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  1. The Texans would never make that trade. Sweeten the pot. Throw in Kyle Pitts and all of our first round nicks until 2033. And maybe a conditional sixth round pick too. /purple.
  2. I tuned in late. Good thing I didn’t miss anything I wasn’t already expecting LOL.
  3. I would be fine with what we have now if we mixed and matched instead of all black or all white, changed the number font and removed or at least reduced the ATL on the front. I like our helmet but I look forward to having a red option next year.
  4. The Pinto, Pacer, Gremlin, Vega and Chevette were all hideously bad cars and an embarrassment to American engineering. Hard to believe the leaders of the respective companies could look at them and go “Yeah that’s exactly what we were shooting for!” On a different note, I had a friend in high school who had a 69 Z28 302DZ engine with 12:1 pop ups in a Cosworth Vega. That thing was scary fast to the point of being unstable but when you are high enough those things don’t really matter. Another friend had a Pinto with a 302 Boss in it. That one was fast too but the Vega would have taken it pretty easily. Those were the days!
  5. Papa, yes sir you do know me well. You said exactly what I meant. And when are we going to grab lunch????
  6. Yeah but, but, but Matt has a NOODLE ARM!!!!!!!/heavy sarcasm.
  7. They wanted us to “tank for Tua”. I am glad we dodged that bullet
  8. Unless I have missed it, whatever it is has been kept a tight lipped secret. If it’s an injury don’t they have to post that at some point during the week? This is kind of odd. I do hope he and his family are ok and that whatever it is will not end up being too serious.
  9. It could be worse. You could hit a foul ball, have the catcher swipe at it and miss, then the third baseman clearly trap the ball according to every camera angle, and still get called out because a stupid rule makes the play non reviewable.
  10. But, but, but he isn’t mobile and he has a noodle arm and he single handedly is responsible for losing the Super Bowl blah blah blah (heavy purple)
  11. We have almost always had good kickers
  12. I wonder how much of them not looking as good as they had looked previously can be attributed to their former OC now being our HC?
  13. A certain former Falcon was on the inactive list for the second straight week. The more I hear and learn about the entire situation involving that former player the more I am thinking that situation worked out for us about as well as it possibly could have.
  14. I could understand the German better than DLed LOL.
  15. D. Orlando Ledbetter’s German partner
  16. Born in Decatur, Ga. Moved to Titusville, Fl then moved back to Georgia in beautiful Paulding County, Ga where I hope to reside for the rest of my life.
  17. He will be signed by Tampa Bay by the end of the day LOL.
  18. LOL never intended to get your thread locked my brother. My apologies:)
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