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  1. 17 years behind the plate at the major league level is unbelievably difficult to do.
  2. Some programs get a little more desperate than others.
  3. It'll take an escalade and a bag of cash.
  4. Which site and what poster?
  5. 10pts says it all. Just leave the guy in Philly.
  6. It's hard letting go sometimes....
  7. New year new thread
  8. https://twitter.com/JeffPassan/status/951152713814958085
  9. I think a sinker would help Gohara more than a change-up. His slider already sits in the low 80's and paired with his upper 90's fastball it essentially acts like a change-up. He needs something he can attack the bottom half of the zone with that can generate swings and misses or ground balls and a sinker can provide that.
  10. I did misread it. Sorry been a long day.
  11. I curious to know your friends background and why a person in metrics would feel like they know whether or not a guy can be taught a 3rd or 4th pitch?
  12. Derrick Ansley is leaving Bama to become the DC at Colorado State. Bobo did us another solid as he was a really popular recruiter for Bama.... mainly Campbell/Surtain.
  13. Auburn 04' >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> UCF ever.