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  1. Yes, the system is a basic play by play grading, nothing is contextualized. So in short, it is a non-DVOA method. For the most part, it is simple to evaluate players. It becomes difficult in certain areas. Safety is a position that is difficult to grade esp in a zone scheme. D-lineman dropping into zone coverage and certain linebacker coverages also can be problematic to simple grading systems. We feel it is however the best way to give an overall evaluation of players. We have discussed ways to take game situations into account, but have not agreed upon a way to do this. I do agree this is a flaw in our system. For example in our system, with the score being Atlanta 35 - Rams 3, a 27 yard Rams completion would be scored the same as it would as if it were the first play of the game. Maybe we were harsh on Beasley, I'd have to check. Thank you for your insight and comment and please continue to check in on the site
  2. OK, here is the link. Smiler you can read about the grading procedures on the site. Basically, it takes into account each play, how the player performs and how its compares to the optimal outcomes. Im looking for input thought, so if you take a look please provide some criticism. www.playergrades.com Mods, if this is considered advertising, please feel free to remove. Though note, this is a fan site free of charge and ads. Thanks
  3. Hey Guys. Some friends and I have started a new website that will grade NFL players on a per games basis. It is still in the beta stage, but we have the playoff games for the 2016 season up. Being a lifelong Falcons fan, I wanted to get some feedback on the new website from you guys, but I don't know if I am allowed to list web address here in the forum, so if you would like to take a look pls message me and Ill send the link. Specially we want to know how people feel about the grading methods and procedures, as well as the actual grades. (spolier, Deion Jones had a great post-season, Jake Matthews-not so much) Thanks for helping
  4. Sean Baker played all but 7 defensive plays ( the most of anyone) last night and had a great game. Don't see any way he gets cut. If he does, he won't be around for the practice squad.
  5. I watched this, teared up a little bit, then went outside to work on my footwork and spacing.
  6. Overall the left side of the line struggled in the run game, but the entire starting line graded positive in pass plays with Lamar Holmes and Jake Matthews tying for the highest pass block grades with a +1.4. Run blocking on the left was graded poorly with both Matthews and Blalock grading in the red at (-2.8 and -3.3 respectively) Other scores of note include: Top five Offensive scores 1) Julio Jone +1.5 2) Devin Hester +1.1 3) Bear Pascoe +1.1 4) Matt Ryan +1.0 5) Jon Asamoah +.9 Bottom 3 1) Levine Toilolo -2.9 2) Roddy White -2.6 3) Justin Blalock -2.4 Top 5 Defensive 1) Dwight Lowery +1.8 2) Stansly Maponga +1.5 3) Paul Soliai +1.4 4) Paul Worrilow +1.4 5) Pat Angerer +1.3 Bottom 3 Defensive 1) Rashede Hageman -3.8 2) Desmond Trufant -1.9 3) Jacques Smith -1.9
  7. It seemed as though Lamar Holmes had a solid game last night, but I wanted to check the PFF scores before commenting. Lamar graded out as +1.4, labeled as a good(green) game. Jake earned a +1.9. Excellent for a rookie tackle. Ryan Schraeder earned a -1.3 grade, which equals a poor(red) game. Also, if your interested in why it was so ugly in the end, T.J. Yates scored a -6.0. This is impressive in that he achieved this in only 23 snaps. Other standouts include: Joe Hawley +3.8 Devonta Freeman +1.5 Malliciah Goodman +2.8 Travian Robertson +2.1 Jaques Smith +2.1 Kemal Ishmael +2.3 Negative games of note Desmond Trufant -1.4 Robert Alford -1.4 Tyson Jackson -2.3 Levine Toilolo -2.3 Also, amazing both our offense and defense scored better than Houston's, emphasizing the importance of solid quarterback play.
  8. Seems like he had great push on most plays, though he seemed more intent on pushing his guy back than making a play on the ball.
  9. Head on over to the Ross Tucker Podcast (A superb football podcast) to listen to an interview during the Rookie conference with Jake Matthews. http://podcastone.com/Ross-Tucker-Football-Podcast
  10. http://overthecap.com/cap.php?Name=Paul%20Soliai&Position=DT&Team=Falcons
  11. Cap Hit 2014 5,400,000 2015 4,400,000 2016 6,900,000 2017 6,900,000 2018 8,400,000 ($1,400,000 dead money if released during final year)
  12. “We have agreed to a deal,” said Joe Panos, Asamoah’s agent. “Jon took less to go to Atlanta, flat out. The reasons are because number one, he knows they are going to win. The stability of the organization and the guy he’s blocking for, Matt Ryan and the coaching staff and Mike Tice. “Those are the big reasons why he left money on the table to play in Atlanta. I think it says a lot about his character and what kid of man that he is.” Source---AJC http://atlantafalcon...l-with-falcons/
  13. Seems like management has a good plan for the D-Line. Soliai and Babs in the middle with Babs rotating to the outside along with Peters. According to PFF, Jackson is a solid 3-4 DE and Goodman has the build and run defense of a 3-4 end. I like what we have done today.
  14. No, I live in Atlanta, but i like your plan of not starting a rookie next to Hawley. Johnson does have great pass rush potential. He is constantly getting pressure on the QB, though not necessary sacks (41 pressures to be exact, when compared to 45 for Hardy and 51 for Bennett). Teaming him with Mack could provide a good pass rush for years to come. Also, this plan wasn't to complete the roster, but only to provide a gameplan for getting solid players in key positions. The remaining 6 mil, in my plan, would be used to fill the 53.
  15. Current Cap Space $16.7 mil Guaranteed Cuts Gonzalez +$7 mil cap savings Possible Cut Osi U. +$3.5 mil CS Snelling +$1.4 mil CS Reworked Contracts Roddy W +3 mil CS Rookie Contract Space -5.5 mil Total Cap Space 26.1 mil Major Needs Right Tackle Right Guard DE DT Moderate Needs Center TE LB Minor Needs CB Running Back Options( Just like in reality, I'm going to work out FA first then fill holes in the draft) Right Tackle 1) Anthony Collins-Cin (4yr/16mil with 2.5 mil 2014 cap number) Right Guard 1) Draft DE 1) Michael Johnson-Cin (5yrs/48mil with 7.5 mil 2014 cap number) DT 1) Corey Peters resign (3yrs/ 10mil with 3 mil 2014 cap number) 2) Linval Joseph _NYG (6yrs/36mil with 5 mil 2014 cap number) Center 1) Joe Hawley resign (2yrs/ 2.7 mil with 1 mil 2014 cap number) TE 1) Draft LB 1) Draft CB 1) Robert Mcclain resign (2yrs/ 4mil with 1.5 2014 cap Number) This would leave approximately 6 million in cap space reserve. Draft 1) Khalil Mack -LB Edge Rusher 2) Xavier Su'a Filo- Guard 3) Troy Niklas- TE 4) Best Available LB 5) Best Available RB
  16. He's the 18th ranked center based on cumulative grades on PFF, despite having around 600 less snaps at the position compared to those ahead of him. Based on this, you could surmise over the course of him starting over the entire year, he would be ranked a top ten center.
  17. Drafted players can renegotiate after their third year. Undrafted players after their second year. http://www.boltsfromtheblue.com/2011/8/16/2366583/a-look-at-the-new-nfl-cba
  18. Spoon still has 1 year on his rookie contract, as does Julio. They may wait on Julio's contract til the 2015 season.
  19. Unless drastic cuts or contract adjustments are made, a high priced free agent is out of the picture.
  20. 2014 Current salaries 119 mil After obvious cuts of Tony G and Asante S, the total salaries look to be around (107 mil - rollover from 2013 (estimated 4 million)) 103 Million. There could be other less obvious cap casualties, such as Decoud and Bryant ( 3 milion and 2.7 million respectively) , but we will not assume so. Assuming Julio Jones signs a contract in the neighborhood of 14 million per year with a first year cap hit of around 9 million, which will in effect replace his previous cap hit of a little over 5 million, the 2014 spending would be around 108 Million. This would leave approximately 14 million for contracts. Assuming higher than normal draft picks, the rookie pool should be around 7 million, leaving 7 million for free agents. Of our unrestricted free agents, I assume Corey Peters will be resigned, with a possibility of Babineaux and Mike Johnson as well. The team will more than likely force Sean Weatherspoon to play out his rookie contract. It would be difficult to estimate the total for these contracts, but afterwards a reasonable assumption would leave 3-4 million in cap room. Taking these factors into account the following could be a look at the starting 2014 Falcons roster. Offense- Though some may believe Sam Baker and Justin Blalock should be cut, their cap hits wouldn't make that possible. QB Matt Ryan WR1 Julio Jones WR2 Roddy White WR3 Harry Douglas TE Levine Toilolo LT Sam Baker LG Justin Blalock C Peter Konz RG Garrett Reynolds RT Auston Howard (FA Jets) RB Steven Jackson Defense RE Osi Umenyiora DT Corey Peters DT Anthony Johnson (Rookie) LE Anthony Barr (Rookie) OLB Joplu Bartu MLB Sean Weatherspoon OLB Paul Worrilow CB Robert Alford CB Desmond Trufant SS William More FS Thomas Decoud Would love for us to be able to do more in FA, but this seems realistic. I wouldn't be surprised if we went out and picked up a FA TE as well. Any thoughts?
  21. I've actually come out of forum retirement to express how much i agree with this post. Anyone with half an ounce of mathematical sense can understand how winning teams almost always have a weaker SOS. This combined with Rajhae Battle's scheduling procedure should kill the SOS argument for any fan who is paying attention. Also Carolina is 3-9, one of the worst records in the league, but I can think of 16 other teams I would want to play if the only goal was to guarantee a win. This league is solid with teams number 1 thru 26. The other 6...ehh
  22. Dominique Foxworth. Done for the season. Torn ACL Also pretty sure William Andrews is still unavailable.
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