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  1. I don't know if it was his decision or Quinn's but I did not like them calling off the dogs in the 3rd quarter. Playing off coverage gave them a spark. Gotta start shutting that crap down.
  2. If you watched a Broncos game in the 90's or a Redskins game in the 00's then it should all be very familiar. Plays change over time but the concepts are the exact same.
  3. If this dude makes the majors it's going to spawn a ridiculous amount of "Bae" memes.
  4. So we apparently signed a top South Korean HS player. Like most Asian players he has some funky mechanics. https://twitter.com/sung_minkim/status/907134181863415808
  5. Alec Ogletree belongs in this conversation.
  6. Before this thread dies I also want to say Matt Austin can DIAF. His crew is the most gawdawful cluster**** of human waste ever assembled. Last night was an absolutely pathetic display of officiating.
  7. Kelly's an idiot for saying something like that. It's obvious to anyone watching that game that UGA's front 7 was giving them more than they could handle and they looked flat out shocked that UGA was tracking them down as fast as we were.
  8. Chicago is going to hate us after this trip. Dawg fans are going nuts up there.
  9. I'm completely guessing but Eric Winston comes to mind with his experience in the zone/stretch offense.
  10. They F'ed up on the number of bathrooms too... BIG TIME. I had never seen a line of 200+ men waiting to get into a bathroom at a stadium before until Monday.
  11. They had certain exits blocked off after the UT/Tech game. Not sure why but it really F'ed things up trying to get out of the building in places. Seemed pointless to do it the way that they were trying to do it.
  12. Is it racist when the people who it's about don't see it as racist? But I digress this is the baseball board and not off topic.
  13. Most Native Americans don't care. Next....
  14. Have you ever listened to Smart talk? All you hear from him is toughness, smashmouth, blah blah blah. Just do what works man and stop trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.