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  1. I’m ready. Bring it on. Great article.
  2. It’s the off-season. We are bored. Even Mel and DLed become a trifle more interesting
  3. I agree with that IF AND ONLY IF we can find a trade partner willing to engage us in a trade that makes sense for us.
  4. Bring him home Font.....there’s our new RB and safety.
  5. LOL I’ve been on these boards since 1998 and still will make the occasional rookie mistake LOL
  6. And he will probably choke even doing that. I bet his parents, wife and twins are ashamed of him and need intense counseling and therapy. His kids probably need to be removed by DFACS, his wife has grounds for divorce and his parents probably regret the day he was born. Did I miss anything?./ very purple.
  7. Shanahan repeated the mistake he made with us in the 2016 Super Bowl again last year with the 2020 Super Bowl with the 49ers. Pride goes before a fall.
  8. Well I guess that settles that.
  9. Absolutely. Execute him at sunrise. He is a traitor! /purple
  10. Ding ding ding we have a winner. That was the criticism Matt got in 16 for sure
  11. Kinda like the Braves. 14 years of HOF pitching and position players. 14 titles. One World Series. The ratio is the same. 14-1 for Braves and 30-2 for Packers
  12. Wow, that sounds REALLY similar to another local NFL team we are all familiar with here in Atlanta.
  13. Just asking that the same standard be applied to both of them.
  14. LOL. You are correct sir. The jury is instructed to disregard my last post as logical, reasonable and relevant...three qualities that are frowned upon here lol
  15. Let’s see if I understand this correctly... So Rogers DIDNT choke. The reasons he lost are that his defense, particularly his secondary, sucked terribly, he made an ill-advised throw when he could have possibly run it into the end zone, and his coach made a terrible series of calls at the goal line late in the game. He is now 1-4 in NFC Championship Games. But he didn’t choke Matt DID choke because his defense gave up a 28-3 lead, Devonte Freeman was more concerned about his new contract than he was about picking up that missed block and Shanahan forgets situational football and t
  16. Did they channel their inner Thomas Dimitroff circa 2012 draft?
  17. LOL rebuke him severely and then go in peace my son:)
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