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  1. Agreed. It seemed like most of those were busted plays where Brees buys time and bam it's a big completion.
  2. Oh, ...ok. While your team has been taking games off the Falcons have been building up momentum heading into the playoffs. Good luck.
  3. Nice sig. A couple years back I had an avatar of a girl shaking her hips in black and white and the mods told me get rid of it or get banned. It wasn't nearly as provocotive as yours. WTF is up with that?
  4. Too funny.. I hope that EMMITT can break down our NEXT game this season! Beatdown thems Cards!
  5. I'm in Tucson and we are getting the game, only because they finally sold out. Tucson would have been ganked.
  6. Don't forget our special teams blows thiers away.
  7. I always hated that phrase. There was nothing Immaculate about it. Pure freaking luck period.
  8. I was going to say that maybe the short week for the cards could be an advantage for the Falcons as they played Monday and have to play Saturday but I guess the fact that the Falcons have to travel cross country probably evens it out.
  9. It's like eating the most expensive meal at Taco Bell.
  10. Based on what? Can you provide some stats to back your assumption? Your team is one dimensional. You have no running game. Your QB fumbles whenever he gets touched. Our team is good in all 3 phases of the game. You have nothing to hang your hat on so go the F- away.
  11. Weather is great in AZ . No need to close the lid saturday.
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