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  1. McClendon's go to UGA. USCe should have known better.
  2. 97mph tailing fastball, 88mph straight drop changeup, then drops a 12-6 hammer on him. Just gross.
  3. Something was weird at AA for Jackson. Dude was on fire all last year and in the AFL then he goes there and he can't do anything. Just strange.
  4. Kirby just doesn't stop. We lose Walthour and Joseph to JUCO and they are replaced by Hayes and Robinson.
  5. Anyone still want Richt back?
  6. I was sick of this kid two years ago and here we are going through it again.
  7. Hopefully he can get back on track quickly.
  8. Francouer isn't a very bright guy.
  9. Like I've said before. This team doesn't do the little things well. There's just a lack of focus or high end effort.
  10. Frank Martin is back at UGA and will doing videos for us again.
  11. This is unacceptable.
  12. 3 innings? That's it? I'm so sick of them coddling these ******* starting pitchers. If they can't throw 6 then trade them. They are useless otherwise.
  13. When it's obvious even to DOB that's saying something.
  14. Why throw an 0-2 fastball anywhere near the plate to Stanton?