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  1. Yes I know small sample sizes but ****....
  2. Acuna saved Sims ***.
  3. The Vets took the money grab in the last CBA and sold the young guys down the river. It's not all on the organizations the union did jack **** for them.
  4. Works for me. With an upper 90's fastball he should be going right at guys. If you're going to get beat get beat throwing your best stuff.
  5. Just odd that this is being presented as something that's new or novel. We had stats back in high school (nearly 20 years ago) that showed what happened if you threw a strike on the first vs. second pitch.
  6. Doubtful they lost money. Just using creative accounting with depreciation, etc. to show the number that they want.
  7. <Sigh> How much longer do we have on our ****** TV deal?
  8. All this started with a GA kid that signed with Miami talking smack about a Miami kid signing with UGA. The argument was dumb to begin with.
  9. I wouldn't expect a $400 million dollar deal for Bryce Harper but I would expect us to make a run at Machado/Dozier/Blackmon/Gonzalez(Marwin)/Etc.
  10. Next offseason we'll have $50-70 million to play with in the biggest FA year in a decade.
  11. Only ranked as a low three star at the moment but his offer list is blowing up with major offers (ND, OSU, AU, UT, CU all in the past few days). Fitzpatrick seems confident on where he's going.
  12. It's also what shredded his elbow. Great pitch but brutal on arms.