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  1. Well here ya go. Carla handled the recruiting budget among other budgets for the football program. She's been making a fuss and dragging her feet on paying out money on all fronts in direct violation with Kirby's contract agreements. Her being gone is a huge + in recruiting and getting things done for the football program along with other sports.
  2. You obviously don't know how big this is. Otherwise you'd be celebrating too.
  3. UVA hired Carla Williams away. She's been hamstringing the football program for years.
  5. For sure. Depends on if they want to mix family with business though. Sometimes that doesn't turn out well.
  6. I can't wait for all the Brad Johnson sighting posts. Gonna be epic.
  7. Wants to play CB and we won't let him. I imagine Clemson will pull the bait and switch on him.
  8. Fields just broke his index finger.
  9. #3 class in 17'. Good shot at a top 5 class this year in 18'. Teams are going to have a tough time catching that 19' class for UGA. It's going to blow the doors off. Only way we get beat on that one is if the recruiting services get creative with their ranking manipulation.
  10. Stampini is an idiot though Rusty has to be nice in his posts about coworkers.
  11. It's more significant because he had changed it from UGA to foggy just a couple of weeks ago. Him changing it back says everything.
  12. Yeah literally. Teachers say he says 5 words a day tops.