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  1. I don't think anyone expects to spend like the Dodgers but being in the upper third of spending teams sure would be nice.
  2. Your assuming Liberty Media actually cares about something like that. All they care about is the balance sheet and that the Braves are a giant tax write off.
  3. It would have kept him out of left field where he tore up his knee.
  4. It's going to bother him all season too. The torque you put on your thumbs when swinging if incredible. It's going to be worse if it was his catching hand thumb. Those 90+mph pitches suck on the best of days.
  5. If it can be implemented and ran poorly MLB will do it.
  6. Baseball really needs a salary cap and salary floor.
  7. Wasn't expecting him to land a 3 year deal
  8. The Rocket City Trash Pandas might just be my favorite name ever....
  9. I fully realize that the divisions are divided into sub divisions which helps but yikes at that High A East division. Rome to Bowling Green to Hudson Valley and Brooklyn? That's one **** of a footprint for High A teams to travel.
  10. He's using it as a meet and greet. Also gauging where are teams are at and what they are looking for. He'd be dumb not to go.
  11. We really need Riley to take a big step forward this year and to start being that guy. Hopefully Chipper can work a little magic on him.
  12. Riley and Albies are both going to benefit considerably from having him around.
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