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  1. Only reminds me of how we got cheated out of a USC/UGA Rose Bowl. No one wanted to get stuck with an Illinois vs. Hawaii matchup so the world missed out on two of the hottest teams in the country at the time going head to head.
  2. Jeter is such a c***. The fact that Manfred let him trade Stanton to the Yankees for nothing should have gotten both of them kicked out of baseball for collusion.
  3. Someone said James Cook ran back to back 4.7's on the same day in the same conditions. That should provide some perspective.
  4. Man.... the Stro's are getting pillaged.
  5. Grown men get pissed at each other on the sidelines during a competitive game? No Way!
  6. Call also came from the opposite side of the field.
  7. Makeup call there. Kindley held bad.
  8. Wasn't PI against them but is against us. Smh...
  9. Auburn has gotten away with A LOT of penalties against us. The first half of the SECCG last year was insane. I know it hasn't always helped them in the end but it's noticeable.
  10. 12 Rivals 5 stars. I haven't even checked the 247 composite yet.
  11. Add 2020 4 star DB Lejond Cavazos and 2020 5 star DB Fred Davis to the visit list for the weekend
  12. This sport will be way better when Boras dies.
  13. Wise choice on his part. Grandma's cooking would have put another 35lbs on him.
  14. I'm going to have to give you medication for all the worrying you do.