks total. 2nd to UF. I think the frustration stems from all the near misses. In reality we should probably have like 35 sacks as a team but there's been a lot of whiffs. That and seeing former #1 players like Nolan Smith barely crack the stat chart leads to a lot of the narrative.
  8. Sark had to have been drunk the entire time he was here. Grats to Bama for sobering him up.
  9. I'm not sure why folks are so wound up about that. I want to ask them did you watch our defense and OL play? You should be way more pissed about that.
  10. Why hasn't he been on the field? Smith and Johnson have done nothing all year.
  11. I've never seen a team look less prepared than what I've seen tonight. This coaching staff is a flat out embarrassment
  12. The whole defensive staff needs to go. Inexcusable.
  13. Being a 17 year old freshman starter was a tough load to handle. Doing it with a lousy OC was worse. We'll see what he's made of shortly.
  14. Meh. They better be spending big on hitters is all I can say.
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