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  1. So after looking at it some more we have the bye weeks as well before 2 of those 5 games (UT and UF). Two of the other 3 don't concern me that much (USCe and Mizzou w/o Locke). The one I don't like is having to play Auburn at JH with them coming off a bye. The hope would be that Auburn loses a **** ton of players in the offseason.
  2. 5 SEC teams have bye weeks prior to playing us
  3. I could see them hanging around for a half. Talent and depth take over in the second half though.
  4. Frank Martin is a bad man. Glad to have him back doing UGA videos.
  5. So glad we took out Touki to replace him with Luke Jackson. Snitker is a baseball genius.
  6. Cade came out like a pitbull off its chain
  7. They have Dooley as OC now so that negates that chance.
  8. Blocking from the backs and TE's has been straight garage so far.
  9. Foster had him figured out and knew where each run was going to. Taggert wouldn't check out of the play and would run right into numbers every single time. It was bad.
  10. LMAO pooch kick out of bounds
  11. It's high time we beat the piss out of USCe at their place.
  12. Here we go with the too little too late "comeback".
  13. https://auburn.247sports.com/Article/Auburn-Tigers-lose-2020-commitment-121224576/
  14. Watch 2020 Auburn commit Andy Boykin